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RUSH: John Barrasso, Senator from Wyoming, spoke today. The Republican senators all had a little press conference talking about any number of things. I want you to listen to what Barrasso said, ’cause this is so… I mean, he just burns Joe Biden. He just destroys Plugs here very subtly. I want you to listen to this.

BARRASSO: I don’t know what Joe Biden remembers, but when you think back of the time when he played such a role in the hearings for Judge Bork, he was the one that basically turned on what became a political circus. I don’t know if he remembers that he was the one that smeared Clarence Thomas. I don’t know if Joe Biden remembers that he is the one who led the filibuster of Justice Alito. I’m not sure what he recalls of any of those. I do know that the Democrats today here will continue to remember those lessons and use them against whoever it is that President Trump nominates.

RUSH: Right. Biden probably doesn’t remember doing these things. “I’m not sure,” says Barrasso. Oh, man! What a slice and dice of Plugs. By the way, he’s exactly right about this. Biden did lead the smearing of Clarence Thomas. He led the filibuster of Alito, and that’s when Alito’s wife ran out of there in tears. Yeah, we all know what’s gonna happen.

And there’s some people that think, “Well, these nominees, they should know what they’re in for. They should put up with three days of it, if that will help us win the election.” That seems to be the prevailing point of view. “Let the nominee get smeared. The smearing, we know it’s gonna happen. Let ’em just gut it out and let the Democrats demonstrate who they are so these suburban women finally will see who they are and vote against them.”

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