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RUSH: In her New York Times op-ed, the columnist Michelle Goldberg accused Republicans of “bad faith.” She mocked Republicans for being shocked at Democrat plans to “play constitutional hardball” by packing the Supreme Court. She says constitutional hardball is how Republicans play, so they have no right to complain.

Now, in her mind, Democrats are victims. President Obama’s lower court nominees, and Merrick Garland, were blocked. She says Democrats are champions of equality, while Republicans are racists who have opposed pro-civil-rights judges since Reconstruction.

I mean, it’s ridiculous drivel.

Let’s talk about equality. The Republican Party was born to counter Democrats. They were the party of slave owners and the KKK. If it weren’t for Republicans, the civil rights legislation of the ’60s would not have passed. Democrats were blocking it, including segregationist Democrats Joe Biden buddied around with.

Now, let’s talk about “hardball” history. Judge Bork. He was smeared — he was Borked — by Ted Kennedy. Justice Thomas was smeared by Joe Biden’s judiciary committee. Justice Alito, smeared. Justice Kavanaugh was subjected to the most despicable smear campaign in judicial history.

Now, Republicans have never played that kind of hardball. Not with Justice Sotomayor, Kagan, or even their liberal icon Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg. No matter how far left their nominees are.

And no, we’re not shocked when Democrats play “hardball” and descend into the sewer. That’s where you’ve gotta go meet ’em. We expect it.

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