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RUSH: Hey, folks, I woke up today, and I thanked God that I did. And we are here and revved and ready. We’ve got a full week of broadcast excellence. I am America’s Real Anchorman, America’s Truth Detector, and the Doctor of Democracy here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Three hours of broadcast excellence straight ahead. The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882.

President Trump is in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We own Allentown ever since Rush the TV Show back in 1992. We’ve owned Allentown. The president’s at a rally. I have always wanted to JIP — join in progress — a President Trump rally. We’ve never had the chance ’cause they always happen at night. But we’re gonna JIP it right now, just for a little while, just to hear it, just to comment on it. He’s near the end, I think. He’s been going a little bit close to an hour or so, but let’s just bring it up, Mike, and let’s see what he’s talking about now.

THE PRESIDENT: — for introductory purposes. You know who they’re gonna introduce him to, Sleepy Joe? So the son never made 10 cents. All of a sudden Biden becomes vice president. Now he’s making millions of dollars a year.

RUSH: Hunter Biden, obviously, the subject matter here.

THE PRESIDENT: And Biden got — and Biden got a lot of it — look, he got 10%, right? It went to the Big Man. I don’t consider him a Big Man, but it went to the Big Man, 10%, and the press doesn’t want to talk about it.

CROWD: (booing)

RUSH: I wonder why. I wonder why.

THE PRESIDENT: But we won’t rest until we eradicate this disease once and for all. I’m telling you, it’s happening. We will vanquish the virus. We will overcome the pandemic. And we will emerge better, stronger, and more unified than ever.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: Right on! Right on!

THE PRESIDENT: And, by the way, there are people that want to get out — and there are people that feel more comfortable staying at home. That’s okay. Stay. Don’t feel that. Stay. It’s okay. But if Biden and the Democrat socialists are elected, they will raise your taxes to a level that you’ve never seen before.

CROWD: (booing)

RUSH: Big-time truth there.

THE PRESIDENT: He’s the only candidate in history whose primary platform is, “I will raise your taxes.” Can you believe this? I’m running against this.


RUSH: Walter F. Mondale. Walter Mondale promised the same thing. He lost a 49-state landslide.

THE PRESIDENT: I am. I really believe that. And think of it. Think of it. I have to be very careful the way I say this. You know why?

RUSH: It’s worse than that, folks, worse than that.

THE PRESIDENT: If I say, “If I lose” they go back, “We have breaking news, President Trump thinks he’s going to lose.” They did it once before. You know, I told the same little anecdote and they go back and say, “President Trump thinks he’s going to lose,” so I have to be very careful. But can you imagine, can you even imagine losing to a guy like this?

CROWD: (Nooo!)

THE PRESIDENT: Actually, I wish he was a good and even a great candidate, because if something happened, you feel a little better. But could you imagine, he can’t remember my name. Now, I’m not that big of an ego guy. You know, I’m the candidate.

RUSH: That’s right. He thought he was George Bush. Did you see that? (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Good candidate. And I happen to be president. He could not remember my name yesterday. This is what you’re putting in office. I don’t think he’s gonna make it. I don’t think –

RUSH: President Trump in Allentown at a rally.

THE PRESIDENT: Ladies and gentlemen, the vice president, Biden, will be doing a lid today — no, he was doing the lid ’til Thursday. Hey, media, is it ’til Thursday he’s doing the lid? Thursday. In other words, he’s taking 40% of his campaign, he’s gonna lid. I don’t know. I don’t know. Look, you know what? You could run — see this beautiful, whatever the hell it’s made out of. Plastic? See this beautiful thing? You could run that. You got the Democrats. You got the fake news media as their partner, and you have Big Tech. They’re all partners. And then you have the RINOs, you have the RINOs, the bad Republicans.

RUSH: He’s in the zone again, folks.

THE PRESIDENT: The sicko RINOs, right? That I’ve beaten so badly over the years. You know, the RINOs, the people that do the ads and stuff? Every one of those guys just about I’ve beaten because they all represented a client in the primaries. And instead of saying, “Hey, he did a good job, he’s a smart guy, he did a great job,” they said, “Let’s go against him.” But every one of those guys — take a look. Real garbage. Not smart people. But he wants to terminate religious liberty, destroy the suburbs. He’ll destroy — I am saving the suburbs. I’m getting rid of a regulation –

RUSH: Folks – (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: I’m getting rid of a regulation –

RUSH: All of this is absolutely accurate and true. You might be thinking, “Suburbia, what the hell is that all about?” I’ll explain it in a minute here. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: And with it comes plenty of crime. That’s why they keep saying, “We don’t know. We think he’s not doing well with suburban women.” I think I’m doing great with suburban women.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: Suburban women love Trump. I talked to a couple.

THE PRESIDENT: I am saving the suburbs! I’m saving the suburbs. (crosstalk)

RUSH: I’m gonna explain this to you. Don’t worry.

THE PRESIDENT: Here’s what I know about suburban women. First of all, they’re great. They love our country. But here’s what I know. They want two things. They want to leave the house alone. They don’t want a five story project next to ’em or it could be higher.

RUSH: Exactly right. Exactly right.

THE PRESIDENT: You know what? They want security. Okay? They don’t want to have Antifa.

RUSH: G-nay. Exactly right. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: So if they agree with what I just said, I have a feeling they’re gonna be voting for Trump.

RUSH: I kind of do too. They may already have.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: It was the same time last time. Remember they said, “He will not get the women’s vote. He will not get the women’s vote.” And then at the end of the evening you remember how great I did? One of my best groups, women. So I said, am I that bad? Am I that bad? “He will not receive the women’s vote.” You know, Jim, that should be over very quickly. Donald Trump at that time was just Donald, no president, Donald Trump will not be able to get the women vote. The end of the evening they said “man, did he do well with the women vote. What the hell happened?”

RUSH: He’s in the zone. By the way, do you know whose birthday it is today? Hillary Clinton. You know who’s gonna be confirmed to the Supreme Court today? Amy Coney Barrett. (crosstalk)

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: — Second Amendment.

RUSH: Hillary Clinton’s birthday.

THE PRESIDENT: — and so many other things. He will shred it.

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on.

THE PRESIDENT: To defend our God-given freedoms. How do you like Amy, by the way? Isn’t Amy great? I nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States –

RUSH: I just said this.

THE PRESIDENT: And tonight she will be confirmed by the Senate.

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: — and become the new judge —

RUSH: You talk about being on the same page.

THE PRESIDENT: — the Supreme Court. It’s a big deal. He wants to pack the court, maybe 16, maybe 18, maybe 20. Why don’t you put a couple of hundred people in there. He wants to pack up the court with radical left judges. And I’ve been saying — I go a step further. I have a list, 45 great people, great people. They believe in a thing called the Constitution, you know, little things like that.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: Right on. Right on. This is so good, folks. This is so good. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: He’s gotta tell us who he might put on, because you can’t vote for him unless you know, because you can’t have radical left judges who are looking to destroy – (crosstalk)

RUSH: He’s got the biggest smile on his face you’ve ever seen right now.

THE PRESIDENT: This election day the people of Pennsylvania must stop the anti-American radicals delivering Joe Biden and the far left. You have to do this, a thundering defeat. You have to deliver them a thundering, beautiful, great, solid defeat. You better get out there and vote, you know? When I saw the few hands of the people that voted — that’s in Pennsylvania — for some reason you always vote very late. I guess you’re like me. You feel like voting in a booth, pressing a little button, right? Having somebody check to see that it really is you. There is something nice about it, right?

But no. But Pennsylvania, I think more than any other place, they want to vote late. So I’m really happy to see this because you know what? A lot’s been learned in the last few days. In the debate we learned a lot, we learned a lot about fracking, about energy, about the fact that he’s not all there. No. That debate was important, it had a lot, like Super Bowl type ratings, right?

RUSH: All right. There we go. That’s President Trump. He is at his rally in Allentown. He’s got three today in Pennsylvania, I believe, and he continues his indefatigable defense of the country and his presidency. I’ve always wanted to be on the air during a Trump rally to be able to JIP it, join it in progress and have it be part of the program. I’m not sure where he goes from Allentown, but it could well be that we’ll be able to JIP the next rally wherever it is before the program ends today.


RUSH: President Trump nearing the crescendo end of the Allentown rally. We’ll now rejoin it in progress so you can hear this.

THE PRESIDENT: And he said it’s very — you had a big one here, yeah. No, he said you better be careful, you better be careful ’cause he’s never seen anything like it. And I’m not even talking about the rallies we do. I’m talking about these are rallies in Iowa, they had thousands of tractors, they had tractors. The boat rallies are incredible.

RUSH: They are.

THE PRESIDENT: For the last four years you have seen me fight for you, and now I am relying on you to deliver another historic victory for our country.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: And we will!

THE PRESIDENT: On November 3rd, we must finish the job and drain the swamp once and for all. We did it, but nobody told me the swamp was that deep and that dirty and that vicious. You get impeached for a perfect phone call.

RUSH: I tried to —

THE PRESIDENT: Perfect phone call. And, by the way, they had the laptop — I call it the laptop from hell — and based on that laptop they should have never impeached, right? But they didn’t want to reveal a little thing like that. No, it was great. And we had great loyalty from the Republican Party. Great, great loyalty. It was really great. Get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, and get your coworkers and get the hell out to vote, please.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: You know what, it’s gonna be all over the country, not just in Pennsylvania, all — it’s going to be a great red wave. They’re already talking about it.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: Boom. And it’s gonna be a lot bigger than people understand, and that’s what Byron was talking about. He said, you know, I don’t know. There’s been never been — there’s never been — there have never been rallies like this. We were in Ohio. We were in Wisconsin. Yesterday we were in New Hampshire. It was, I’m telling you, you had to see it, the biggest rallies anyone’s ever seen. And they go quickly. You know, we give like 24 hours notice, press a button. We’re gonna be in New Hampshire. We’re gonna be in Ohio, Wisconsin, we’re gonna be someplace, and, boom, you have tens of thousands of people. There’s never been that before. You know, Sleepy Joe goes out and there’s like four people –

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: They can’t even fill up the circles. You know the circles? And Barack Hussein Obama went out over the last three, four days. He’s drawing flies. Flies.

RUSH: Don’t you just love this? Because that’s exactly right. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: They’ll never show it. They don’t — see, here they never show the extent of it. They have the opposite. They never show it. They should show it because nobody is showing up to watch Barack Hussein Obama. See the red lights? See those red lights, all those red lights —

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you ready? Oh, they just turned ’em off because I was insulting.

RUSH: 50 cars max.

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: Turned ’em off. Can you believe that? You know they’re tormented, the fake news. They’re tormented. In one way –

CROWD: (chanting USA)

THE PRESIDENT: — in one way they have to have it on ’cause it’s ratings. It’s big, big, beautiful ratings. In another way, CNN hates what I say. CNN is fake, corrupt news. They hate it. So you’ll see it go on and off a little bit. No, they just went off. Did you see that? Boom.

Anytime I start talking they sort of say, “Let’s go to a commercial break now, please.” No, they’re tormented ’cause they want the ratings. Without it they get terrible ratings. They want the ratings. They’re fantastic ratings. But at the same time they don’t want to be talked about in a bad manner, right? But you have to talk about ’em because they’re corrupt. They have to report the news. They are the enemy of the people. They really are.

RUSH: There he goes.

THE PRESIDENT: Enemy of the people.

RUSH: In the zone.

THE PRESIDENT: For generations the America’s destiny was made and forged and won in places like Bethlehem and Bristol, Scranton. And, by the way, he has nothing to do with Scranton. Altoona, Easton and Allentown. There were tough American men and strong American women who gave their hearts, sweat, and soul for their families, their country, and for freedom. We stand on the shoulders of the Pennsylvania patriots who fought the battles, mined the goal, worked the assembly lines, loaded the rail cars, poured the steel that built the middle class. It built the middle class. Raised up our great skyscrapers, laid down the battleships, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism and made America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world —

RUSH: Amen.

THE PRESIDENT: — and the best is yet to come.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: Amen.

THE PRESIDENT: Proud citizens like you helped build this country, and together we are taking back our country. We are returning power to you, the American people. With your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: Winning, winning.

THE PRESIDENT: We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together with the incredible people of Pennsylvania, we have made America powerful again, our military.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: Here we go. Closing riff.

THE PRESIDENT: We have made America wealthy again. Our stock market.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

THE PRESIDENT: Your 401(k)s, let’s keep ’em up there. Don’t throw ’em away in two years and you’ll say, huh. The previous president told me that was gonna happen. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Your 401(k)s are hitting records. Does anybody have a 401(k)?

RUSH: He just went off script again there.

THE PRESIDENT: We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We have made America safe again. And we will Make America Great Again. Thank you, Pennsylvania.

CROWD: (cheers)

RUSH: There you have it, folks. President Trump wrapping it up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And there he will be moving on now to another rally scheduled to start in about 45, 50 minutes from now. He’s is in the zone. He loves this. He’s feeding off the people at these rallies like nobody in politics has ever — I’ve ever seen happen. In my lifetime I’ve never seen — even with Reagan. Reagan didn’t do rallies like this. He could have. When Reagan did make public addresses, public speeches with the public there, they were massive. But I’ve never seen, short of that, I’ve never seen anything like this. And it’s the same thing from 2016 to today.

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