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RUSH: Now grab sound bite number 10. I want to play one more Biden sound bite. I’m assuming that we have many of you who were here with the president still tuning in. One of the objectives today was to share. Millions and millions of you are not Republican.

Millions and millions of you are independents, moderates, Democrats. And millions and millions of you may have even been tuning in today for the first time. And one of the things we always try to do here is seriously inform people. The objective is to keep people informed. Joe Biden is actually the guy who should have been held legally accountable for his actions in Ukraine, not President Trump. President Trump was impeached over a phone call to the president of Ukraine, and there was no impeachable offense whatsoever.

But on the theory that many of you do not know who Joe Biden really is because the media does not report on Joe Biden as he really is, I want to play for you — we’ve cited this video. We’ve talked about it a lot. This is January 23rd, 2018, at the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s a David Rockefeller organization in New York. And people like Barbara Walters and some highfalutin media people are members to give it credibility and so forth. And Biden appeared there January 23rd, 2018, to brag about how he threatened a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son.

And he threatened the Ukrainian government into getting rid of the prosecutor and, worse than that, he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in American aid if they didn’t get rid of this prosecutor and if they didn’t drop the case against his son. Now, whatever you think Trump did on a phone call with the Ukrainian president, it doesn’t compare to this. This is genuine criminality, corruption, and he’s admitting to it in 2018. Why is he admitting to it? ‘Cause he knows nobody’s ever gonna try to hold him accountable. The media’s not gonna try to hold him accountable. He’s Joe Biden. He’s a Democrat. He’s Obama’s vice president. But here is what he said.

BIDEN: I went over, I guess the 12th, 13th time, to Kiev and uh, and I was gonna — supposed to announce that there’s another billion dollar loan guarantee. And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from, uh, Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn’t. I said, “Nah,” I said, “I’m not gonna,” or “we’re not gonna give you the billion dollars.” They said, “You have no authority, you’re not the president, the president said.” I said, “Call him.”

CROWD: (laughter)

BIDEN: I said, “I’m telling you, you’re not gettin’ a billion dollars.” I said, “You’re not getting the billion and I’m gonna be leaving here,” I think it was, what, six hours. I look and I said, “I’m leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not gettin’ the money.” Well son of a bitch.

CROWD: (laughter)

BIDEN: He got fired.

RUSH: Well, there they are all laughing, son-of-a-bitch, son-of-a-bitch, why, guess what, they fired the prosecutor, and the investigation of my son stopped. And he’s there bragging about this to fellow members of the Council on Foreign Relations. And he says they said, “You have no authority, you’re not the president.” He said, “Call him.” This is Biden. He said, call him. Call Obama. This implicates Obama! Biden implicated Obama in this criminality, which is exactly what this is.

So, those of you who are, when I say ignorant, I don’t mean it in an insulting way. Ignorant means you just don’t know. If you don’t know about Joe Biden and who he really is, if you think, if you’ve bought this story that Trump should have been impeached over this whistleblower BS over a phone call to the Ukrainian president, here is Biden admitting to extortion.

Biden is admitting to threatening the government of Ukraine to withhold a billion dollars in aid with Obama’s sanction if they don’t fire the prosecutor getting close to nailing Biden’s son. This would be Hunter. And they got rid of the prosecutor, the prosecutor’s fired inside of six hours. And Biden’s bragging about it.

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