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RUSH: After Senator Kamala Harris’s dismal debate performance against Vice President Pence, a bunch of progressives, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s squad, released their own vision for America. They’re calling it the blueprint for what they expect out of a Biden-Harris Administration. (Or actually a Harris-Biden Administration.)

The Green New Deal is right at the top of this baby. When it was first announced, Kamala Harris was the first Senate co-sponsor. But now that she’s on the ticket with Plugs, she’s pretending that never happened. Still, despite their denials, the environmentalist-wacko plan that Plugs and Kamala are pushing IS the Green New Deal, even if they’re not calling it that. But the squad wants more from Harris-Biden-Harris.

In addition to free health care for everybody, universal child care, wiping out all student debt, wiping all rear ends – these leftists have their own COVID-19 plan that they expect Biden and Harris to embrace.

They want to cancel rent and ban any foreclosures while the pandemic is still going on. They demand retroactive hazard pay for “essential workers,” like prostitutes. And they want the extra $600 in federal unemployment benefits to continue as far as the eye can see.

Bottom line: these people want to give away all they can. They want to kill the economy, bankrupt the country, which is right in line with what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are already promising to do. Good grief.

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