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RUSH: My friends, there are a lot of things that I know, and there’s plenty that I don’t know. But one thing that I know in 2020: We have to reject this narrative, this idea that a certain race or a certain gender cannot succeed in our country. It’s just bogus. This is the message of the left. The message of the left is that America hasn’t changed from the days of our founding. We are still a racist slave state. If you’re African-American, you’re locked.

You’re stuck! You don’t have a prayer of moving up. You don’t have a chance at succeeding. If you are gay, if you’re tranny, you don’t have a chance of moving up. This stuff has to be dispelled; it has to be nuked; it has to be swept away. The whole notion that America’s best days are behind us is silly. America’s best days are always ahead of us. But that’s what’s on the ballot.

What will America’s best days be? How tough is it going to be to continue riding this massive rocket that is the United States of America? We have to reject the idea that you have to vote Democrat if you are of a certain race or background, and the way to reject this idea is to simply point to the people who have been voting Democrat for the last 50 years, and then tell people:

You notice they’re still complaining about the same things? They’re still unhappy about the same things. They’ve been investing in the Democrat Party with their votes for 50 years! The Democrat Party has been promising to end discrimination, to bring about social justice, police justice, whatever justice.

They’ve been promising to fix economic inequalities and all that — and yet every group of people that votes for the Democrat Party is still complaining about the very things they continue to vote for the Democrat Party to fix. It is fundamentally racist and not true to say that the only chance you have if you are of a certain race or background is to vote Democrat.

In fact, voting Democrat may be the worst thing you can do in terms of achieving the American dream, because they don’t believe in the American dream anymore, folks! The whole point of the Democrat Party is to convince you it doesn’t exist, that it was only ever for a very few select number of people. It was never for everybody. It was a gigantic trick — and they’re trying to get you and as many people to believe that the American dream itself is phony and nonexistent.

Well, it’s not. The American dream is still attracting millions and millions of people from all over the world every year. Take a few moments and educate yourself. Make it a little project: Educate yourself and others on what Donald Trump’s policies have actually done for minority communities and what his plans for the future are. Before the pandemic hit, African-American unemployment reached an all-time low since records started being kept in the early 1970s.

African-American and Hispanic and women unemployment record, all-time lows. The fact of the matter is that all Americans have an opportunity for a remarkable future, a great future no matter where you begin. It’s all there waitin’ for you to come grab it and take it. It’s all there waiting for you to give it your best shot to grab it. Don’t let people who tell you, “You can’t.” You can!

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