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RUSH: For weeks, “official ballot drop-off” boxes have appeared at churches, gun shows, and gyms in Southern California. The local news is reporting that they aren’t “official” at all; the drop-off boxes were installed by California Republicans. Democrats, who run that state as if it’s their private country, are mad.

The local news made its way to California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, who says it’s illegal for anybody to operate their own ballot drop-box especially one that pretends to be official. Padilla says that anybody caught operating an unofficial drop-box could face felony charges and a 2-to-4-year prison term.

Republicans say: not so fast, Senor Secretary. In 2016, Democrats passed a law allowing “ballot harvesting.” You may have heard of it. Voters can give their ballots to anyone they designate, and that person or group can turn in those ballots to be counted.

Republicans sued to stop the ballot harvesting law and they failed. So now, instead of fighting the law, Republicans are using the law to harvest ballots into these designated ballot boxes.

The Democrats’ heads are exploding out there. Alex Padilla and his fellow Democrats support ballot harvesting when they’re collecting ballots. When Republicans do it? (Snort!) Oh-ho! They’re threatened with jail.

Two sets of rules: one for Democrats, the other for the Republicans. Separate and unequal. This is what it’s like to live in a Democrat Banana Republic!

When are people going to figure this out? Why do I have to keep telling people this, huh?

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