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RUSH: “Early Voting Numbers in Key States Are Surprising and Good News — Early voting data showing positive signs for President Trump and some troubling signs for Biden.”

I’ll tell you what’s happening out there. Everything that we predicted to you regarding polling data is starting to happen. It’s starting to tighten up, and all these massive, double-digit leads that Biden has are starting to get smaller. It was as predictable as the sun coming up every day. The early voting numbers in particular are interesting because most every Republican chalks it up that we’re gonna lose early voting automatically.

We chalk it up that early voting is where all the fraud is, and that we have no way of stopping it, and that the Democrats own it, and that the whole reason for early voting is so they can go out and practice voter fraud, ballot chicanery, this kind of thing. So “early voting numbers in key states are surprising and good news.” There’s also a fascinating piece here that ran at American Greatness, I believe, by Thaddeus G. McCotter.

It’s called, “The Gaslight Election Won’t Work,” and basically it categorizes the Biden campaign as a do-nothing campaign that’s just basically trying to run out the clock. It’s a fascinating piece. Let me give you a couple pull quotes to give examples. “Whatever they claim, one electoral maxim is beginning to bite the Democrats” where you don’t wanna be bit: “voters want to vote for something.”

Thaddeus G. McCotter writes that he “recently chatted with a veteran political observer who asked [his] opinion on a matter [that was really bugging] him. Apparently, this observer had conversed with an equally politically savvy person.” In other words, these people get it, they’re junkies, and they had “shared a puzzlement over the dearth of audiences at [Joe Bite Me]’s campaign appearances.”

There are none, like there were none at Hillary’s. There were more at Hillary’s than there are at Biden’s. “They were further befuddled by the media treating this as if it were perfectly normal. Ultimately, both [these guys] deemed the 2020 presidential election the oddest not only in their lifetimes, but in all of American history. They felt something was missing…” They felt something’s not right here, something’s missing.

They couldn’t figure it out — and it’s true. Look at this past weekend with Trump and his rallies. For crying out loud, Trump on the way to the airport in Newport Beach, California! He could have had a rally with the people along the roadway in California. People are lining up in droves every chance they get to get a glimpse of Donald Trump, either as his motorcade goes by or at one of his rallies.

On the other hand, when Joe Biden does something (which is rare), nobody even tries to get there. “Well, Rush, no wonder! They know they’re not gonna…” Doesn’t matter. The people on the roadway out in Newport Beach don’t have the slightest prayer they’re actually gonna get to meet or see Trump, but they show up anyway. No, no, no. The point is there isn’t a desire to go out and see Biden, not even among people who are gonna vote for him.

Why? That’s the answer — or the question. Why? It’s because not only does Biden not have a bond, he does not have a connection with the people who are ostensibly voting for him. They don’t know who he is beyond that he was Obama’s vice president. But they don’t know what he’s for, in the sense of voting, in the sense that people want to vote for something.

You can’t get elected by simply being a generic candidate, which is what these guys have concluded, that Biden is a generic candidate. He’s the guy with the D next to his name on the ballot. He may as well not have a name. And the theory is, you don’t get elected as a dull, dryball generic. So Mr. Thaddeus G. McCotter tells his two buddies here “that the Democrats are running a ‘gaslight election.’

“What was missing from the Democratic Party was a real candidate and issues. In the past, these have been requisite for waging a campaign for the White House. Today, though, the Democrats, quite deliberately, have turned the 2020 presidential election from a contest into a referendum.” They’re actually asking people to vote against Donald Trump’s personality. That’s it! That’s the sum total of their campaign.

Stop and think of that. They are actively trying to rev people up, get ’em ginned up, get ’em mad, get ’em angry, get ’em motivated over a guy’s personality. “This explains the Democratic Party power brokers’ selection of Biden [in the first place] to serve as a ‘safe’ face for the party, one that needs to do little more than read platitudes from his teleprompter.”

Because, you see, we know “Biden is not driving and has not driven the campaign. He and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, are both along for the opaque windowed limousine ride. Biden-Harris are nothing but a Democratic generic ballot: ‘Who would you vote for today, President Trump or a Democrat?'” That is the campaign they are running. “Yet, the American electorate is still accustomed to being respected enough that a party is expected to provide a real candidate and positions on” real issues, a real agenda.

“Consequently, in conjunction with their elitist left-wing pillars of support — namely the media, academia, [big] tech, and other corporate titans — Democrats are gaslighting voters. Their goal is to conceal the Democrats’ absence of a real candidate and issues; confuse the majority of voters who believe they are better off than they were four years ago — you know, when Biden was vice president…”

Nobody was better off four years ago when Biden was vice president or when Obama was president, and the recent Gallup polls bear this out. So they’re out there trying to say, “Oh, yeah, you’d be much happier with biden!” Joe Biden’s never won a presidential race. He’s never won a presidential primary. There isn’t any of this that makes any sense. So, as I said, “The Democrats want to incite voters to hate Donald Trump’s personality; and, in a referendum election, they believe this will convince these voters to vote against their own interests.”

In other words, vote against manufacturing jobs returning. Vote against a growing and roaring economy. Vote against replacing a worn-out health care system with one that works and makes sense. They literally believe they can make people vote against their own self-interests by convincing that this is a referendum election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s personality.

So here’s the thing: To keep this election a referendum, as opposed to an actual election. In an election, you’d have one candidate set of issues. “This is what I think’s best for this country. This is how I’m gonna do it; this how you’re gonna benefit.” The other candidate would be saying the same thing. You have only got one candidate doing that, only one candidate promising to make America better than it is today.

We’ve only got one candidate promising to do what he can to sustain America’s greatness. We’ve only got one candidate attempting to restore law and order to America’s streets. We’ve only got one candidate. We don’t have two. We don’t have a second candidate promising his version of the same things. We have a candidate who’s not seen.

We have a candidate who doesn’t draw flies. We’ve got a candidate who’s now put a lid on his campaign all the way through Thursday, announced yesterday. So “the Democrats can’t let Biden or issues affect your vote. Offering little more than free stuff, fear, and hate, the Democrats want you to vote based upon the president’s personality, not his policies…” They lose in a policy race, and they lose big.

But if they can get you to vote against Trump because you hate him, ’cause you don’t like his personality, ’cause you don’t like how mean he was to Plugs in the first debate, because you don’t look the way he tweets… If you can do that, how silly, how inconsequential, how irrelevant to the future of America, when we have a candidate a candidate essentially promising to work his tail off to make and Keep America Great, which means you.

Donald Trump loves you. He loves the people that make America work, versus the guy who’s trying to make you oppose all that because you don’t like his personality. They certainly don’t want you aware of Donald Trump’s “proven accomplishments,” which is why Trump needs to keep reciting them. “Hiding both their candidate and their issues from the voters ought to be disqualifying among self-respecting voters.”

Self-respecting voters ought to have been saying to themselves about now: You know what? They’re asking me to vote for them, and I don’t even know what I’m voting for. They’ve got me voting against Trump ’cause I’m supposed to hate Trump’s personality, but they don’t even give me reasons to vote for them — and if pressed, they couldn’t name any.

Biden voters, I mean.


RUSH: I want to play an audio sound bite.

And this is just to illustrate the point that I just made, that the Democrats have nothing other than Biden and Kamala Harris has generic candidates. They’re the people that got a D next to their name, but they’re not running a campaign of vote for them. They’re literally trying to convince people to elect them because of Donald Trump’s personality. Now, stop and think of this.

Get past Trump’s personality. What’s he done? What does he want to do? What are his achievements? What’s his record? It’s astounding. It is over the top achievement oriented. And they want you to ignore that. They want you to not even pay attention to it. They don’t want you to even know it. Instead, they want you to vote against Donald Trump because of his personality. And here comes Fauxcahontas, from a campaign event yesterday, St. Paul, Minnesota, proving the point.

WARREN: Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life on this planet. And on November 3rd we will hold Donald Trump accountable.

RUSH: Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life? All life on this planet? What? How in heck does that happen? How does one person, any person, how does one person threaten the existence of humane life, of all life? Folks, this means they’re running out of descriptions of Trump’s personality to get you to hate. That means they’re running out of various ways to describe what they hate about Trump. Now he gonna kill everybody. Donald Trump gonna kill everybody. He gonna make sure everybody gets killed. He gonna see to it that everybody dies. Wait. Isn’t that what they said climate change was gonna do, kill everybody, if we didn’t get it fixed?

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