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RUSH: So, Brian, how much money would you figure we spend on IT, just in this room, just in this studio? Whatever it is, why is it that whenever it’s time to download an update, say, to Mac OS, I can’t do it? Why do I have to take my machine home to be able to download an update? I’ve only complained to IT about this for two years. I’m gonna stop paying ’em. That’s the only way this is gonna get fixed. Stop paying them. They send bills. They expect to be remunerated.

I’ve got a Mac OS here update of four and a half gigabytes and it’s downloaded 700 and stopped. And then it will download 10 more and stop, and then download 15 more and stop and it’s not gonna finish anywhere close to the time I gotta get outta here today, and I shouldn’t have started. I should have just waited ’til I get home. Anyway, I’m sorry. A little inside baseball. But sometimes that’s the only way it works.

(interruption) I didn’t watch the Apple show last night. It’s the same old thing, Mr. Snerdley. Why spend two hours watching a video when you can learn what you want to know in five minutes? I only cared about one thing in that whole video yesterday. You know what it was? When is the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max going to be available to pre-order and when’s it gonna be delivered? And the answer is November 6 and November 13th. That’s all I wanted to know. ‘Cause that’s the only one of the four new phones I care about.

I don’t care about 5G ’cause I think 5G is not gonna be a real thing for another year. I think most of what your phone is gonna be able to get is gonna be LTE, occasional speed bumps into 5G territory, but the networks just haven’t rolled it out nationwide. I mean, Verizon, AT&T. They’re working hard at it, don’t misunderstand.

The old Apple would not have even included 5G this year, I’ll guarantee you. Remember when Apple did include LTE, they were a year behind everybody? Well, that was because they wait for everything to be tested out, make sure it works before they install it on their own devices. That was also back when people genuinely upgraded every year because your phone was on a contract, and so you could. But now people keep their iPhones two, three, sometimes four years.

So, they have to put 5G in before it’s ready since people aren’t gonna buy a new phone every year, the phone they buy this year will be ready for 5G in three years. So they’re now having to preinstall things that they — it’s not a preinstall, but they’re having to install these tech upgrades sooner than they would because the upgrade schedule has slowed down since there’s no more contract, you know, you either pay for the phone full boat or you pay for it on time, you know, monthly payments. Back when you could have a phone on a contract the phone was cheap, 200 bucks and they make the rest of it up on your service over the length of your contract time. That way of doing business doesn’t exist anymore.

So, I didn’t care about the other phones, and what else was there? Well, there are many home — (interruption). It’s pretty cool. Coffee cup. I’ll tell you, there was something new that they announced I had no idea was coming. And this is gonna be fascinating. Did you hear about this, called Intercom? That’s gonna be fascinating. Now, some people are going to hate it. Which is fine. You can turn it off. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. But if you have a phone, you have an iPad, you have a HomePod, I think it’s gonna work on every Apple device except a Mac.

So, let’s say that you’re at home and you have a family of five and your family of five has a total of, let’s say, seven or eight iPhones and iPads, you can say, “Turn on the stupid HomePod over there.” But you trigger it with the “hey” and then “Intercom”, and then that triggers every other device in your house to listen.

So, Dawn, if you need to issue a warning to your daughter that she’s wearing something that’s unsuitable, you can do it and she will hear you. Anybody in the house will hear you. That’s cool. It’s like the walkie-talkie feature on the watch, except I think it’s gonna be better. That I didn’t know was coming.

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