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RUSH: So, I have been watching the hearings for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. And the initial reaction that you have is that if they had anything on this nominee — and we know they don’t because they fast tracked her through three years ago for her current job on the appellate bench. If they had anything, they would be doing things entirely differently.

The only kind of fireworks we had at her previous hearings were when Dianne Feinstein, who I think it’s only fair to mention is Jewish, said to the very Catholic Amy Coney Barrett: “The dogma lives loudly within you.” The dogma lives loudly within you. Which everybody took it for what it was. It was an assault on Amy Coney Barrett’s religion and how, to Democrats and the American left, it’s entirely unacceptable because it features reverence for God. It features reverence for life. And that’s just unacceptable.

But beyond that, zilch, zero, nada. But before you start getting all confident in everything — I know you’re saying they could be trashing her record right now, and they’re not. Maybe doing all kinds of destructive things that they’re not doing instead of talking about anything and everything but her and her qualifications. They are really ripping into Trump. They are taking the occasion of these hearings to just trash Trump and virtually everything about Trump, from his existence to the fact that COVID didn’t kill him — well, they didn’t do that. Saturday Night Live did.

Did you hear about that? Saturday Night Live actually wished that Trump would have died. I think it was their show open on Saturday. The Democrats have not done that yet. They’re kind of just skating around. But I want to remind you of something, folks. This is exactly how the Kavanaugh stuff started. Kavanaugh had been vetted before for a similar seat at an appellate court. And he had been confirmed. And there was nothing new to learn about the guy. There was literally nothing new.

And on the verge of the vote, why, Dianne Feinstein, who’s able to spot Catholic dogma living loudly within people, brought the entire proceedings to a screeching halt by saying, “Wait a minute. I found something here.” And what it was was a letter from a woman who appeared scared to death. Her name was Christine Blasey Ford. It was Christine, right? Was that her first name? We’ve already forgot her first name. We know it’s Blasey Ford. But, anyway, Dianne Feinstein had this letter. This letter was actually sent to Blasey Ford’s congressional representative who then had given it to Feinstein, both from California.

And she read this letter. And it was filled with allegations of the horrible, horrible sexual abuse and mistreatment that Kavanaugh had dished out to Blasey Ford. And so everything came to a screeching halt. We had to have a restart, a new start to the hearings. Oh, my goodness. What have we learned here? How did we miss this? We didn’t know any of this.

They saved it for the last minute. And do not think they are not capable of something here. Everybody thinks they know there’s no way they can stop this. There’s no way. So they’re gonna take the occasion, take the opportunity to rip into Trump, to try to score as many points against Trump as they can, but eventually do what they have to do because they can’t stop. That’s not how they think. They don’t think there’s nothing they can do.

In fact, you may not know this. A Washington, D.C., hotel called a feminist hotel is honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a mural of her likeness made with 20,000 tampons. This is how they honor their own, from demanding free tampons, which, of course, was — what was her name? — Fluke. Right. From demanding free tampons to placing tampons in the men’s room to wearing tampons as earrings on national TV, the left has been showing their obsession with tampons.

Now, if you’re a young child and you’re tuning into the program, I just committed a faux pas. I normally allow for a brief moment for audience members to tune out if they fear something coming up. I warn them. And I did not issue the warning this time. So it may well be that I’ve got myself in a little bit of trouble here. So if you’re a young child that doesn’t know what a tampon is I would suggest you turn the radio off now. Or else go ask your mom. The odds are your mom will know, but not guaranteed. Depends on where you are. Not up to me to explain this.

So I’m gonna count down from five, and after I reach one, if you think this is something you shouldn’t hear, then you should turn the radio either down or off. Do not tune to another station. Wherever you go is gonna be much worse. All right. Five, four — if you don’t do this and I reach one and you’re still offended you have been warned. You can’t complain after that. Five, four, three, two, one.

“A boutique hotel in DC has taken the concept of ‘tampon justice’ to a new and disturbing level. The Hotel Zena features an enormous mural of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg composed entirely of tampons. Twenty thousand of them.”

I mean, is this how they really think they are honoring RBG? She had her own workout regimen. She had her own boxing thing there. She was tough, and they honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a mural made of 20,000 tampons? And what do tampons have to do with equality and feminism? Sixty art works that celebrate women’s rights. And of course the RBG mural is one of the 60.

“Installations include a larger-than-life portrait of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made from 20,000 tampons and a reception desk built out of high heels.” Right. So you go check into this Hotel Zena and you are going to find yourself at a receptionist desk made out of high heels. So do you think it honors Ruth — I’m just asking. Do you think it honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remember her, to memorialize her with wadded-up women’s hygiene? I’ll leave it up to you to answer the question. Anyway, just to show what they could possibly have in the quiver of ammo, of arrows.

So, yeah, it may look like if they had anything on her, they would be trashing her record, they’d been doing that instead of talking about anything and everything but her. But with Kavanaugh — and it’s not guaranteed the history will repeat, but with Kavanaugh it was at the last moment when everybody thought we were headed to the vote, everybody thought we were nearing the end, and here came this bombshell from Christine Blasey Ford.

And you remember, it totally turned everything upside down, and they started working on Jeff Flake, and then they started working on a couple of others, and we had a new FBI investigation. We had an allegation that Kavanaugh ran a rape train at a party where Christine Blasey Ford was. But she couldn’t remember where it was. She couldn’t remember any of the people at this thing. It was obviously and totally a setup.

And she had her speech patterns down pat. She had the valley girl uptick at the end of sentences that make a person speaking in this manner seem very scared and traumatized and vulnerable. Now, Christine Blasey Ford’s been teaching out in California, what, 40 years after this happened, 30 years, plenty of time to get over whatever trauma. (imitating Ford) “I — I was scared. I — I — I did not want to be here today. But they dragged me in.” She went on like this, and it was obvious. And the Republicans had no choice. They had no choice but to go along with it.

The president has tweeted about this. And let me find it very quickly. At 10 o’clock this morning the president tweeted, “The Republicans are giving the Democrats a great deal of time, which is not mandated –” The Republicans do not have to be giving these Democrats this amount of time, this nomination, “– to make their self-serving statements relative to our great new future Supreme Court Justice. Personally, I would pull back, approve, and go for STIMULUS for the people!!!”

I’d go ahead and start making a deal. I’d get myself on the right side of that issue and actually do something that might make a difference in people’s lives. That’s what Trump thought the Democrats should do. But they’re not gonna do anything that improves people’s lives if there’s anything about it that Trump can claim any credit for.


RUSH: We are keeping a sharp eye on the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett. It’s actually been kind of boring and frustrating for me just to listen to these Democrats talk about what a viral scum of a human being Donald Trump is and how this woman ought not even want to be nominated by him, that she ought to just throw this nomination away, she ought to pull the nomination of herself, this nomination is so much beneath her. She shouldn’t want to be tainted by being nominated by this guy. That is the flavor of much of what I heard this morning.

But I’m just telling you that I am by no means rendered complacent and, shall we say, disarmed by what I’m seeing today. ‘Cause I know these people. I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and they are not through. Even if they think there is no way they can stop her, they’re gonna try to make it such that she doesn’t want to go through this. They’re going to unload and unleash all kinds of things.

This nomination essentially is making the Supreme Court 6-3 conservative. This destroys their plans. It destroys what the Supreme Court means to them. The woman, the nominee is young. She’s going to be there a long time. If Donald Trump wins the reelection, he’s gonna have many more nominations. If he wins reelection, the Republicans are probably going to keep the Senate, which means it’s going to be easier to confirm future Trump nominations. But they have been playing this really coy. They haven’t been talking about it much. They’ve kind of acted like it’s a fait accompli. Nothing they can do to stop it.

But I’m here to tell you that it is so much more to them than this. This is one of the worst things that could have happened to them, to the Democrat Party, to their future, to their plans. You know, the judiciary, the Supreme Court, the circuit courts, the appellate courts, these are the locations where the Democrats have planted people to provide election loss insurance. They’ve nominated and confirmed judges to these other various court levels, the circuit courts, the appellate courts, in order to write legislation, in order to overwrite bad legislation from their standpoint, their point of view. It is how they have secured insurance against losing elections.

This throws a wrench into those plans like it’s — well, it’s difficult for me to describe to you. And there’s no fix for this next year or a couple of years from now. It’s gonna take longer than that to fix it. This is literally everything to them. And I’ve been amazed that they have been as quiet and unhysterical about something as they have been about this, ’cause I know the truth is it’s driving them insane.

I mean, take your average Bond villain on the verge of taking over the world. It’s just a matter of the sun rising tomorrow. Well, the sun’s gonna rise tomorrow, but everything else has gone wrong. They can’t control. It’s a beautiful thing. It is actually stunning that of all the people making this possible, it’s Donald Trump.


RUSH: I want to show you one more thing. Grab that picture of Pat “Leaky” Leahy. This is Pat “Leaky” Leahy today, and he is trying to embarrass Amy Coney Barrett. And he holds up a picture of one of his constituents and a picture of Smoky Bear, and this woman is apparently very, very worried of what Amy Coney Barrett is going to do to her health care. That’s what Pat “Leaky” Leahy decided was going to be a powerful demo today to drum up support against Amy Coney Barrett.

I mean, that constituent with a picture of Smoky Bear? She’s standing next to a doll, standing next to a mascot, trying to demonstrate that Amy Coney Barrett portends horror for health care, reproductive rights, and all of that.


RUSH: Looky here. This just in from John Solomon’s website called Just the News. And the headline: “Schumer: Democrats will boycott vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee – vows not to ‘supply quorum’ for votes on Amy Coney Barrett.”

So here you go. He said, “‘We will talk about when the actual vote occurs in committee and on the floor. Democrats will not supply the quorum,’ Schumer said in a press conference. ‘Period.’ Schumer’s declaration means that if one or fewer Democrats turn up for the scheduled Oct. 22 vote for Barrett, the Judiciary Committee cannot move the nomination to the full Senate. The move would likely have no effect in the full Senate, where there are 53 Republicans.”

So Schumer has been open and honest about one of the ways he’s gonna try to shut this down. Prevent a quorum in the committee.


RUSH: Okay. We have some sound bites here of Amy Coney Barrett when she got around to making her opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’re sound bites 25 through 28 here, Mike, and here is the first one.

BARRETT: I also clerked for Justice Scalia, and like many law students, I felt like I knew the justice before I ever met him because I had read so many of his colorful, accessible opinions.

RUSH: Sign her up.

BARRETT: More than the style of his writing, though, it was the content of Justice Scalia’s reasoning that shaped me. His judicial philosophy was straightforward: A judge must apply the law as it is written, not as she wishes it were. Sometimes that approach meant reaching results that he did not like, but as he put it in one of his best-known opinions, “That is what it means to say that we have a government of laws and not of men.” Justice Scalia taught me more than just law. He was devoted to his family, resolute in his beliefs, and fearless of criticism — and as I embark on my own legal career, I resolved to maintain that same perspective.

RUSH: Yeah, you hear that? “Fearless of criticism.” It’s a requirement if you’re going to serve as a conservative — or, in this case, as originalist — in Washington, D.C. You might think, “Man, this is kind of dull. “A judge must apply the law as it is written, not as she wishes it was.” Yeah, that’s absolutely right. To the left, that’s showing Dracula a cross made out of garlic. That’s not what justices do.

Justices make up the law. Justices implement their agenda. Justices are there in order to make sure that the leftist agenda is not stopped and not silenced in legislation or in cases between two litigants, pure and simple. That’s what liberal judges are there for. They are not there to apply the law as it is written. Because, remember — and I’m not…

Folks, this is not an exaggeration: Applying the law as is written is to apply racism. It is to apply homophobia. It is to apply bigotry because these are the things the American left believe were the cornerstone of American life during the days of our founding.

So a proper judge or justice is gonna take every occasion he or she can to eliminate laws of that nature when cases come before them. You can sit there and shake your heads, “Ah, Rush…” I’m a thousand percent correct about this. It’s what their purpose is, and it’s why they are so fearful of Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s the next portion of her statement…

BARRETT: I worked hard as a lawyer and as a professor. I owed that to my clients, to my students, and to myself. But I never let the law define my identity or crowd out the rest of my life. A similar principle applies to the role of courts. Courts have a vital responsibility to the rule of law, which is critical to a free society. But courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. The policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by — and accountable to — the people. The public shouldn’t expect courts to do so, and courts should not try.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho. No, no, no, no, no, Ms. Barrett. That’s not what your role is. “The policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by — and accountable to — the people. The public shouldn’t expect courts to do so, and courts should not try.”

Wrongo! That’s exactly what courts are to do. Courts are to correct the mistakes made by uninformed people. They are to correct mistakes made by wrong and poor examples of elected representation. This woman would be a grand-slam home run — and she will be confirmed.

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