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RUSH: Okay, I think I have figured half of this out. Why in the world would the Democrat Party be saying that lockdowns were not necessary? The World Health Organization, all lockdowns unnecessary? World Health Organization making it abundantly clear — this is a story from yesterday — WHO now says lockdowns are a bad idea that should be avoided. It hit me. I’ll tell you how it hit me. I’ll give you the thought process here how things work.


RUSH: I heard Biden hit Trump for destroying the economy. Now, this isn’t new. I just saw something this morning that jogged my memory. Biden has been criticizing Trump for shutting down the country over the coronavirus and creating the economy that we’re in. You know, Biden wants everybody to believe that Trump inherited a roaring and growing economy from Obama and himself.

This isn’t true. The economy that Trump inherited was limping along, barely 1% GDP. It was an economy where Obama was telling everybody, get rid of your lofty expectations. Get rid of this notion that your kids are gonna do better than you are. Those days are behind us. We are into a new era of decline, they said. Obama’s exact words. A new era of decline. We are the ones to manage that decline. So Biden’s been out talking about Trump destroying the economy.

So when the World Health Organization comes along and says lockdowns are a bad idea that should be avoided, it’s a direct-aim hit at Donald Trump three weeks before the election. That is what it is. This is in coordination with the Biden campaign. Make no mistake about it. That’s what that hit — and that’s from yesterday — is all about. The story about this was yesterday.

“Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump on Saturday for shutting down the economy, a move he himself said he would make if ‘scientists’ recommended it. Speaking to a reporter in Erie, Pennsylvania, Biden was asked if he would support a ‘nation-wide shutdown,’ and he replied, ‘No, look, he’s the guy that shut it down.'” Not me. I didn’t shut anything done. Trump did.

World Health Organization: “Hmm. Hmm. Lockdowns are a bad idea. Should be avoided.” Like they had nothing to do with it. Like the World Health Organization is an innocent bystander here and Donald Trump decided to do this. It will be something similar with the “New York Times [story]: Experts Confident Pandemic To Be Over ‘Far Sooner’ Than Expected.” Problem here is that that story credits Trump. “Trump Efforts ‘Working With Remarkable Efficiency.”

Well, I would bet the same thing is gonna happen here. We’re gonna get stories along the lines that whatever Trump’s done has been unnecessary and that Trump has exerted punishing controls on people and has destroyed their businesses and has come along and made all kinds of unilaterally, dictator-like decisions here that weren’t necessary because experts are confident the pandemic was gonna run its course anyway.

Anyway, why do all of this if you really believe you are in the mode of winning in a massive landslide? “Well, Rush, I mean, you’re not gonna sit on it. You’re not gonna take the chance. You’re not gonna sit on the lead. You gonna double down on it if you were them.” Yeah, I know, but I know these people too. This is a curious move three weeks out, particularly both of these particular subjects. But we will keep a sharp eye on it ’cause it’s fascinating.

Along the lines of this, let me run one other thing by you. You know, we sit here and we constantly make fun of Plugs for not doing any rallies, for nobody showing up at Plugs’ rallies. We make fun of him, we laugh at him. In fact, Plugs did a rally at a drive-in movie theater recently. Thirty cars showed up. Plugs did his little rally out there. I’m looking for the actual story now. I had not intended to get to it at this stage. But, yeah, laugh at it while you envision it.

Thirty cars show up at a drive-in movie theater with Plugs doing some kind of a rally. And we joke that he does these things and we joke that he couldn’t pull off a rally, that if he actually had one, nobody would show up. And that’s why he doesn’t do them. We say things like Biden doesn’t hold political rallies; he has socially distanced functions. Here it is.

“Biden Speaks to 30 Cars of Supporters at Ohio ‘Drive-In Rally’ – Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech in front of around 30 socially-distanced cars of supporters at a ‘drive-in rally’ on Monday in a warring event with Vice President Mike Pence who was also in the Buckeye State.”

Biden gave remarks on the economy in front of United Auto Workers in a half empty Toledo parking lot. I take it back. It wasn’t even a drive-in theater. It was a parking lot. Pence, on the other hand, was speaking to hundreds of supporters in the capital of Columbus.

“Biden’s 25-minute speech was at times also derailed by supporters of President Trump, who stood on a nearby street corner and loudly chanted ‘four more years.'” In fact, there were more Trump supporters at Plugs’ car rally than there were Biden supporters. Now, that led me to ask a question. We joke about it, but is it really true that if Biden promoted and held a legitimate rally, that he couldn’t get a thousand people to show up or 2,000? Do you think, in other words, and if they really wanted to do a rally, that Biden people could get up a crowd?

I mean, I think they could. They’ve got a people in there. They could pay. They could pay any number of people to show up. They could pay to transport them there. The real issue is if they did that, if they tried to have a genuine rally and they didn’t select or preselect the group and thus didn’t pay anybody, the real issue is who would show up? Who would show up, and what would they do?

In other words, Biden announces a rally. Biden’s advance team goes to wherever this rally is gonna be. They work the local area, and they promote it, and they do everything they can to get people to show up. And you know if there’s a TV camera anywhere, people will show up in droves hoping to be on TV.

Well, maybe the Biden people don’t want the people that would show up at one of Biden’s rallies. Maybe they’re scared to death of who that is. Maybe the real issue is who would show up, and what would they do when they got there? Would they be wearing all black and carrying Antifa flags? Would they be showing up, Black Lives Matter? How would you keep ’em out? You couldn’t say we’re doing a rally but those of you in Antifa, Black Lives Matter, please sit this out, do a favor for all of us and don’t show up.

You know what would happen? They’d show up in even greater numbers. Would they end up booing Biden? Could Biden even be heard over the racket they would make? Would they actually riot? Would they set fires? Would they set off little smoke bombs and stuff? Would they beat each other up? Would it be a gay pride parade, a transgender combo gay pride parade? Would all the women showing up, would they wear vagina hats?

I mean, look at who shows up at hastily arranged, no thought given to it Democrat rallies. It’s not the kind of picture you want if you’re trying to pass yourself off as the president and the candidate of a majority of the average American. We’re the deplorables, right? They weren’t. We’re the deplorables. The deplorables are who would show up at a Biden rally. Do you think this could be one of the reasons they actually don’t do it?

Is it really because Biden thinks he’s gotta hide behind the virus? Is it really because Biden fears the virus, he’s gotta hide, he’s gotta wear the mask? The 20,000 that showed up in Sanford, Florida, last night — we’ve got a great couple of videos on our Twitter page of the people that showed up at the Trump rally last night. They’re great. They’re fabulous. These people, you know, I was once again watching this. Who are these people?

They show up, they’re there all day hoping to get in, hoping for just a chance to see the president. And the time comes, and they are perfectly well behaved. I think Biden has to hide behind the virus. I think Biden has to hide behind his base. The people come to a rally are not the kind of people they want us seeing.


RUSH: So I have here a question, email question from a doubting listener. “Dear Mr. Know-It-All: With your theory that they’re getting ready to blame Trump for the economy and the shutdown because he did it and the World Health Organization says that lockdowns were not necessary, with that theory, how can they blame Trump for the lockdown and listening to the scientists without also laying huge blame on Cuomo, that Looney Tune governor in Michigan, Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and every other Democrat governor that refused to open back up? How do they not get blamed for it?”

They’re not getting blamed now. Have you noticed? They’re not getting blamed for the rioting. And as far as anybody knows, Governor Cuomo had nothing to do with sending seasoned citizens to the nursing homes. He had nothing to do with it. He didn’t do it. He had nothing to do with these lockdowns. These were federal government policies, Cuomo’s out there saying. You think they can’t make that case with the media helping them along?


RUSH: Let me grab a call in here before we have to run out of time. Linda in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, it’s great to be on with you. Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Thank you so much for taking my call. I wanted to say it’s my double Rush day. I just ordered the Rush Revere books for my grandchildren this morning, and now I get to talk to you.

RUSH: God bless you. How old are your grandkids?

CALLER: How old are they?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They are 12, 9, 8, 7 —

RUSH: Okay, good. When we finish. I want you to hang on. Mr. Snerdley will get a shipping address from you. We got a bunch of stuff we love to send people like you from the Revere neighborhood so that you can give to your grandkids.

CALLER: Awe, thank you.

RUSH: It’s wonderful little stuff. Liberty dolls. So don’t hang up when we finish.

CALLER: Okay, I won’t.

RUSH: What was your point? What did you want to say?

CALLER: Well, I wanted to say, when I was listening to you, part of me — I believe that the WHO is believing the polls that Biden will win, and they’re setting the stage to say that the economy can open up immediately for the Biden White House. The coronavirus will be behind us, and away they’ll be able to go.

RUSH: Oh, so you think they’re making an advance move here by clearing the decks, saying the economy is gonna be off and running when Biden assumes offices, everything’s okay, fine and dandy, that’s their move here?

CALLER: That’s what I think.

RUSH: Look. I am the one who has inspired people to think because I’ve told people I love hearing how people think. And I do. I marvel at the way people think and theorize because I am the one who has inspired it. And so all kinds of theories are developing to explain this. I’m glad to hear yours, Linda. Thank you. Don’t hang up now. Gotta go. We’re out of time for this. We’ll get your address and get you some goodies.


RUSH: No, no, no, no. I just checked the email during the break. No, I’ve not forgotten something crucial about why Biden doesn’t do appearances. I was just thinking about another aspect of it.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s see. Yeah, let me get this out of the way ’cause had some snarky emails. “Rush, are you telling me that that’s the only reason you think Biden isn’t doing events is because he’s afraid of the riffraff that might show up?” No, no, no. There’s another reason, and that is Biden doesn’t know where he is a lot of the time. It’s a risk. There are a lot of reasons for Joe Biden to hide. He’s senile. We saw this yesterday. He forgot Romney’s name. Forgot his religion. He’s forgetting all kinds of things.

His base is totally insane. And to have those people show up, have those images on TV and Twitter would be damaging. But the main reason I wanted to make the point, I think they could draw the crowds if they wanted to, but they don’t want the crowds to be seen, is my point. Because on the contrast, the Trump rallies, the images of the Trump rallies, my God. Folks, they are they are Americana. They are uplifting. These are the people who make America work. They spend the day getting to where these rallies are going to be without assurances they’re going to get in.

They are just gorgeous. It’s why the networks do not cover them. The rallies that Trump hosts are compelling, and they’re happy. The people that attend the Trump rallies are happy. And they can’t let that be seen, they can’t have that leak out because the image that they are portraying is that Trump’s miserable, his supporters are miserable, they know they’re heading for a landslide defeat. And they’re not gonna get those pictures. Trump supporters do not believe that, so they’re not acting that way.


RUSH: Here’s a headline. This is from a British internet magazine called Spiked, and it is, “Why Has Google Censored The Great Barrington Declaration?” You’re probably asking, what is the Great Barrington Declaration? But this is how the mainstream media censors news. It counters their narrative.

Google is burying the Great Barrington Declaration from its search results. Now, the Great Barrington Declaration is a petition that was written by eminent scientists and doctors from Oxford in the U.K. 60 miles from London. Stanford, Harvard. It calls for an end to COVID-19 lockdowns. This story is actually a companion with the piece that we have today, “New York Times: Experts Confident Pandemic To Be Over ‘Far Sooner’ Than Expected, Trump Efforts ‘Working With Remarkable Efficiency.'”

In case you missed the first hour, this is it. “New York Times: Experts Confident Pandemic To Be Over ‘Far Sooner’ Than Expected.” How the hell do they expect to gain political points out of this? Well, they do. I guarantee you, whatever it is, they do. “Trump Efforts ‘Working With Remarkable Efficiency.'” How so? Okay. So that’s one of the mysteries of the day.

So given that, the Great Barrington Declaration, scientists and doctors, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard calling for an end to COVID lockdowns. The authors say the lockdowns are doing irreparable damage and having devastating effects on short- and long-term public health. They’re not even talking about the economy here. They’re just talking about public health. The same thing the World Health Organization’s now saying. The petition has had 12,000 signatures so far from health experts from all over the world.

By the way, I wonder if Twitter will apologize to President Trump for labeling his posts about being “COVID-free and immune” misinformation. Now that we have his doctor saying that Trump was and is COVID-free and immune. Anyway, it’s the British magazine Spiked that this story is from. Why would they be spiking it now? There’s no need to. Everybody is saying no need to lockdown, no need to shut down.


RUSH: Here’s Lois. Lois in Abbeville, South Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Prayers from South Carolina for you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: You are quite welcome. I have a possible reason for people not coming to see the sightings of Joe Biden.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: He visited Abbeville, I don’t know when. I’m thinking maybe it was back in February, and nobody knew about it. There was no advance, there was no advertising, neither I nor any of my friends knew about it. My daughter —

RUSH: Wait. Biden came to Abbeville?

CALLER: He sure did. He came to a little restaurant in Abbeville. At least that’s what my daughter told me. My daughter called me from New Jersey and told me about it.

RUSH: Okay, but nobody knew?

CALLER: No. Nobody knew. Nobody knew. Now, if you don’t know, how are you gonna go? I mean, I wouldn’t go see him, but if you don’t know, how are you going to go and be there? That’s a possibility for nobody being at his sightings.

RUSH: That nobody tells anybody?


RUSH: Well, that still is why. If he’s gonna go to a pet store in Abbeville, South Carolina, why not tell anybody? What’s the point of sneaking in to the hardware store, the pet store in Abbeville and not tell anybody? Still the same question. You got a photo-op with no people and no questions.

What good is a photo-op with no people? (interruption) Oh, come on. Are you telling me that Plugs will pull out the photo from the puppy mill in Abbeville, South Carolina, and he will say, “I was here, I was at your place, and people didn’t come up and say hi to me ’cause they were busy working, but I want you to know I was there?” (interruption) Oh, come on. You think that it’s a selling point to say he left his basement and he went to the pet supply store in Abbeville, South Carolina, nobody saw him, and he says that as positive PR? (interruption) Well, but she says nobody saw him, nobody was there. So how can there be a photo-op with people if nobody knew he was there? (interruption) Oh, the employees, all right.

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