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RUSH: Folks, there are couple things I want to do. I didn’t… You never get to do everything you intend to do when you have a rally or an appearance like this, because it goes into areas where you don’t plan on it going and you have to adapt and so forth. I’m not complaining. But I want to share with you some of the questions that we had from people that the president ended up answering without my having to ask them.

But I want to acknowledge all of you. I was not exaggerating. We had more response in terms of people submitting questions at both our Facebook page and RushLimbaugh.com than we’ve ever had for anything. It was incredible. Millions and millions and millions and millions of responses. But I want to send along a heartfelt thanks to so many of our sponsors today who were relishing the opportunity to be heard during the program because of the massive audience.

And when we told them we were gonna go commercial-free, they understood completely. And they are just great people. And their businesses are fabulous people. And I wanted to mention some. I can’t mention all. Boll & Branch, SimpliSafe, Level Select (which is the CBD company), LifeLock and Norton 360, are some of the sponsors today — Hillsdale College — that were that were relishing being heard in the program and understood — SimpliSafe Home Security.

I really owe them a thank-you for allowing… I mean, they had purchased the time, and we’re gonna make it good, obviously. But these are some of the finest businesspeople in America. We are honored and flattered to have them as business partners: Boll & Branch, Level Select (which makes the CBD product that we advertise), Norton 360, LifeLock, SimpliSafe Home Security, Boll & Branch. They’re just incredible people to do business with.

In addition to that, we had some audio sound bites related to Joe Biden. But, you know, I thought the president never does this. He’s never asked about Biden. Biden is never asked about Biden. Biden’s never asked to explain himself. Biden’s never asked to explain comments that he has made. He’s never asked by moderators to justify things he said, but Trump gets it all the time.

So I wanted to give the president a chance to respond to Biden, some of the things that he has said.

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