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RUSH: Here is Kevin in Manalapan, New Jersey. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? I’m really glad to be able to speak to you. I just wanted to let you know that I truly believe that if the president would send out stimulus checks to everybody, all he has to do is sign an executive order, he has access to $800 billion from the previous stimulus packages that they did, I think it would guarantee him being reelected.

RUSH: So you want Trump to give away money?

CALLER: I don’t want him to give away money. He has access to $800 billion.

RUSH: Well, that’s what it is. If you’re gonna have Trump write checks, executive order, he’s giving away money, $800 billion worth.

CALLER: Well, it’s only $300 billion, to send out the checks, is what he would be spending. And he has access to that money. He doesn’t need help from anybody else. And if he would do that, it would literally drive the Democrats out of their minds.

RUSH: Well, it would because he’d be going around ’em and Pelosi.

CALLER: That’s correct. He doesn’t need them.

RUSH: Well, is that the objective, to drive the Democrats crazy?

CALLER: Well, and give the people the relief that they need. The people in this country need money. I mean, they’re really hurting. I mean, just look and see how many people really need money. And they’ve been waiting six months for this.

RUSH: I know. And it’s the Democrats standing in the way. It’s the Democrats who do not want you to have access to the relief money. It is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who do not want you to have the money. And the reason is, they don’t want Donald Trump getting the credit for it a la the theory here espoused by our caller Kevin in Manalapan, New Jersey. They literally want Trump getting no credit for anything that will be a personal benefit to the American people. Trump is trying to make that point, by the way, in the rallies. Whether he would do an executive order on this, I haven’t the slightest idea. Sorry.


RUSH: No, folks, I’m not sure I like the idea of such a blatant vote-buying scheme, which is how it would be portrayed.

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