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RUSH: The president was interviewed today on Fox & Friends. And I want to play a little segment of it. Ainsley Earhardt talking to the president about me and what happened yesterday.

EARHARDT: I know you probably already heard Rush Limbaugh talking about his cancer progressing yesterday.


EARHARDT: I listened to it last night. Just in case the audience hasn’t heard it, let’s play a little bit of it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over. It’s a blessing when you wake up. It’s a stop everything and thank God moment.

EARHARDT: So, Mr. President, who’s the next voice for conservatives when it comes to radio?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, before we even talk about the next voice, there’s never gonna be a voice like Rush.

EARHARDT: I know. I know.

THE PRESIDENT: Do you know Rush was with me — I didn’t know Rush at all. You know, I wasn’t really into this world. I was doing other things. And I didn’t know Rush. But I heard about his 39 million people, the biggest anywhere and the most powerful and all that. But I didn’t know him. And, all of a sudden, you know, I started getting word that there’s this man, Rush Limbaugh, who’s so supportive of you.

From the day I came down the escalator, he was supportive of me. I didn’t have to talk to him; I didn’t have to meet with him and wine him and dine him. He was just with us because he liked what I was saying. And I became friendly with him. He got the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the biggest award you can get, is that and the Congressional Medal of Honor. And Rush is an incredible man. His wife, Kathryn, incredible people.

But he is putting up a fight like — you know, this has been going on for a long time. I mean, he didn’t have exactly a great prognosis when he heard about it and this is now taking it to the next level what he said yesterday, but he is an incredible man. And it’s very sad to hear that. However, he will continue to fight. That’s the one thing I know about him. He’s incredible.

RUSH: President Trump this morning on Fox & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt.

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