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RUSH: I think the Democrats are nervous as hell. It’s why they’ve concocted this conspiracy about the post office so they’ll have a built-in excuse to riot when they lose. I think that they know they’re going to.

Come on, folks. Are you really telling me — I went through this yesterday, too, so I don’t want to be too repetitive. This guy, Joe Biden, hasn’t won anything on his own outside of his Senate seat, and that’s in the very small state of Delaware. He’s run for the presidency two or three times, and he bombed out as bad as Kamala Harris did. He got nailed for committing plagiarism against a Labor Party Brit named Neil Kinnock. He should have been shamed out of politics with that alone.

Kamala Harris was the first to get out of the Democrat primary before a vote had even been cast because she was going nowhere. And this is the woman that they are going to make vice president on the theory she’s gonna become president ’cause Plugs isn’t gonna make a full first term if he wins. I think it’s even worse than that. They have to know. And then the survey data that says the vast majority of Biden supporters aren’t even voting for him or her. They’re voting against Trump. I’m telling you, that doesn’t help them.

I’ve seen some conservative analysts say that’s bad news for Trump. I totally disagree. I think it’s great news for Trump that a lot of Biden’s support has nothing to do with him. “Well, but, Rush, but, Rush, I mean, if there’s that much hatred for Trump out there, that’s really bad, that’s bad news.” Nah, he can convert some of that.

I’m telling you, folks, the fact that a sizable percentage of Biden voters couldn’t care less whether he’s on the ballot, that is not good news for them. They know that they’re in trouble. I don’t know really how they think that they’re gonna win. They have to believe that a majority of Americans want these riots and want the looting and want private property destroyed and want the cops defunded because this is what they are standing for.


RUSH: You want to hear some audio? There’s a new Trump ad out. This thing runs about a minute, and it’s called, “What happened to Joe Biden?” It’s sound bite number 27. You ready up there? Here we go. Three, two, one…

ON SCREEN: Did something happen to Joe Biden?

BIDEN: (PAST 2015): He went… He went and he became president — and I didn’t go, and I’m still vice president.

BIDEN: (PRESENT 2020) And, uh… And, uh… (gestures for help)… In addition to that… Uh, in addition to that, we have to, uh, make sure that we, uh that we are in a position that we are…

BIDEN: (PAST 2016): Think about it. Everybody has known from day one how smart, how bright Hillary is. Everybody knows how tough she is.

BIDEN: (PRESENT 2020) You know, the rapidly rising, uh, um, uh, in with, uh — with, uh… I don’t know. Uh, uh…

BIDEN: (PAST 2015) So be successful! I sincerely hope some of you become millionaires and billionaires. I mean that. But engage!

BIDEN: (PRESENT 2020) Um, you know, there’s a, uh… During World War (pause) Two! Uh, you know, uh, Roosevelt came up with a thing, uh, that, uh, you know, was totally different than a — than it’s — (sputters) That his… He called… He called it, you know…

ON SCREEN: What happened to Joe Biden?

RUSH: So the Trump ad is entitled, “Did something happen to Joe Biden?” and that title is on the ad in graphics, and it’s contrasting Biden from back in 2015-2016 to today where you can clearly hear the massive, massive difference.


RUSH: We got some ratings information in from the convention last night. Joe Concha, who is the great media reporter from The Hill, tweeted about 45 minutes ago. “Preliminary numbers now coming in are showing an approx[imate] 50% drop in DNC viewership from 2016 on the broadcast networks.” He’s just comparing the broadcast networks.

That’d be ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS (“Without your Pledge, we can’t dust”), whatever. They we ran the numbers, and there was not 50% drop-off after two hours. The total audience is 50% less than what it was in 2016. Now, obviously there’s no convention, there’s no crowd, there isn’t a bunch of cheering and razzmatazz. There’s no drama.

There’s just a bunch of people that [rerecorded speeches. But! But! But! The headliners were Crazy Bernie and Michelle (My Belle) Obama, and they couldn’t put ’em over the top. We keep hearing about all of this enthusiasm! Oh, yeah, the Democrats! It’s not so much that they can’t wait to vote for Biden. They hate Trump. Well, this doesn’t bode well for a bunch of enthusiasm, folks.

You wait. Enthusiasm on the part of Trump voters is going to dwarf the enthusiasm on the Democrat side. “Final numbers including cable news coming in a bit, but” Joe Concha here, the great media report at TheHill.com, says, “expect more of the same in the 40% drop range” compared to 2016 in the audience on cable.


RUSH: 18.6 million viewers at 10 o’clock. That’s 28% lower than 2016. The broadcast networks were 42% lower, numbers for the convention.

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