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RUSH: When the Senate Judiciary Committee finished their Amy Coney Barrett hearings, progressives melted down when Democrat ranking member Dianne Feinstein hugged the chairman, Lindsey Graham, and praised him for conducting a fair hearing.

Livid Democrats called for her head! They fumed that committee Democrats didn’t put up much of a fight to stop Judge Barrett. Progressives demanded that Democrat leaders conduct an intervention and throw her elderly ass off the committee.

Less than a week later, The Hill reports that the Dump DiFi effort is going nowhere. The entire Senate Democrat caucus would have to vote her out, and the votes just aren’t there. Such a move would require Chuck You Schumer’s blessing, and he doesn’t have the guts to go after DiFi. Ain’t no way!

Dick Durbin, who’d be in line for DiFi’s job, says he’s not interested. If Democrats win the Senate, Durbin wants to be a leader, the Number Two guy behind Chuck You.

So, once again, progressives have challenged the Democrat party old guard and they’ve come up with the losing hand. These young Democrats get a lot of press attention; they generate headlines. But when the rubber meets the road (or Jeffrey Toobin), they’re kicked to the curb, and they’re thrown under the bus, and they’re ignored by the elderly statesmen who run that party.

And that’s life.

The up-and-comers are never given power; they have to win it, just like elsewhere in life.

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