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RUSH: I shared with all of you that I’m getting loads of panicked emails from friends and listeners scared to death panicked over the fact that we’re losing and losing big. You know, one of the most common phrases — this really touches me, too, by the way. “Dear Rush: I miss my country.” You know how powerful that is?

And one person who said that to me enclosed a video of the Super Bowl 13 years ago. And the video of the Super Bowl 13 years ago was of the pregame show and how the flag and first responders and the police were the stars of the show and how everybody lauded them, everybody loved the flag. We had the military flyover.

Have you ever been in a large, jam-packed stadium and a military fly-by takes place? Folks, it’s the most motivating, inspiring thing you will ever hear. The first time I ever heard one was in San Diego. It was the Super Bowl game between the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. And I was seated in the closed end of what was then Jack Murphy Stadium so we could see the jets coming at us.

Herb Alpert was doing the national anthem. Herb Alpert and his trumpet. So they were working on the timing. They wanted Herb Alpert to reach the final note as those jets flew over. And the timing was off just a little bit ’cause Herb Alpert had to hold that note a little longer than was planned. But you could see it all setting up.

As we were standing in the end zone — that’s where our seats were — facing the opposite end of the stadium, we could see the jets, we could see ’em go by. It was on the left side. They were on what would be base leg, and they were gonna turn and finally come back toward us. We saw all of that happen as the national anthem was playing. Everybody else in the stadium could see it too.

When those jets — and they flew by not very high. I mean, it was loud. You’ve heard people say, “That, my friends, that’s the sound of freedom that you just heard.” I mean, it was loud. It was cacophonous. It was patriotic. I had never heard anything like it. I stood up, I started beating my friend on his back, “Have you ever seen anything like this? I can’t believe this.” He was starting to get irritated. And then I shouted at him, “How in the world can you ever vote Democrat after seeing that?”

And there were two people — no. It was the Redskins and the Broncos. That’s who it was. Because there were Washington fans sitting in front of us. And they turned around and they glared at me. Of course, back then if you were a Democrat, you didn’t like money being spent on the defense budget. Never do. But, man, have you ever seen one of those?

So that’s what this guy sends me in his email, “I miss my country” because he’s got this video of the Super Bowl pregame 13 years ago. I’ve been there. I’ve seen what it is. And we’re not gonna do those anymore. We can’t. It’s considered an insult to Black Lives Matter to play the national anthem. You can’t do that. Instead we gotta kneel. We gotta pay fealty to Colin Kaepernick. We gotta make sure we don’t offend Antifa, Black Lives Matter, which is silly. Black Lives Matter is not a patriotic United States organization. They’re an admitted Marxist, communist organization dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism and the United States. And yet we are succumbing to this.

So I know what he means when he says, “I miss my country.” How can you look at this 13 years ago and then how did it happen? How do we lose our country in 13 years, how did this happen? It happened when nobody was looking. I’ll tell you why, because no matter who I was trying to warn about the left, they just basically chuckle and say, “Oh, that’s old Rush..” (interruption) No, no. They respect me. They like me and all, but they thought, “Come on, Rush, the Democrats, that’s not who they really are. They don’t hate the country.”

I tried to get everybody to pay attention for 30 years to who and what the American left is. Now they send me notes. “Dear Rush: I miss my country.” I tried to tell ya. (interruption) No, these people didn’t vote Democrat anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered. I’m just telling you, it’s a great phrase. It seals the deal. It makes the point. “I miss my country.”

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