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RUSH: Here’s the story out of Seattle: “NPR Fires Weatherman for Comparing Seattle Riots to Germany in 1938 on His Personal Blog.” The website here is ThePostMillennial.com. “A weatherman for a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in Tacoma has been taken off the air for a personal blog post that shows in vivid detail the destruction two months of incessant rioting and protests have wrecked on Seattle.

“The NPR affiliate took issue with Cliff Mass’ comparison of the destruction in Seattle to Kristallnacht, the ‘Night of Broken Glass’ in 1938, where rioters destroyed Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and houses of worship while German authorities looked on without intervention and even encouraged the violence,” and, of course, the general population did nothing to stop it.

“This is the passage that got him into trouble: ‘Seattle has experienced a summer of fear and failure, with criminal activities reminiscent of Nazi Germany during the 1930s. During that time, thugs and anarchists broke the windows of Jewish businesses throughout Germany, painted offensive statements on walls, and threatened those that opposed them. Now Seattle has had it Kristallnacht and the photos of what occurred during the past weeks are eerily similar to those of 80 years ago.’ …

“On Wednesday, Mass posted this article to his personal blog describing a recent trip to downtown Seattle and the devastation he saw there, with pictures. ‘Take a walk around downtown Seattle. You will be shocked by a shuttered, dystopian city and made angry by the inaction and ineptness of its political leadership. It is simply beyond words.’

“Mass continued ‘Block after block of boarded up stores, restaurants, and other buildings. A city in lockdown and afraid.’ Mass wrote what many Seattle residents have noticed but do not express out loud for fear of being targeted for speaking the wrong narrative.”

SIRI: (interrupting)

RUSH: Is somebody saying something to me in there?

SIRI: (interrupting)

RUSH: Oh, it’s the HomePod. Hey, Siri! Stop! Shut up. What did it say? I thought it was you guys telling me that I was butting up against the break. I can read the clock here. I’m a highly trained specialist. I know the time. It was the stupid HomePod, huh? Anyway, NPR fires the guy, and if you read the whole thing…

We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. Seriously, it’s probably some of the most honest reporting on what Seattle looks like right now that’s been done. And it’s by a weatherman from Tacoma on NPR. But it’s his personal blog, his personal blog (not even the official NPR blog), and it got him fired.

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