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Oct 12, 2020

  • Breitbart: Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
  • PJ Media: Take a Guess What This Massive RBG Portrait in D.C.’s New ‘Female Empowerment’ Hotel Is Made Of
  • Legal Insurrection: DC Hotel ‘Honors’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Mural Composed of 20,000 Tampons
  • National Review: Why Court-Packing?
  • Federalist: Democrats Claim Republicans Are The Ones ‘Court Packing’ By Filling Empty Seats In The Judiciary
  • Townhall: Oops: WHO Now Says Lockdowns Are a Bad Idea That Should Be Avoided – Bronson Stocking
  • CNSNews: Gallup: 56% Say Trump is ‘Strong and Decisive Leader,’ 46% Say Biden Is
  • Forbes: Social Welfare On The Cheap: Why Obamacare Was Built To Fail
  • CNN: Obamacare Architect Discussed Misleading Public in 4th Newly Uncovered Video
  • American Spectator: Most Americans Still Believe Trump Will Win
  • JustTheNews: Schumer: Democrats Will Boycott Vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
  • Townhall: Signs That Trump Isn’t Going to Win on Nov. 3 – Kevin McCullough
  • Federalist: After The Great Barrington Declaration, No One Can Honestly Say ‘Science’ Demands Lockdowns
  • FOXBusiness: Dems Frame Amy Coney Barrett as Threat to ObamaCare During Confirmation Hearing
  • New York Times: Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives. The Medium is at the Heart of Trumpism – Paul Matzko
  • Federalist: Democrats Claim Republicans Are The Ones ‘Court Packing’ By Filling Empty Seats In The Judiciary
  • FOXNews: Biden Says Voters Don’t Deserve to Know His Stance on Packing Supreme Court
  • NewsBusters: Lies: CNN’s Phillip Dismisses Biden Packing Court as ‘Random Idea’ From Trump
  • LegalInsurrection: Judge Amy Coney Barrett: ‘I Believe in the Rule of Law, Place of the Supreme Court in Our Nation’
  • National Review: Confirming New Justices Is Not ‘Packing the Court’
  • BizPacReview: Local News Anchor Flabbergasted; Biden, Harris Appear At Campaign Event And No One Showed Up To Greet Them
  • JustTheNews: Supreme Court’s Kagan Rejects Move to Stop Montana Counties from Sending Mail-In Ballots to Voters
  • Breitbart: Judge Rules Fourth Time Against Switching to Paper Ballots in Georgia
  • PJ Media: Ballot Theft! MIA Candidates! It’s Time for This Week’s Wrap-Up of Ballot Shenanigans!
  • Daily Signal: Tens of Thousands of Cases of Possible Voter Fraud Cited in New Report
  • PJ Media: Election Fraud Is Definitely on the 2020 Menu–Just Ask Joe Biden!

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