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RUSH: You know, one of my philosophies throughout the electoral season is that the events that are going to shape the election usually haven’t happened yet, especially if you’re talking six months from the election or further. But, even when you get down to three months or two months, it is still the case that the events that could shape the election have yet to happen.

And, by golly, this Hunter Biden thing is proof positive of this. The problem is all this early voting. Seventy million people have already voted. And you know the assumption is — and I know it’s an assumption that has been promulgated by the media — the assumption is that the vast majority of early voters are people that hate Trump, people that despise Trump, have not been able to wait, can’t wait, couldn’t wait, wanted to do whatever they could to express their anger and their displeasure.

I’ve been asking myself, why is that the conventional wisdom? Why couldn’t it just as easily be that there are gazillions of Trump people who are fed up and have been fed up for four years over the abject attempt to assassinate him? They ran a coup operation which is part of a smaller subset the overall political assassination they have attempted against Donald Trump for the past four years and even five, if you want to include 2016, the campaign year. It has been a veritable political assassination attempt.

Why couldn’t it just as easily be a bunch of Trump supporters who are livid at that and who don’t want to wait ’til Election Day, want to get out there to vote to affirm their support for the guy? But that’s the conventional wisdom. The conventional wisdom is that Trump is hated and despised and needs to be politically assassinated, needs to be sent packing. And all these early voting people are indicative of that.

Sorry, folks, I don’t buy it. But here’s the problem. Seventy million people, regardless of how they voted, have already voted early. And I’ve been saying that since the Hunter Biden story broke that it’s a shame, it’s a shame that so many people have already voted. And this is just one of the many downsides to early voting. But do you know something? According to Google Trends data, searches for “can I change my vote?” have skyrocketed over the last few days. And those searches are usually linked to searches for Hunter Biden.

There are people that want to change their vote. Do you know that you can? In certain states you by golly can change your vote. It turns out that people in several states actually can change their vote, which is news to me. I did not know this. It’s probably news to most people that you can change your vote. In fact, several states including, New York, and the battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, and Wisconsin allow you to change your vote. There might be more states that do that I’m not aware of. This includes, by the way, if you voted by mail or if you voted in early in-person voting.

There’s a New York Post article about the spike in searches for changing your vote. It spells out how you can change your vote in each of those states. In New York, for example, you just vote in person which will negate your previous vote by mail. Did you know that? Now, I don’t know what percentage of people in New York want to change their vote, but you never know. But all you’ve gotta do in New York is show up and vote on Election Day, and that will cancel — now, what if it doesn’t? What if it just adds your vote twice? I don’t know. There’s so much potential corruption in our voting these days that you just don’t know.

But it is true that early voters want to change their vote after the Hunter Biden expose. The New York Post expose on Hunter Biden appears to have helped spark a rush of early voters seeing if they can change their minds. New York is one of a handful of states giving some that unexpected right. It says 18 and a half million have already cast their ballots. I heard somebody say today 70 million who already have. The searches for “can I change my vote?” started trending over the last few days linked to searches for Hunter Biden, according to Google Trends data.

A companion story from the Washington Free Beacon: “Majority Believe Biden Knew About Son’s Foreign Business Ventures.” According to a Rasmussen poll released yesterday, 54% of likely voters believe “Joe Biden likely was ‘consulted about and perhaps even profited in’ Hunter Biden’s foreign –” there’s no question that that happened. Biden put his son in these places, put him in these jobs or in these positions so that Biden could say, “I’ve never accepted a dime of foreign money.” No, his son did and then his son forwarded whatever percentage the agreed-to deal was on to Joe Biden. For years this kind of thing has been going on.

“Most likely voters believe Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was involved in his son’s foreign business deals, according to a Monday Rasmussen poll,” from yesterday. “The survey found that 54 percent of likely voters believe that Joe Biden likely was ‘consulted about and perhaps even profited in’ Hunter Biden’s foreign” business deals. “Only 38 percent of respondents said it was unlikely the former vice president knew about his son’s affairs,” which is not even possible, his son could not have gotten these jobs without his dad, Joe Biden the senator, then Joe Biden the vice president.

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