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RUSH: Long Island. Dan, you’re first today. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I may not want to tell you, the local and national media, they’re salivating anytime they mention a Republican that shows up on one of those videos with Joe Biden the Democratic convention — and it’s not Republicans. It’s the establishment, and the establishment is joining forces in everybody’s face to try and regain power. And it’s disgusting.

RUSH: Wait a minute. I’m not sure… “A lot of people…” Uh… Start again. Say again. I’m not sure I understand your point.

CALLER: All these Republicans that are showing up right now endorsing Joe Biden —

RUSH: Oh! Oh! You’re talking about the Kasichs and the Colin Powells?

CALLER: Christie Todd Whitman, all these Republicans — or, you know, claim to be Republicans — they’re joining forces with Joe Biden and the Democrats. They’re really the establishment.


CALLER: They’re the establishment trying to regain power.

RUSH: Oh, right. Right, right, right, right. Of course.

CALLER: And they’re doing it blatantly in everybody’s face, and people just think, “R and D, R and D.” They think, “Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are joining Democrats because Donald Trump must be terrible. We must listen to these people,” and they’re doing it blatantly. And I think a lot of people don’t even realize that this is the establishment coming to regain the power that they don’t have, and they want their seats back at the table.

RUSH: Yeah. I don’t think anybody’s falling for this. I don’t think John Kasich’s persuading anybody. Don’t think Colin Powell’s persuading anybody. Christie Todd Whitman? They’re doing this precisely because they’ve got no home in their own party.


RUSH: I need to go back to our first caller today. I didn’t mean to sound rude. I was just totally taken aback. I’d spent 35 or 40 minutes on some specific things, and the caller was talking about something that’s like two or three days old. So I wasn’t geared up, and I didn’t understand until halfway through his call what he was talking about. I didn’t even accept the premise.

Apparently, he was concerned that all of these Republicans that are showing up at this Democrat convention with their recorded speeches, like Kasich — at the gravel road fork in the road — and then Colin Powell showed up and Christie Todd Whitman. And I got the impression the caller is very worried about this because he thinks a lot of people are being influenced by it, and I have to tell you, don’t think anybody is. Now, he wanted everybody to realize, “Hey, these are just deep-staters, and they’re trying to hold on to their place in the deep state.”

There’s no question this is true. They are the establishment. Kasich? He abandoned the conservative movement I don’t know when. Colin Powell never really was. Colin Powell was never comfortable as a Republican, and the last straw for him was when George W. Bush sent him up to the United Nations with all those photos of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction that turned out not to be true.

Whatever happened there, I will guarantee you there are a lot of noses out of joint because Colin Powell was the point man at the U.N. for making the case that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. The intel community had all the photos, supposedly, of the stockpiles. And I’m relatively confident that General Powell was sitting there thinking at the time, “If this is bogus, they wouldn’t do this to me,” meaning the intelligence community.

“They might try to humiliate and embarrass Bush, but they wouldn’t do it to me. I’m one of ’em,” and yet as the secretary of state, he got the call to go to the United Nations to make the case for Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. He’s had his nose out of joint on that ever since, and he’s been unhappy with (sigh) — I don’t know — Republicans for a long time.

But he’s a classic deep-stater or Washington establishment type, meaning that his future, his currency is locked into being a member in good standing. And Kasich. Kasich made the decision to abandon conservatism and go deep state Republican or establishment Republican, which means lose gracefully more often than you win. Christie Todd Whitman, I don’t think was ever a conservative.

She was one of these RINO Republicans and so forth. But the caller, I got the impression, was very alarmed that these people might be influencing Republicans to vote against Trump, and he just wanted to remind everybody that all they are is a bunch of establishment types, and the reason I didn’t connect with the caller is ’cause I don’t think that at all.

I think these people are not… John Kasich has demonstrated that he doesn’t have the influence he thinks he does in the Republican primary of 2016. He gave everything he had to getting rid of Trump. If you remember, he ran for the nomination; he didn’t even get close. Remember how embarrassing it was when he won Ohio and had a balloon drop or some such thing?

It was really embarrassing stuff, because he had… (interruption) Yeah, Dan in Long Island was the caller’s name. So Kasich began campaigning against Trump much like Never Trumpers are, and I don’t think that Kasich is persuading a single voter. He’s certainly not gonna persuade a member of the Trump base to abandon Trump simply because he, John Kasich, is gonna vote for Biden.

Biden doesn’t have any independent enthusiasm anyway, and John Kasich can’t provide it. Sorry, there just is no way. Biden, as a self-contained dryball, is not somebody about whom another dryball, John Kasich, can come along and infuse him with a bunch of enthusiasm. Neither can Christie Todd Whitman or General Powell. I don’t think any of them can.

My point is, I don’t consider them political threats. So that’s why I was a little taken aback by the call. I didn’t want anybody to think that I’d been rude. It was just the last thing that was expecting.

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