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RUSH: The frenzy, the panic, the out-of-controlism that the Democrat Party finds itself in, it’s all self-recrimination. They brought all of this on themselves, and they know it, and they are fit to be tied. They may want to try to blame all of this on Donald Trump, but they can’t. They have only got their own arrogance and their own presumptuous stupidity to blame for this.

Because they thought two things. They thought they would never lose in 2016, and especially they thought they would never lose to Donald Trump. So they could play around with the filibuster and they could play around with the confirmation process, could do everything they wanted to do when they ran the show, because it was all gonna benefit them.

But then they lost the show. They lost the show, 2014, 2016, 2018, they lost the Senate. The Senate is the show when talking about all of this. And they lost it. And so all of those things they did to empower themselves in perpetuity then redounded to the Republicans. And it was they, the Republicans, that got to use those levers of power.

They blew it three times, folks. After Obama’s reelection in 2012, they lost the Senate three times, as I just said, 2014, 2016, 2018. Then Dingy Harry, Harry Reid, Democrat leader in the Senate, in 2013, he ditched the judicial filibuster, meaning no reason, no requirement to get to 60 votes before you can vote on confirmation. A simple 51-vote majority, ’cause they were thinking already of packing the court.

In 2008 through 2024 they were dreaming of 16 years of Democrat presidencies, and they could steamroll appointments, pack the court, they could forever shape the Supreme Court into being something the Republicans would never, ever have any power over or control of ever again, except they lost the Senate. The next year, after Dingy Harry did this in 2014, they lost the Senate.

Now it’s all Trump’s fault. Now it’s Mr. Orange Man’s fault, ladies and gentlemen. Ginsburg, Justice Ginsburg. You know, she gambled, and it didn’t pan out, sadly. Justice Ginsburg — and everybody’s now saying this, including the Democrats — that when she was 81 or 82, she should have resigned when Obama had the Senate in 2013 and throughout the year 2014. That’s the campaign year, the Democrats lost it so the new Senate impaneled, ’15 is when it actually began Republican control.

But you see, in their arrogance, in their condescending arrogance, they thought Hillary Clinton would win. They thought she was invincible. They thought she and they would both all outlast Trump, Mr. Orange Man. Now they’re crazy. They’re going crazy ’cause they know all of this. Mr. Snerdley, they know all of this. They know they did this to themselves.

So now they’re coming along and trying to ignore that as far as the public opinion is concerned, and they’re trying to make it look like the Republicans played all these conniving, screaming games and it’s about time for the Republicans to fix what they broke. And the way the Republicans can do that is for Trump not to name a nominee and for Trump not to have a vote.

Let me tell you what’s gonna happen, folks. Trump’s gonna name a replacement. And there’s gonna be a vote. And you know what else? It is plain as day in the Constitution, there are two things here that are required. The president nominates a replacement; the Senate does it’s advice and consent. Do you realize there’s nothing about the Judiciary Committee conducting hearings? That’s just something that evolved. That’s not a requirement.

If McConnell wants to, because you know, to hell with this, we don’t have enough time. We’re just gonna go straight to the vote. And he can do it. Whether he will or not, I don’t know, but he should. Folks, this is it. This is it. Not all of it, but this is one of the “its” that Trump’s election was all about, this is it, the shaping of the Supreme Court. And the Democrats know it. Donald Trump was elected in 2016. He had gone public with his Supreme Court nominee list. Trump is way out ahead.

You know, Biden still won’t do it, and until Biden does that, until Biden furnishes a list, there should be nobody taking anybody on the Democrat side seriously about delaying the naming of a replacement for Ruth Ginsburg. No way. Biden probably doesn’t even have a list. It’s whoever’s running Biden that has the list. And they don’t want to release it. But until they do, we can’t have a serious discussion about this whole thing.

But the bottom line is this is it. We need this seat in the hands of a conservative, and it needs to happen as soon as possible. It is now a relevant part of the election. I told you, I told you things are gonna shape the election that haven’t even happened yet, told you this last week before Ruth Ginsburg passed away. Do not doubt me. And the Democrats know the position that they are in.

Now, they’re out there, they’re threatening things. But the problem is they’ve been threatening this for years, so it’s no longer a threat. It’s kind of like your uncle at Thanksgiving dinner that won’t show up and you send him up to the third floor attic for the rest of the day. They say that if they win everything in 2020, if they win the White House and if they capture the Senate and then hold on to the House, they’re gonna end the Senate filibuster for everything, which means that legislation will just be rubber — they’re threatening everybody. They are promising, slash, threatening to pack the court, 15 to 16 new total, 15 to 16.

There are nine there now, but add six. That would put ’em at 15. Make ’em all commie bastard leftists, and they’re gonna do this, they say, ASAP. Look, I’ve been the one telling you this is what they’re gonna do. Have you ever wondered how I knew it? Aside from my brilliant political and analytical skills, they’ve been telling everybody they’re trying to do this. They’ve been trying to scare everybody and they’ve been using it as a way to hype their own base.

And then they are gonna ditch the Electoral College by, you know, voter compact — They want to get rid of the Electoral College. And they — By the way, if they run everything, they can change the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Congress set up the court system. Congress long ago did. Congress has control over it, according to the Constitution. So, no, we call it packing the court, but they can do it if they want, and if they control everything, the Republicans are not gonna have the votes to stop them, folks, which is the key.

Oh, and then the statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. That would give them four brand-new Senate seats, and they would all four be commie bastard leftists. Oh, and then for good measure, they would add 16-year-old voting. They’re doing that in California. And felon voting.

I mean, folks, they’re gonna have to scrape the proverbial bottom of the barrel to get close to having a voting majority because as things stand, the Democrat Party, the radical left are nowhere near being a majority in this country. It’s one of the greatest scams that the media has succeeded in running, making it look like you and I and people on our side are outnumbered. We are not, and it’s not even close yet, but it’s dangerously trending.

These guys, the Democrats, they’re socialist revolutionaries. They want to change the rules to stay in power permanently. And they will if they win the White House and if they win the Senate. I think Trump should name his replacement. I don’t know who it’s gonna be. He could screw everybody up here — not screw everybody. He could confound everybody by naming a white male. Can you imagine? I don’t think that’s gonna be — (laughing) Oh, but if he did that… (laughing)

I don’t know who it’s gonna be, but let’s say that it is an Hispanic female from Florida — and there is one available — I want to see the Democrats for two weeks, for four weeks, I want to see them trash an Hispanic female. I want to see them Kavanaugh an Hispanic female. I want to watch them do this. I want to watch them try to get away with it. (interruption) You don’t think they will? (interruption)

They would do it like they did Miguel Estrada, absolutely, like they did Clarence Thomas, like they do any other conservative minority, they would get on ’em for being traitors, failures, phonies, bought and paid for by the white establishment. Oh. There’s no question that they would do it. (interruption) Yeah, that’s probably right. They’d call her the second “white Hispanic.” The first “white Hispanic” was George Zimmerman. The first “white Hispanic,” guy that caused Trayvon Martin to be deceased. The New York Times, the first “white Hispanic.” She would be the second “white Hispanic,” is how they would do it.

You know, I mentioned that the Judiciary Committee does not have to do its thing. It’s become a tradition, but it’s not a requirement. And since Trump has already driven them crazy, I mean, long before today, they are crazy, then why not just blow up another tradition? Because, I’ll tell you, that’s how we’re gonna maintain the ones that matter. It is the very traditions and institutions that define this country that the left has in its crosshairs. They have to be defeated. This Supreme Court seat has to be confirmed, it has to be named and confirmed before the election.

All this talk about waiting ’til after the election, Donald Trump was elected in 2016 on the very basis of the fact that he had a list of names, and people were able to judge those names and his candidacy as a result. The 2020 election has nothing to do with this Supreme Court seat, folks. It has nothing to do with it. Don’t fall for this idea that, “This is so close to the election. We need to wait. We need to wait for the election so that the right president gets to make –” No, no, no. We’ve already voted on the president that gets to make this pick, and Donald Trump is he.

The 2016 election is what this nomination is about. Not the 2020 election, both in terms of timeline, legalities, and common sense, the 2020 election has nothing to do with this Supreme Court opening. I want the Judiciary Committee — I think it’d be great if it were skipped. We don’t need to open that up for whatever length of time so that whoever this nominee is can be Kavanaughed or Borked or Thomased. Because that’s what it’s gonna be, especially when it’s not even required.

In addition, there are people on the Judiciary Committee who need to be out campaigning in October, not trying to deflect leftist attempts to distort the nominee’s junior high school yearbook. And when the vote count is assured, Mitch McConnell needs to take it straight to the floor of the Senate and have the vote. And you know Murkowski and Collins and Romney, you three, you need to look at this a different way. You were elected, your voters presumed that you’re gonna be there at times like this. Don’t tell me your voters don’t also support Donald Trump.

You people, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, you are on the cusp of misreading your own voters about this. But when the vote count is assured, go straight to the floor for a vote. You know why? That protects senators from being all-out attacked by the Democrat mobs. It stops a whole bunch of that. We don’t want to give Kamala Harris the opportunity to grandstand in that committee as a vice presidential running mate of Plugs.


RUSH: Here’s another thing too. Trump has said that he is going to wait until after Justice Ginsburg has been buried — which is gonna be at Arlington National Cemetery — before naming the nominee. A lot of people on our side, I heard from ’em today, started panicking. There are people that are afraid if Trump doesn’t name the nominee today, that it’s all gonna get destroyed and it’s gonna get lost, that we’re gonna lose the momentum, that we’re gonna lose what we’ve got going for us right now.

And I don’t subscribe to that theory. The theory on the part of those who are a little worried about this is that the Democrats can delay and delay and delay the actual burial of Justice Ginsburg until after the election if they want, which they can’t. There’s a whole host of reasons why.

Now, Trump has said today, even despite the announcement that she’s gonna be buried in Arlington National, Trump said today he’s gonna name his pick Friday or Saturday, regardless which side of the grass Justice Ginsburg is on. And I think the president knows what he’s doing here. In fact, there’s a quote I saw the president said, “We got all the time in the world.” And the way he’s looking at this, the more time — nobody’s thinking of delaying this beyond the election. Don’t panic over that. The more time there is here, the more time there is for the left to go bonkers on this. There’s more time for the left to go literally crazy and try to affect or impact whether Trump names anybody or not or whether there’s a vote or not.

But then there’s another thing. The longer that Trump can keep this whole thing as a lead item, that’s less time that COVID-19 can spend occupying lead news story status and you can’t rule that out. But I think Trump’s thinking is the more time there is here, the greater the opportunity the Democrats and the left are gonna make abject, total fools of themselves.

Do you think, for example, it helps them to be out there promising to pack the Supreme Court? Do you think it helps them to be claiming that what they’re gonna do is grant statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia so they get four brand-new Democrat senators for life? Think that helps them? ‘Cause they’re out there threatening to do it. And the threat, by the way, has been met with snoozes and crickets because how many times can you make the threat before it loses its impact? And they’ve made the threat so many times, and everybody’s aware this is what they’re gonna do now. So there’s no shock value to it. There’s no surprise in it.


RUSH: Now, you know another thing, folks. You know that from here to the election the Democrats have a series of these bombshells. Every two or three days, there’s something new. The past four years it has been at least every week, sometimes every day, but they’ve had something new every week. We’ve been talking about it. You know that they’ve got a list. They’ve got a whole series of these bombshells that they had lined up, that they were gonna drop every other day up until the election.

You have to ask what the press is gonna do with all of those. Those bombshells are just gonna accumulate, they not gonna be dropped? Because the press is saying, we’ve got to stay focused on make sure Trump does not name this replacement, make sure there’s not a vote. Here, you watch. COVID, masks, they could theoretically become nonissues real quickly, too, as all of this overwhelms everything.

This is the last thing the Democrats thought, the last thing the Democrats ever counted on happening. That’s why I say the events that shape elections largely have yet to happen, especially when you’re a month out. Way too much can still happen, and in this situation, they weren’t ready at all. And you can see it. They’re panicking every which way from Sunday.


RUSH: Harry Reid dumped the Senate rule for 60 votes to close debate to fill judicial vacancies. Harry Reid ended the filibuster for judicial nominees, which is why we even have a discussable issue here. Harry Reid made it possible for Donald Trump or any Republican president to appoint justices with a simple majority. And we talked about this earlier. Harry Reid did this because he thought the Democrats were going to win and keep the Senate interminably in the future.

Except they lost the Senate 2014, 2016, 2018, which was the last election, thereby Republicans run the Senate means Trump can pick anybody, and they only need a simple majority, which, as I said earlier, if Murkowski and Collins decide to abstain — you know, they can vote “present” and express their disagreement with the process but not vote against the nominee. If they did that — and it’s likely, or possible — then all the Republicans would need was 48 votes in the Senate to confirm, not 51.

So Harry Reid — we’re talking about political competence here, right? And the theory is that it’s the Democrats, the Democrats are the ones we need to entrust our country to because they’re the ones that have the political know-how and the political wherewithal. These are the people who are best capable of representing Americans. They understand the political system. Right. So here’s Harry Reid blowing it for the Democrats forever.

Then Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She should have retired when Obama was president, thereby allowing him to pick somebody that’s gonna be on that court another 30 to 40 years. But she didn’t. She didn’t have any idea that Donald Trump was gonna win. Nobody did. It was not possible. So now Trump won, he gets to pick her replacement.

And then the third thing, the Democrats have nominated somebody with dementia. And that would be Joe Biden. So Harry Reid blowing it, Ruth Bader Ginsburg making the wrong bet, the Democrats have nominated a guy with dementia. Now the Democrats are — what else? — they are rioting, they are looting, they are burning down their own, and our, cities, cities in states and cities they control.

Democrats sigh that if the Republicans follow the Constitution they’re gonna burn down the country. I’ve got the tweets. The Democrats are tweeting they’re gonna burn it all down. They are not going to save anything.

Now, obviously we have to allow for some fevered emotional overreaction here. But they’re already demonstrating that they are more than capable of burning down businesses and other people’s property. So it’s not an idle threat. The Democrat Party is a destructive, hateful, selfish political party, and they do not deserve to be anywhere near the levers of power as currently constituted.

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