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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 24. I saw this up on CNN, but I didn’t have any audio on so I didn’t know what was going on. Connie Chung was being interviewed by somebody — who was it? — it was Brianna Keilar, CNN infobabe. And I didn’t know why ’cause Connie Chung did not do the Trump feature. That was Lesley Stahl who did that. But, nevertheless, she was being interviewed out there. I said, “I wonder what this is about.”

Well, it turns out that Brianna Keilar had learned that the former CBS — she’s not at CBS anymore — former CBS anchor Connie Chung had endorsed Plugs. I guess she can do that now that she is a former infobabe. Of course, Connie, you’re not fooling us. You were gonna vote Plugs no matter what. So Brianna Keilar said, “Connie, you’ve endorsed a political candidate for the first time. It’s breaking with tradition for somebody with your resume.”

Don’t make us laugh, Brianna. Come on. You people make it known every day who you hate. You make it known every day who you’re voting for. You don’t have to actually verbally endorse anybody. We know. What do you think, we’re a bunch of idiots? Man, but this is a big deal, Connie Chung has endorsed a political candidate for the first time. Breaking with tradition for somebody with her resume. Why did you decide to do it, Connie? Wait ’til you hear this answer, folks.

CHUNG: I’ve always stayed in my lane. I’ve never jumped the fence into the political fray. But when I found out that Asians, Asian voters can tip the balance in key battleground states and Asians are the minority least likely to vote, I thought, my gosh, I have to do something because there are two groups that I relate to, women and Asians.

RUSH: Hmm.

CHUNG: So I jumped over the fence, Brianna. It was a big deal for me.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CHUNG: But I felt it was necessary because of all the issues that are plaguing us now —

RUSH: Wait for it.

CHUNG: — the least of which was the president calling the coronavirus the China virus and —

RUSH: That was it.

CHUNG: — sort of causing violent and not only physical, but verbal abuse against Asians.

RUSH: That was it. That’s all it took. The minute he started calling the China virus the China virus, she was insulted. And she said, “I can’t put up with this. I’m not gonna be insulted. I’m not gonna have this virus named after my heritage. He does it.” What else is it? Is it the Wuhan virus? Would that make you feel better about it? Connie, are you this puerile? Are you really this childlike?

You were out there minding your own business, you were behaving according to the tenets of journalism, and then this bad orange man came along and called the China virus the China virus? And that causes violent, physical, verbal abuse against Asians. It does? I haven’t seen any of this verbal abuse or violence that Asians have been committing. That’s all been coming from Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

You also note she said here, “Well, you know, I jumped over the fence there, Brianna. It’s a big deal for me. Felt it was necessary. Two groups that I relate to.” Oh, here we go. Two groups. She said women and Asians. Folks, can I ask you a question? Honestly, do you run around thinking in terms of groups that you relate to? I’m gonna tell you, I don’t. I think of myself as Mr. Individual every day. I don’t think of myself as a member of a group. But I guess a lot of people do. Gives ’em comfort, I guess. It gives them a sense of identity or belonging. But I don’t.

Does this mean, ladies and gentlemen, that I’ve gone through life alone, that I don’t consider myself a member of a group, or even two? Here’s Connie Chung, two groups that I relate to, women and Asians. What does that mean, two groups I relate to? I don’t know if I relate to anybody group-wise. You know, it’s all in the way you are taught to think, I guess. It’s all in the way you’re raised, brought up, taught to think about yourself. And I guess not a lot of people are taught to think of themselves as individuals.

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