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RUSH: Betsy Driver, the Democrat Mayor of Flemington, New Jersey, is taking heat for her social media comments about Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Justice Clarence Thomas, and President Trump.

Mayor Driver posted that on Day One of the new Supreme Court term, the “religious zealots” on the court will try to enact the “Christian version of Sharia law.” She said, “If you voted for the orange monster with Covid,” you should go “F— yourself.”

Mayor Driver wasn’t finished. She said that any of her social media followers who were planning to vote for the orange monster again should “unfriend” her, and then F— themselves again.

When New Jersey Republicans called out Mayor Driver for her inflammatory statements, Mayor Driver went further off the rails.

She accused the Supreme Court of making threats to her LGBTQ family. She said the court was enabled by President Trump, who she called “hate-filled and unhinged.” She also accused the New Jersey Republicans who were critical of her posts of being intolerant and depraved. She said Republicans were “triggered” and “clutching their pearls” over her anger.

If Mayor Betsy Driver is deranged now (and she is) can you imagine what four more years of Donald Trump will do? I mean, it is going to drive her stark, raving mad — ready for the straitjacket! What in the world is happening to these people?

This is genuine insanity and hatred. It is not who this country is.

This is beyond the pale.

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