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RUSH: I got an idea for the Trump people. You know, this moderator has vowed to bring up climate change. This is gonna be the third one of these confabs that climate change is gonna be a subject. Now, I’ve told you why. Climate change is an umbrella issue that has every other liberal Democrat issue that they love and are devoted to contained in it.

So how can Trump deal with this? If climate change comes up in the debate — and it’s supposed to, it’s one of the topics — the president ought to confound these people. He ought to surprise and shock these people. He ought to say, “Yeah? You know, I believe that there is a problem with climate change, and that climate is in Washington, and that climate should change.

“It’s one of the reasons I ran to begin with is to change the stupid climate in this town — the climate that allows people in high government to effect policy, to become enriched by making deals with entities that the policy involved. That should definitely be changed. I think people that are allowed to make money from foreign countries, putting families on the board, that climate needs to be changed. I’d support that tonight.”

Something like that, I would stand up and applaud.

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