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RUSH: Naugatuck, Connecticut, Patty welcome. Great to have you with us. How are you doing?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I wanted to say that next week is our turn, and it’s our turn for our President Trump to get up and remind the American people of all the promises he made and all the promises kept. Enormous promises. Example one is in the suburban communities across our nation. Dr. Ben Carson, as the HUD secretary, removed this policy that was put in under the Obama-Biden administration that takes the local control of our zoning and puts it in the hands of federal bureaucrats under HUD.

We now have our personal… We the people in suburban area have control of our schools, our police, our zoning for housing, for building our houses, single-family housing. That’s just one of his enormous contributions, and there are many. He’s preserved liberty and freedoms for people. The reason the Democrats cannot actually come out and have a policy is because if some of the policies were talked about, they would absolutely really scare the people. President Trump can actually set up his view, his hope for the future for the people as comparison to Big Government takeover, higher taxes, health care. Of those issues (crosstalk) —

RUSH: Let me… Let me jump in here right now, because as is the case with a lot of people who have an issue that matters more to them than anything else, a lot of people may not know what you’re talking about. I need to have… I need to bring some people up to speed here because your comments are right on the money in terms of Carson, Housing and Urban Development, and protecting American suburbs.

Now, the attack, folks, on American suburbs has been a feature of the Obama administration going back to his first term, and the reason that there was an attack on the suburbs was an attempt to eliminate them.

What has happened over the course of societal evolution, over the course of many years is as urban areas have become blighted, and the school systems have become corrupted and worse, as policing defined deviance down and so the people that committed petty crime were let go, not even pursued. As the cities became more and more intolerable, the middle class, the upper middle class — and not all cases, but in largely the white middle class — decided to start leaving the cities.

We’re talking a number of years. This didn’t just happen starting the eight years or five. It’s been going on for a long time. They began to leave the cities and relocate to suburbs where they could commute to work in the city but go back to suburbia and basically have a lifestyle among people of similar economic standing where values were the same in terms of raising kids, schools, this kind of thing.

This is precisely the kind of freedom of movement that the libs hate. They cannot succeed in socially planning cities if people have the freedom to leave. So what they decided to do — what Obama and people like him decided to do — was to punish people who fled the cities for greener pastures, for safer lives where there was not nearly as much crime as there was in urban areas.

So the Obama administration began to attack these suburbs with zoning regulations, and anybody in suburbia… This is one example: A developer who wanted to build a housing development for purchase by certain middle-class people that earned a range of money, range of income… People that earn — I don’t know — $150,000 or $200,000 a year. The houses they could afford, you build developments of those kinds of houses.

You build schools nearby, you build malls or strip malls. You put in everything that they need as part of a development to attract them to your development. The Obama administration wanted to corrupt that, and so they began to inflict upon suburbia zoning regulations. Whereas if one of these developers wanted to get a permit or a series of permits to build a new development in Suburb A, in order to get that permit, that developer also had to build “affordable housing” nearby.

Right near, if not part of, the development that he was building to attract whatever range of income he was shooting for among the middle class. It was done on purpose. It was done to corrupt. It was done to recreate the problems in the cities that these people had fled. It was designed to make them pay a price for leaving the city. This is the vindictiveness. This is the, “We’re gonna stick you!”

This is the, “We’re not gonna leave you alone. You want to live a certain kind of life and you’re leaving our city to do it? Screw you! We’re gonna take where you move, and we’re gonna transplant what you left right where you moved.” In other words, “We’re gonna make your life as miserable as it was before you left the city.” Now, “affordable housing” means exactly what it is.

(chuckles) You build a bunch of affordable housing that people can’t afford but you’re gonna put ’em in there anyway. You’re building housing projects right next to where people have located and built their schools and built their malls and decided they wanted to live. This was an ongoing project of the Obama administration for the eight years they were in my office.

One of the writers who has done more to expose this was Stanley Kurtz who writes for National Review. He’s written several books on it, countless newspaper or magazine articles. It was really hideous, folks. It was the kind of thing, when you learn about it, you find out how vindictive and mean these people are. You can’t just leave their city and improve your life.

“You can’t! We’re not gonna let that happen.” That’s why they want everybody on mass transit so that nobody has any more freedom than anybody else. That’s why they’re constantly trying to get light rail built and all of these other things they say are very European and they’re needing here for American cities’ infrastructure and so forth.

When all people wanted to do was flee misery! They wanted to flee rampant crime. They wanted to flee declining property values. They wanted to flee horrible schools. They wanted to give their kids a chance, and they wanted just to flee the cities anyway because the value just wasn’t there based on how much it was costing for you to own or rent. So Obama and the libs see them fleeing, and they follow ’em with zoning regulations.

For people that would build the houses and the developments that would attract them, “Guess what you’re gonna have to put right next door to the Smiths over there? You’re gonna need to put ‘affordable housing,'” which, everybody knows affordable housing is gonna become (sigh) broken windows and just… It’s done on purpose. So what Patty is saying is that Trump and Ben Carson have resisted this effort.

They have taken great steps to protect people who have moved to the suburbs, suburbia, or who have been there for a while and these new regulations are starting to impact them — and she thinks that Trump should make remarks about this next week during the speech. She thinks it’s a big deal, that it would get Trump a lot of support and a lot of favor.

She thinks it’s something that Trump has done that’s very good that nobody knows about ’cause he hasn’t made a big deal out of promoting it, which is true. But there’s a lot of things like that that Trump has done that he doesn’t spend time on. His criminal reform thing that he did, the Middle East peace that’s just recently signed. I mean, he’s done a whole lot of things that he hasn’t spent much time singing his own praises for.

This suburban thing is a serious thing and it’s been going on for a long, long time — and it’s a classic example. It’s a great way to illustrate the vindictiveness and the mean-spiritedness of liberals, and how if you make one step toward improving your quality of life and you do it by abandoning what they have set up, well, you’re gonna pay a price.

You’re gonna pay, because when you leave, you’re taking part of the tax base. When you leave… If you’re working and you leave, you are taking part of the tax base. You’re taking your commerce. You’re taking everything about you that they think holds value. So they’re gonna find a way to punish you for it. Liberalism is largely about punishing people that do not agree with them.

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