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RUSH: This is Kevin in South Bend, Indiana. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Mega dittos and mega strength coming your way. I want to explain about the president taking his trip, his short drive in his SUV. Leaders are leaders. He’s damned if he does, he’s damned if he doesn’t. But in an electronic media age there’s no disputing that he’s strong, he wasn’t hospitalized, he’s not dying or anything like that, they could not dispute it, they couldn’t pull their normal crap with that.

Number two. The guy’s inside that SUV, it is hermetically sealed, they could set the temperature where he’s gonna be comfortable and shut down all air circulation really neglecting pretty much anything of the virus being spread throughout the vehicle other than a little bit of talking, but there’s no air pushing around throughout the inside of the vehicle.

Number three. The liberals with their tools, they have two tools. It’s hatred and fear. Their mantra is the end justifies the means. They’re weak. We’re strong. They can keep on pulling this crap all they want. All it does is make us stronger so, as far as I’m concerned, they can keep going with it. I think our president feels the same way. He gets stronger every time he’s able to fight back against this crap. And now he’s fighting back against COVID and showing that he’s got more strength than Biden even though he’s got a deadly virus right now. How do you feel about that?

RUSH: Well, I did make the observation that even with COVID-19 Trump is more active and more engaged with his supporters and the American people in general than Joe Biden, who is apparently the epitome of health. Yes siree, epitome of health. They put a lid on the campaign at 9 o’clock again today.

By the way, the Babylon Bee is an excellent satire website. They’ve got an idea for the president. The next time he wants to take his SUV out to greet his supporters, if he would just put a sign on it, he would become immune from any criticism at all. Brian, throw it up there. This is what it would take. Just simply put Black Lives Matter on the side of the presidential limousine and it would be impossible to criticize the president because Black Lives Matter is out there every day protesting and never once are they accused of spreading the virus, of running the risk of spreading the virus.

And even if they are, it’s okay, because Black Lives Matter is so important that spreading the virus is a secondary concern. So, if the president would simply put a little metallic sign under his window, Black Lives Matter, the media couldn’t touch him, the media couldn’t criticize him, the media would have to leave it alone because Black Lives Matter is untouchable.

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