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Guest Host Todd Herman

Oct 7, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
Todd Herman filled in for Rush. Check out Todd’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • KTTH: Video shows Tacoma teacher scold 10-year-old for admiring Trump
  • The Blaze: National Association of Scholars calls on Pulitzer Prize Board to revoke award given to ‘1619 Project’ author
  • Legal Insurrection: NY Gov. Cuomo Used 14-Year-Old Picture to Attack Orthodox Jewish Community in COVID Update
  • New York Times: Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.
  • AP: California sees no link from school openings to virus spread
  • The Hill: Fauci: As many as 400,000 Americans could die from coronavirus
  • BizPacReview: Texas grand jury indicts Netflix for ‘lewd visual material’ in Cuties
  • GatewayPundit: Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Runs to Jake Tapper – Slams DNI Ratcliffe for Releasing Documents Proving He Briefed Obama on Hillary’s Russia Hoax Plans
  • New York Post: ‘We Need to Take Away Children,’ No Matter How Young, Justice Dept. Officials Said
  • Washington Free Beacon: NBC News’ ‘Undecided’ Voters Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC
  • Power Line: Poll Average: Trump trails Biden by 8 points
  • JustTheNews: Trump’s COVID spotlights Pence role as pandemic point man, raises stakes of VP debate
  • Maclver Institute: Why is the Left Making Jacob Blake a Hero?
  • Dana Loesch: Why is No One Talking About Jacob Blake’s Victim?
  • The Hill: Dems to focus on issues, not character, at Barrett hearings
  • AP: Ethicists say Trump special treatment raises fairness issues
  • Spectator: Herd immunity is still key in the fight against Covid-19
  • AIER: AIER Hosts Top Epidemiologists, Authors of the Great Barrington Declaration
  • The Great Barrington Declaration
  • Science Direct: Hydroxychloroquine is effective, and consistently so used early, for Covid-19: A systematic review
  • New York Times: America May Need International Intervention
  • Grabien: MSNBC’s Figliuzzi Proposes Creating a ‘Bipartisan Commission’ to Vet Presidential Candidates
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