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RUSH: I’ll tell you, if there was ever a day for making the complex understandable, this is it. This day’s gonna be a challenge for your guiding light. This is gonna be a challenge for your beloved host. This is gonna be a challenge for me. (interruption) Yeah, yeah, all this Biden stuff and the censorship and what’s going on, what’s causing it, it’s breathtaking. It’s voter suppression. It’s election interference.

This is so much worse than what was even alleged about Trump having done with the Russians. And you need to try to understand this. It’s not sexy, but you need to try to understand it. I find that when political complaints of Democrats are made, a lot of people get bored. They don’t think Democrats are ever gonna be held accountable to anything, so it just goes in one ear and out the other. And it’s the result of conditioning.

This is different. What Biden and his son Hunter have been up to here… think Hillary Clinton on steroids with the emails. And even that, they had a tough time making that sexy or understandable. That is my job today. It’s a job I’ve given myself. It’s a job I’ve assigned myself. And I will take some time doing it.


RUSH: Now, I want to get started here on the Hunter Biden-Joe Biden situation that’s been uncovered in the past two days by the New York Post, a story that’s being ignored outside of the New York Post and places like this show. But not only that, it’s a story that is being suppressed by Facebook and Twitter.

Kayleigh McEnany, the official press secretary for the White House, retweeted the New York Post story yesterday about Hunter Biden and this laptop that’s been found, which confirms a number of allegations of his being in bed with the Chinese, earning ill-gotten funds. They have closed her account. They have closed another account.

James Woods had his account shut down or deactivated, whatever the term is, for simply passing the story on. So Twitter and Facebook are suppressing the story. These are two American tech companies who have taken it upon themselves to censor a legitimate news story because they do not want people to know it. They don’t want people to see it.

They don’t want people to be able to read it or to learn about it, and neither do the Chinese. So they are suppressing the story, and they are punishing anybody who happens to tweet it or put it on their Facebook page. Now, I want to explain or try to, because this is so massively intertwined, the details of this story.

But the American people need to know, because this is about serious political, criminal corruption — Biden family corruption. It’s about tech industry corruption involving Facebook and Twitter, and the American people need to know about this before they vote. Now, there are a number of stories out there concerning the Biden family. You probably have seen them.

It’s not the first time the Bidens have been in the news for shady deals.

But what we’re learning must impact the November elections. It must have an impact. This cannot be suppressed. We cannot let the tech industry and others get away with suppressing or hiding or basically disappearing these stories. The past 36 hours of news and news suppression confirms what most political observers have already known, that Joe Biden, like Hillary Clinton, sold his office for millions of dollars.

He’s no different than Hillary Clinton. It’s just he doesn’t have that image. Hillary does. He doesn’t. “It’s just old Joe. He’s just an amusing old guy. He’s a walking gaffe machine. But old Joe, he doesn’t even know enough about what’s going on to be corrupt. Come on, that’s just Joe.” Hillary Clinton did much the same thing when she was secretary of state.

When it was discovered that then Secretary of State Clinton had a secret email server the entire time she was secretary of state, many people, including those in the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign, thought literally that that would be the end of her bid to become the nominee. This was criminal activity she was engaging in. They thought it was over for her. They immediately embarked on a massive effort to cover it up. And that led to the Trump colluding with Russia story.

Hillary Clinton hatched the campaign with the Steele dossier to distract everybody’s attention from her email story. Because what she had done was serious violations of United States statutory law. She was trading in U.S. government secrets in public on an unsecured server that was in her home in Chappaqua, New York, and in other places. She was making no effort to secure them. When it was discovered that she had made this stuff widely available, she started BleachBitting and hammering and destroying the servers and trying to get rid of 60,000 emails.

And this is when James Comey rode to her rescue on July 5th of 2016 and proclaimed that she had not done anything anybody would prosecute. Today another massive scandal has been confirmed by emails. These are emails from the laptop of Hunter Biden. These are emails from the laptop of Joe Biden’s son. Now, this scandal — it honestly is, folks — this scandal is so big and so dangerous, like it was with Hillary, that an enormous cover-up is underway to save Biden’s presidential bid. Nothing less than an effort to save Biden’s campaign is underway.

That’s why the story is being suppressed. It’s why people that trade in the story are being –well, their accounts are being closed. They’re being doxed. The FBI had in their possession and controlled Hillary’s emails. Because of that, the Obama deep state never allowed the details of Hillary’s violations of the Espionage Act or her grotesque abuses of power to see the light of day. The FBI had in their possession and they controlled Hillary’s emails.

It was a massive government-run cover-up led by the FBI, led by James Comey. Maybe we’ll get full details someday. That can wait because Hillary’s scandal is different from Biden’s. The FBI does not control the evidence of Biden’s corruption. But the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop the entire time when they were trying to impeach Trump. They had all this. The FBI had his laptop. His laptop had been turned over. His laptop turned in to a computer repair shop in Delaware. They knew what they had. They chose not to act on it.

So whereas you could say the FBI does not control the evidence of Biden’s corruption, a computer shop owner made copies of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and gave them to the FBI and to the media. Well, the New York Post. If the shop owner had given this hard drive to the New York Times, we would never know about it. It would be suppressed. It would be buried. It’d probably be erased and destroyed. But the shop owner ended up giving it to the New York Post, and that is key.

Stories in the New York Post have triggered a nongovernmental response from Biden’s protectors. Social media giants Twitter and Facebook are trying to suppress the dissemination of evidence of Joe Biden’s unfitness for office in a manner this country has never seen. And that is the story.

The evidence contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop of financial malfeasance of government payoffs, of blackmailable events, makes what Hillary Clinton was trafficking in really small stuff. Joe Biden is no different than Hillary Clinton in that he was selling access to his family and to him for huge amounts of money and for the enrichment of his son Hunter.


RUSH: Pam in Hurricane, West Virginia. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’m a first-time caller.

RUSH: Well, great. Glad you’re here.

CALLER: I was calling because I was thinking the same thing you were, that the FBI — the computer store owner that says that the FBI first did a forensics on that laptop, which would have validated all the emails and messages on there. And then they returned weeks later with a grand jury subpoena. I saw that online this morning dated December 9th. And you’re right. That means they had that computer and all that information during the impeachment.

RUSH: Right. They had the Biden computer information during —

CALLER: Yes, Hunter Biden.

RUSH: — the impeachment of Trump.


RUSH: Which means there was no reason to impeachment Trump. Everybody knew there was no reason. Nothing happened on that phone call. In fact, that phone call was simply the result of Joe Biden admitting that he had gotten a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son. And Trump wanted the new president of Ukraine to confirm that. He wanted to look into that, how did this all happen, because Biden had been at the Council on Foreign Relations — we played you this audio I don’t know how many times — bragging about how he got the prosecutor, who was looking into his son’s malfeasance, fired.

And he did it by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid the U.S. government had promised Ukraine. And he said to the Ukraine president, who was reluctant to do this (imitating Biden), “Oh, you don’t believe me, call the big dog, call Barack. Barack will tell you. You got six hours. You got six hours.” And then Biden tells his audience at the Council on Foreign Relations, “Six hours go by, son of a bitch, the guy got fired. They fired the son-of-a-bitch.”

And he’s laughing about it and he’s bragging about it. And the audience of the Council on Foreign Relations is applauding this. That’s what Trump was asking the president of Ukraine to confirm. “But, Rush, but, Rush, Trump knew that Biden might be his opponent.” Yeah. So what? If Biden ends up being his opponent, isn’t that something people should know?

Trump wanted to make sure he knew about it. He doubted the media would make a big saw of it, and they still haven’t. The media with Facebook and Twitter are still trying to hide it and punish anybody who traffics it, distributes it, retweets it, what have you. The impeachment was unnecessary and the FBI knew it. They had the Biden laptop the whole time.


RUSH: Okay. So what we’re looking at here is the merging of the mind-set of the communist Chinese party and that all of major American political party. That would be the Democrat Party and this merging also includes Twitter and Facebook and much of American social media. Now, that’s the big picture. I want to go back and look at what’s being suppressed and try to tie it together.

Now, remember, several months ago when Biden said in response to a question from the media, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings”? Remember that? What was so important to cause Biden to lie? That’s the question. It would be quite natural that he would talk to his son about overseas business dealings if the family had some.

But he found it necessary to lie about that. Why? What was so important? Joe Biden lied about his knowledge of his son’s corrupt dealings the way Clinton lied about his “carnal knowledge,” shall we say, of Monica Lewinsky. It was a lie to protect himself from scrutiny that could do great damage to him and his political party. That’s why he lied. It’s common knowledge.

Folks, this is not arguable now. It’s not in dispute. Hunter Biden got $80,000 a month to sit on the board of Burisma, a corrupt… Well, the guy that ran it, is a Ukrainian oligarch. It’s an energy company in Ukraine, and that happened when Obama put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine. So Biden gets the Ukraine portfolio, the Ukraine desk.

He immediately installs his son on the board of an energy company there for 80 grand a month, and his son doesn’t know anything about natural gas or any other aspect of energy. Now, we know that Joe Biden bragged about blackmailing a Ukraine official that resulted in protecting Biden and his family from any scrutiny.

This is where Biden brags about getting the prosecutor looking into Burisma — and thus his son — fired. Biden lied because some might conclude that he and his son are very blackmailable. He lied because some people might conclude that he was using his power as vice president to arrange very cozy and secure financial arrangements that you and I can’t engage in or we are in violation of big-time law.

Joe Biden lied because, well, he couldn’t have this be discovered. It would embarrass him. It would embarrass Obama. It would cause embarrassment out the wazoo. Why, they might even demand Biden’s tax returns, folks, if they got wind of any of this. Some might ask, where did this money come from? Joe Biden’s kid is being paid $80,000 a month by an energy company in Ukraine.

We can’t find any knowledge he has of energy. So where’d the money come from, and why were the Bidens paid that money? What were they getting for it, or what were they doing for it? So we’re three weeks away from the most important election in our lives. The stakes are huge. Joe Biden has a town hall tonight. Do you think this is gonna come up?

If so, how much time’s gonna be devoted to it? I’ll betcha it doesn’t come up. He’s gonna be on ABC. It isn’t gonna come up because as far as ABC’s concerned, the story is not out there. It’s been suppressed by Twitter and Facebook. The only place it’s run is the New York Post. They’re doing their best to pretend that story does not exist.

Remember what Twitter and Facebook are doing to suppress this. It’s no different from the fake news media. They just have… The difference is that unlike the fake news media, Twitter and Facebook have the ability to censor you. They have the power to punish you. Hunter Biden sold access to the office of the vice president.

The vice president, his dad, was a knowing and willing participant. This has been confirmed by everything on this laptop. We’ve known it to be true. It’s something every voter should know. But more important, every voter should be fully aware of the effort underway to take away your basic freedoms.

We all saw what the Senate Democrats did to Kavanaugh. We see what they think of the brilliant Amy Coney Barrett. We know what Obama, Hillary, and Biden did to Donald Trump. They set him up for treason! Both the fake news media and social media supported this. Folks, look around.

You are targets of lockdowns, censorship, cover-ups, and lies, all perpetrated by the Democrat Party and its Black Lives Matter revolutionary wing. It’s unprecedented what is happening. The tactics that we face are the tactics of totalitarians. Joe Biden says that voters don’t deserve to know about his plans to pack the Supreme Court.

Now, don’t tell me Joe Biden’s court packing won’t result in the end of free speech, ’cause that’s who Democrats are. That’s exactly where this is headed. Now we have evidence of his breathtaking corruption. Now, some of you might say, “Rush, so what? Biden’s like ’em all. It’s no big deal. They’re corrupt. Right?” No. Facebook and Twitter give away the game, folks.

Facebook and Twitter give away the game. Their hysterical reaction tells us everything we need to know about the veracity and the seriousness of the Hunter Biden story. It’s got to be suppressed. It’s got to be made invisible. It’s got to disappear. It’s a big deal. We’ll see if conservative media can overcome the efforts of fake news media and social media to suppress game-changing information on a man running for the most powerful office in the world.

Make no mistake: Hunter Biden’s emails create a dangerous situation for Joe Biden. As hard as it is, I’m gonna make every effort to make sure the word gets out. The American people have to know who they’re voting for. They have to know what the stakes are, because they’ve never been bigger. The Constitution is on the line. Biden has all but promised court packing!

President Trump will make sure the word gets out in rallies and possibly through his Twitter account. This election isn’t over. I don’t care what you think about it. I don’t care what your impressions are. I’ve told you countless times the events shaping this election are still happening. The events that will determine the outcome of this election are still happening.

Joe Biden is a corrupt liar. Joe Biden’s son is now the star witness in a case against him. They’re gonna try to bury the story. They are trying to bury the story. They should not get away with it. Try this. American Greatness: “Members of Biden [Family] Expected to Give Half of Their Earnings to ‘Pop,’ Hunter Biden Text Reveals.” Forget all this other stuff. If that’s too convoluted, try this.

Forget all the other garbage about Hunter and Joe. What is Joe Biden? According to this story, he is the equivalent of the head of a little mob family. He gets half of all the money the family makes in their dirty deals. “Giuliani held up a text from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden discussing money, and claimed that Hunter made a ‘big mistake,’ because in it he revealed the ‘distribution scheme that the Biden crime family has had for years.’

“‘I love you all but I don’t receive any respect, and that’s fine, I guess,’ Hunter wrote. ‘Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years.’ … ‘It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.’ Giuliani explained that the younger Biden was paying for everything in the family ‘because he was getting the money and they were keeping it from Joe so he wouldn’t have to report it.'”

They were keeping it from Joe so that he would stay clean. You ever wonder why a guy that’s been in Washington 47 years doesn’t have any more money now than he did when he showed up? When everybody else in that town is a multimillionaire? Ever wonder why Joe Biden still lives in that cheap little A-frame house of his that he’s lived in all these years? It’s like Vincent “The Chin” Gigante creates a public image of average, ordinary income. No scandal with me, Joe Biden. The money never got to him directly.

It’s one of the reasons why the Biden kids were put into these positions. They were the recipients of all the money Joe Biden was arranging for himself when he was a senator, when he was vice president for Obama. It was so he wouldn’t have to report it, his tax returns would be clean. His family members were the ones being paid off. They had to send half the money to Dad. The route the money took was such that it would not being categorized as income, thus wouldn’t need to be reported.

I’m telling you, folks, the Biden family is as scandalous as the Corleone bunch. They’re just not looked at this way because Biden doesn’t look like a guy with half the brains to set something like this up. He comes across as your average, ordinary avuncular little granddad. Well, not now. Now he’s got dementia, doesn’t even know what he’s doing, wandering the neighborhood with a bathrobe on like Vincent “The Chin.”

But I’m telling you, Hunter Biden’s text, he was livid. He was getting all the money; he had to pay all the family off. And half of all the money that came in they made sure went to Pop. So Hunter Biden goes to China with his dad, his dad arranges a job if with the ChiCom government. He gets paid three billion there, three million here, whatever. Then over to Ukraine, $80,000 a month. This is how the Bidens did it. This is what all of these stories lead to. It’s what all these stories add up to. It’s why the Chinese and tech media, Facebook and Twitter are doing their best to suppress these stories.


RUSH: This is from the American Greatness website, and it is from today. “According to a smoking gun text on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, members of ‘the Biden crime family’ were expected to give half of their profits to “pop”–aka Joe Biden. Several members of the Biden’s clan, including his brother James Biden, his sister-in-law Sara, and his son Hunter, landed lucrative positions or contracts with foreign countries while Joe Biden was a U.S. senator as well as when he served as vice president.”

So, folks, this goes back much farther than when he was just Obama’s vice president. He had his family installed in these positions with various governments and businesses and entities for decades. He’s been in Washington 47 years. They got the money. His family members were the recipients of the payoffs or the deals. They had to give pop half of it. In giving pop half of it, it came in not as income, didn’t have to be reported.

Pop was not in the pipeline with the companies. Pop was not in the pipeline with the governments. His kids were. His brother and sister-in-law were. They were the ones legally exposed. Imagine that. Plugs put them in the line of fire. They’re the ones that got paid off. It’s how these entities paid Biden off for his influence and help, put his family on the board of directors or high up in these companies. Again, for how long was this going on before we knew about this stuff in Ukraine and China? It’s been going for much of his Senate career.


RUSH: The New York Post has an email that shows that within days of hiring Hunter Biden, Burisma asked him to use his influence to stop the Ukraine government’s investigation of Burisma. It’s right there.

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