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RUSH: I’ve got these things I can put on Dittocam for you. This is the duplicates of the Zoom shots that they used after Kamala Harris’ speech. They wanted to make it look like all kinds of women were gathered in this historic night to make sure they were all there, and they used three different women to fill up two squares, different squares.

Take a look at the first one. Put it up there.

You got — there we go — two yellows. We got two reds and two whites. Those are the same women in the yellow circles, in the white circle, in the red circle. They are the same women. So, you’ve got one, two, three, four, five… You’ve got 30 squares here, and one, two, three, four, five, six of them the same women are featured.

There’s another shot of this taken by a different observer at a different time, and there’s this one:

We’ve got two red, two purple, and two yellow, all the same women. Duplicates in the Zoom squares. Did they really need to use these women twice to get enough gals to fill the screen and awkwardly clap for Kamala Harris, or did they just get lazy? Did she give that speech live, or was it pretaped? (interruption) What do you think?

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