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RUSH: America’s Real Anchorman. And I don’t say that lightly. You get more news on this program than you’re gonna find in any 30-minute Drive-By television newscast. You’re gonna get so much more news in a half hour. You’re gonna get news from all different points of view.

In fact, you know more about liberalism as an audience member of this program than you’ll know about it if you watch them. ‘Cause they are not honest with you about it and about them and about what their objectives are. Although they have broken new ground in that area. They’ve gotten so confident that they’re gonna win that they’re not holding as much back.

But, folks, I’m not kidding. Here’s what you get here that you will never get on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times. When it comes time to make the conservative case on any issue, you know what you also get here? You get the liberal version of that issue or case or whatever. And I then draw the contrast. It’s all part of the attempt to persuade.

It’s all part of the effort to inform. And it’s all part of having everybody conclude on their own, not just believe because I’m the one telling you, although you can do that. You can rely on that ’cause I will never tell you I believe something I don’t believe. And I never, ever knowingly lie about something to create converts because then what good is that?

The point is you are far more informed on liberalism than the average liberal will ever be informed on conservatism, because the American left lies about it. The American media doesn’t dare tell you the truth or their audience about conservatives or conservatism. In fact, what do they do? They try to destroy conservatives. They impugn, they attempt to ruin Republicans and conservatives by lying.

So it is my steadfast belief that those of you who listen to this program are some of the most well-rounded, informed citizens in this country. How can you reject liberalism, I ask myself, if you don’t understand it? And rejecting it is what I think people need to do in droves. And I think the Democrats are helping us. That’s why I said earlier about Democrat Party is a train wreck right now. They are in the process of a massive derailment.

They portrayed as a tour de force, as an unstoppable political movement now. Their nominee is incapable of debate because he cannot engage in coherent conversation. Professional sports now has a Marxist organization as its marketing director along with the Democrat Party. The Democrats are burning Bibles and shutting down churches. Here’s the story.

“As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors.” I think a lot of America may be unaware that burning Bibles will help curb police brutality. I mean, this is a snarky reaction to it. But wait. Weren’t we told that the protesters in Portland and Seattle were just innocent mothers who were joining the protests because they’re so unhappy and so upset about what was being done to black people in America? Oh. So innocent mothers are now burning Bibles? They are, folks. Do not doubt me.

The Democrats have aligned themselves with communist China. Joe Biden long ago aligned himself with communist China and Ukraine in order that his son might emerge from those relationships wealthier. Black Lives Matter has issued a series of demands to the Democrat National Committee. You tell me this is not a party in the middle of a train wreck.

Black Lives Matter, the founder is some babe by the name of Patrisse Cullors. She is demanding that the Democrat National Committee, the Democrat Party, make “sea changes” to their party platform or else. The Democrat National Committee platform must call for defunding police and must demand the abolishing of ICE.

So when professional athletes kneel during the national anthem, this is what they are supporting, whether they know it or not. They are supporting defunding the police and abolishing ICE. Marxist “Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors called on Democrats to make ‘sea changes’ to their party platform and to adopt radical legislation to call to defund the police force, eliminate both the Drug Enforcement Agency and Immigration and Customs Enforcement and close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers alongside various other radical demands. Otherwise any claims of allyship -” that’s their word, allyship, any claims of being, you know, supporters of each other, any claims of solidarity with Black Lives Matter will be worthless.

Because if don’t defund in your platform, if you don’t call for defunding the cops, and if you don’t call for getting rid of ICE, if you don’t call for closing all prisons, then you are not gonna get our support. “Patrisse Cullors stated that there is an opportunity right now to right the course of history.” R-i-g-h-t, not write, w-r-i-t-e. But right, correct, the course of history. “She warned that if they’re not careful, the Democrat Party will miss its greatest opportunity to lead our country to the true American Revolution.”

Let’s move to Minneapolis now, which is, of course, the site of the death of George Floyd, murdered by leftist police — well, leftist mayor, leftist governor, a blue state, which, by definition, should be a utopia. Minnesota and Minneapolis have been run by Democrats for who knows how long, it ought to be an economic paradise. It ought to be a racial oasis. It ought to be a leading light. Minneapolis and Minnesota ought to be places that show the rest of us how to do it. Why, they’re totally run by Democrats.

How in the world could a police force murder a black guy in a Democrat-run city? Aren’t the Democrats woke? Note that this doesn’t happen in Republican-led enclaves. But it seems all this police brutality and stuff’s happening in all these blue states and blue cities.

“The Minneapolis Police Department is advising residents of the city to ‘Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet’ if approached by robbers, and ‘Do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say.’ The ‘robbery prevention tips’ were circulated by the department and reported by,” the local ABC Eyeball News affiliate. Channel 5 in Minnesota, Minneapolis, they advise the city is suffering an increase in robberies and carjackings, especially the 3rd Precinct. That’s the area in which George Floyd was killed and where rioters destroyed police headquarters.

So the Minneapolis Police Department is advising residents to give in to criminals. I have a different solution, as just a guy on the radio. I would advise residents of Minneapolis to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment. And I would advise the residents of Minnesota to vote the Democrats the hell out of office the next chance you get. But that’s just me. I’m just a guy on the radio.

No, I’m not making this up. Why would I? I just got through saying I don’t make stuff up like this ’cause I’m not gonna lie about something else. The Minneapolis Police Department is advising residents of the city to be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse and wallet and do not argue or fight with the criminal, but give in. They are also advising to make sure you carry some cash so that you have some to give away when you are robbed.

And, by the way, as a little aside, as somebody who knows a lot of rich people, this is what they are told by their security teams. Their security teams advise them, carry cash so that if somebody holds you up, somebody robs you, you have some cash to give ’em. And make it more than 20 bucks. The security teams I’m talking about advise the rich people I know to carry at least $1,500 bucks, in cash, all the time, so that if they get held up, that’s how much they have to give away. That’s how to stay alive.

Is your life worth $1,500 bucks? Hell, yes, it is. Somebody comes along and wants your wallet, turn it over. Well, this is what they’re now advising everybody in Minnesota to do. Well, I should say Minneapolis. Gotta remember, the Minneapolis city council unanimously approved a resolution in June to abolish the police department. So the police department has been abolished, and they’re advising citizens here on how to proceed. I’m telling you, folks, this is a train wreck, the Democrat Party.

Now Biden’s delaying the announcement of his vice presidential choice by a week ’cause every one of them has got some kind of baggage. But he’s committed, he’s got to choose somebody. He’s gotta choose a black woman — well, he’s gotta choose a black person who has a cervix. Those are the two fundamental requirements that he pledged that his nominee would have.


RUSH: Does anybody remember who Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate was? Still don’t have a name. The eyebrow guy or the eye guy… it was Tim Kaine, wasn’t it? And yet everybody is going nuts here over who Biden’s gonna pick. And admittedly, admittedly it is a different dynamic.


RUSH: Kate in Highland, Illinois, we got one minute. Go.

CALLER: Rush, this is Kate. Thank you for taking my call. You were talking about defunding the police.

RUSH: In Minnesota, right.

CALLER: God, if we turn around and we do this — I’m a 20-year Army veteran — by God if we do this, yeah, just have money in your pocket so they can rob you, they can do it so they don’t kill you, are we nuts? Are we nuts?

RUSH: That is the thing. We’re talking about what ought to be a utopia, Kate, we’re talking about Minnesota, blue state, blue city, Democrats have run the place for a long time. And that’s a great way to put it. First they defund the cops and want to get rid of the police and ICE, and then they come along and tell you if you get held up, give them the money, and whatever you do, do not make the criminal mad because that could result in your bodily harm.

So we liberal Democrats, in solidarity and as representatives of the majority of Americans, are gonna get rid of the cops and then our advice to you is to give any would-be robbers your money. And make sure you carry enough to make them happy when they hold you up. That’s exactly standard operating procedure now for citizens in Minneapolis.

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