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RUSH: It looks like Sweden is over the COVID-19 circumstance. And if that’s the case, then it portends good news for the rest of the world. Scott Atlas is now part of the coronavirus task force meeting with the president. And he is countering Fauci. I have to tell you something, folks, just to show you how pervasive this is.

You know, I read tech blogs. It’s my hobby. There are a couple of them that literally treat Fauci as a deity. Whatever Fauci says is the lead item, and it’s never questioned. It is always amplified. It is always reported as though there can be no question about it. These are young kids in their late twenties, early thirties, that populate these blogs and do most of the writing. And it’s scary how sycophantic they are.

And it’s not just Fauci. It’s anybody in government. Any official government representative who is not affiliated with the Republicans is automatically correct, never wrong, never questioned, never doubted. It’s really scary. So when Fauci says anything about anything, it’s gospel. When, of course, it isn’t. And Scott Atlas now has Trump’s ear, and he has a totally different take on all of this than Fauci had.

I mean, Fauci will say, “I think we can open. I think we can open schools. And I think there will be no reason for another shutdown.” That’s not his area of expertise. But yet he says these things, and people just treat it as though the gospel has been spoken on whatever Fauci seeks to be talking about. But it’s just an example I, think of, how easy it has been for the media and the Democrat Party to convert these young people, these young Millennials, into full-fledged, practicing, active, eager socialists. Stunning to watch.

Scott Atlas is a brilliant guy and he thinks by early October that we could well be burned out of COVID. In his opinion, we could see it turn inert. And his reason for this, some underappreciated T-cell, along with prior immunities. I’m not versed enough to understand it, but I’m just repeating to you what he says. We could see by early October COVID-19 turn inert or dormant largely due to some underappreciated T-cell, prior immunities from exposure to coronavirus, meaning colds and so forth, that’s one of the things we’re learning. Some people who have come down with a cold over the course of the summer miraculously end up less likely to get COVID-19, according to and Scott Atlas. And people that get colds, that’s a large portion of the population.

My point is, folks, that there’s good news to be found out there. There’s optimistic news to be seen and heard if it is reported to you. So I think there’s reason for optimism out there.

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