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RUSH: Folks, really, you know, in a lot of places around the country we are either at or nearing the last day to register to vote in your state. There really is no substitute. People say, “What can I do?” Meaning beyond voting. Make sure you vote is number one. You’d be amazed. You know, the Trump people, they do extensive surveys of the people that show up at these rallies. And I don’t have the latest analysis right in front of me, but I’m gonna get close, recreate my memory.

You would not believe the makeup of people at recent Trump rales at these hangers. One of the most stunning revelations is that at any given rally 30% of the people this year have never voted. Thirty percent have never voted. And an extraordinary percentage of the people that show up are Democrats. It would boggle your mind. And so you have to assume that these people who are showing up who’ve never voted are going to register and vote. And it’s going to make a huge difference.

These people are largely not being found by pollsters. But it’s a really revealing set of statistics about the people that show up. The point is, there are more people who don’t vote than you would believe. You who vote regularly assume that a vast majority do. Leading up to elections, we always hear about these Rock the Vote, get-out-the-vote, all these youth vote programs, which are designed to use in conjunction with MTV or other outfits, designed to turn out the vote from 18-to-24.

And we’re told every election that that demographic is going to change the outcome. And you know what happens? Hardly any of them ever show up to vote. They brag about it, they talk about it, but on Election Day, they don’t show up. You would be amazed at the percentage of Americans who are not registered and who don’t vote. So just voting, you don’t have any idea how impactful it is. Showing up on Election Day.

I realize many of you are scared, that you think there are going to be forces arrayed, violent forces arrayed to intimidate you into leaving before you vote. But I’m telling you there’s no substitute to showing up on Election Day and voting because it skews the exit polls, it skews the turnout data away from the way the left wants to report it. I just cannot emphasize enough how important voting is.

And I’m harping on this because people say, “Well, what else can I do?” as though there’s something that’s more important. There isn’t anything more important than that. Other than maybe getting everybody to go out and vote too. You know, become a nag about voting. Ask everybody if they’ve registered and then don’t believe ’em when they tell you they have. Don’t believe ’em, keep harping on ’em.

You want something else to do? How about turn a Democrat? How about Operation Turn a Democrat? How about if every one of you tries to convince a Democrat that you know to vote Trump? If a sizable number of people were able to, do you realize what impact that would have? Operation Turn a Democrat. I know you might think, “Rush, not possible. These people are nuts. These people are insane.” I know. I’m well aware of how some of them don’t seem to be, shall we say, solidly attached to the ground.

But I’m telling you, there is a route to them in the case of some of them. Some of them are impossible, admittedly. Some of them you’re never gonna convince to change their minds. But I’m telling you, I think there are a lot of people who do not know what this election is really about. They do not know what’s at stake. They think it’s traditional Democrats versus Republican and Republicans don’t care about people and Republicans are racists and bigots and for the rich and the Democrats love the little guy, Democrats like the small fry, Democrats care about people.

It’s not about that, folks. A, that’s not true anymore, anyway. It’s the Democrats that don’t care about the little guy. But that’s not what the election’s about. What the election about is even simpler than that. And it’s scarier than that.

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