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RUSH: In May, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom approved a program that gave low-income illegal immigrants in his state a $500 payout so they could deal with the coronavirus. He put $75 million in the payout fund.

And the money is all gone now, so California Democrats want more. As always. They sent Governor Newsom new legislation that would give low-income immigrants a $600 payout, so they can buy groceries.

Only this time, something truly bizarre happened. Governor Newsom vetoed the bill! He actually said the reason that he didn’t sign it is because of the impact it would have on the state’s budget.

Nobody is quite sure what that impact would be. Estimates for the grocery giveaway to immigrants range from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.

But since when does that matter to Democrats? Millions, billions, trillions? No number is too much to spend when it comes to immigrants, legal or illegal. So how can Governor Newsom, a rich Democrat, talk about the cost to the state when immigrants — poor immigrants — need groceries? Where is his heart? I mean, these poor people need to eat, and rich Governor Newsom tells them to suck air? A Democrat governor basically wants immigrants to starve?

When did this happen?

You know, if I were a liberal — which, thankfully, I will never be — I’d say this sounds a little xenophobic to me!

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