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RUSH: I knew this was gonna happen. I knew that somebody was going to make a move to try to cover up for Jeffrey Toobin. The New York Daily News has tweeted the following from one of their opinion writers: “Jeffrey Toobin’s History of Bad Sexual Judgment Is Really About Our Unease with Masturbation.” Jeffrey Toobin didn’t do anything wrong!

Jeffrey Toobin got the schlong out there uncovered and was doing whatever he’s doing — anybody can see it during the Zoom call — and it isn’t his fault. It isn’t his problem. It’s simply the fact that we, as a backwards bunch of Puritan-type busybodies, have an unhealthy “unease about masturbation.” It’s some guy named Jonathan Zimmerman.

“Maybe you should stop feeling weird and guilty about that.” This guy teaches education and history at the University of Pennsylvania, Jonathan Zimmerman. It’s not about Jeffrey “Toobin’s history of bad sexual judgment… [It] is really about: our collective unease with masturbation.” He didn’t do anything wrong.


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