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RUSH: So, Joe Biden, who is eagerly awaiting tomorrow night’s debate at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland — by the way, Trump says this he is dead serious about this drug test for Biden. Now, what drugs would it be? If you’ve got a guy who suffers from Alzheimer’s, early onset maybe, or they say dementia, what could you prescribe somebody — to hell with prescribe — what could you give somebody to get ’em through two to three hours?

Well, you don’t even need that — yeah, you would ’cause you’d have to give them the medicine sometime before the debate. Say two or three hours. The debate’s 90 minutes. What drugs would you give somebody if you want them to be able to mask and cover up the fact that they have got some mental slowness, like dementia or early onset Alzheimer’s, what would you give them? Well, what drugs are given to kids or people with ADD? (interruption) Adderall. What does Adderall do? Come on. Don’t be afraid to tell me what it does. Nobody knows who’s answering me here. What does Adderall do? (interruption) It helps people focus. It deals with people who have hyperkinetic energy, right? In terms of kids, it helps them to focus and so forth.

Biden does not have hyperkinetic energy. But I’m not disputing. I don’t know. The reason I’m asking is Trump is maintaining he’s dead serious about this.

Trump is not joking about a debate drug test for Biden. They’re gonna be at the Cleveland Clinic. I imagine you could do a test there. President Trump said yesterday he was not joking about the need for a drug test before the first debate with Plugs Biden.

Trump said he watched previous Democrat debates where Biden was clearly “out of it,” but that he appeared much better during the final primary debate with Bernie Sanders. Trump said he was okay. I mean, he wasn’t great. He wasn’t terrible. But he was okay. People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs. A lot of people have said that. A lot of people have written that. A lot of people have said it. Everybody knows. A lot of people have said it. But Trump is maintaining that he is dead serious about it.


RUSH: Biden has been off the campaign trail more than a third of September. On Saturday Biden’s handlers called another lid on the campaign at 9:30 a.m. That’s a lid on all public activities. It’s marked the tenth time in September that they have closed Biden down, which is more than one-third of the month. Biden said on Wednesday that he would be heavily prepping for the debate.

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