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RUSH: Sheila in Racine, Wisconsin. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I have one concern. I’m gonna get right to it. On the news last night regarding the Kenosha riots, they indicated they had 175 arrests. Out of that, 105 of those arrests were from out of state, as far away as Pittsburgh. My question to you is: During the intake process, is it possible for them to begin investigating who is giving them the money and who is funding their transportation to these riots? Because I believe all across the country, this is an organized plot somehow to discredit our president.

RUSH: What do you mean “intake process”? You mean when the police are arresting them?


RUSH: Well, I don’t think the police can arrest anybody for being paid to do something, and I don’t know that the police would actually be the proper investigatory agency to find out where they’re from. In fact, Sheila, I’m glad that you saw that and noted it, because this is common. In Ferguson, Missouri, during the Michael Brown episode, those people were mostly from Oakland, California.

They were destroying downtown Ferguson, Missouri. They were not from Ferguson, Missouri, and they were not from St. Louis. Some of them were, but the vast majority weren’t. That’s why there’s a term for these people: Rent-a-mob. There are many who think that the primary funding source is George Soros. Could be. Don’t know. To me, it’s enough to know that these people are not from Kenosha.

Sheila, it’s the same thing. In all of the efforts that have been made to damage this program, the business side of this program — the Stop Rush or the whatever name of it movement was — they were flooding local advertisers with threats via text and mail that they’re customers and they’re never shopping in this store again until you get rid of Rush Limbaugh.

We found out that 99% of the people sending such emails and threats had never been customers of any of the businesses involved, and this is the thing for everybody to keep in mind when boycotts or anything of the sort come up. They’re not your customers to begin with who are threatening to never shop at your store or to avail themselves of your service.

They’re not customers to begin with. They are left-wing, Marxist agitators. And it’s the same thing in Kenosha. It is not native. But the media wants you to believe that it is the native citizenry that’s erupting in outrage at Republicans and at Donald Trump. When, in fact, they’re bused in. They’re paid for. And a lot of it is known as to who is paying for them and so forth.

But just the fact that it’s not legitimate is really all anybody needs to know. It isn’t legitimate, and it’s not the result of whatever action took place. The left still has to manufacture the protests and the riots. They have to manufacture them. It’s not something naturally occurring. But it fools a lot of people, particularly rich, white, Millennial women.

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