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RUSH: Man, I tell you, folks, you’d have to say this is gutsy. I mean, this is gonadsy, what Trump is doing. We’re less than about two months from an election in a country where a lot of people expect handouts to be given, particularly in bad economic times, and what is Trump doing? Trump says that the federal government is going to review federal funding for New York, for Washington, D.C., for Portland, for Seattle.

I mean, that is gutsy, folks. I mean, you would think that at this point near the campaign, the election two months away, that the focus, “What do you want? We got it. Here’s the window, sidle up to the window, whatever you want, we got it, we’re passing it out.” But, no, he’s talking about a review of federal funding because these cities, these blue cities in these blue states are in open defiance of federal law.

And the reaction of Governor Cuomo in New York has pretty much been to threaten Trump’s life: He better be real careful. If he does this, he better be real careful the next time he comes to New York.

Man, oh, man. This is… folks, there’s a word that I can’t use here. It goes along with “gutsy.” And it’s the exact opposite of the way the NFL is dealing with their problems.

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