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RUSH: So Biden said that we need a president who can unify us, not divide us. It’s one of the big problems that we face in America today. Folks, and I’ve addressed this countless times before. It used to be that Republicans and Democrats, for the most part — I mean, I’m going back now to the JFK era of Democrats, maybe even the LBJ era of Democrats — it used to be we all wanted similar things. We just had different philosophies, political philosophies about how to achieve it.

It was true at one point that Democrats and Republicans wanted prosperity for people. It was true that Republicans and Democrats wanted a strong military, strong defense. It’s been a long time since those days, though. But it used to be. Now those similarities are gone. We don’t have any overlap. It’s a scary and frightening thing. We don’t have anything in common anymore.

The Democrat Party today has been taken over and co-opted by the radical worldwide left, which doesn’t believe in American decency, American goodness, American exceptionalism, any of these things. It believes just the exact opposite, that America’s the problem of the world, that America is not the solution. I’ve been through this riff before. It’s why we’re in the battle that we’re in. There really isn’t any common ground overlap.

You talk about “we need to show we can cross the aisle and work together, common cause.” We don’t have common cause. When you’ve got a political party that believes that we’re still running a slave state, when you’ve got a political party that believes in the justice and the immorality of the very founding of this country, we don’t have any common ground with these people, which is why they’ve got to be defeated. They have to be politically defeated.

So here comes Biden, and Biden’s talking about we need a president who can unify us, not divide us. As long as there is an American left constituted as it is, there’s nobody who can unify us. Folks, the American left today is devoted to destroying this country as founded, not working with people to strengthen America. They don’t believe America is fixable. They don’t believe that America’s flaws can be fixed, and therefore we’re not redeemable.

“But, Rush, but, Rush, we fought the Civil War. We’ve ended slavery.” Not as far as they are concerned. In their world, since the nation was founded with slavery, we are forever condemned to be a slave state. We have to tear it down and start over, which is what they want.

Now, the real purpose is to get rid of the single largest superpower in the world. Because the American left today is the home of the worldwide communist movement, and we are forever the enemy of communists. The United States of America has forever been the enemy of communists. There is no desire that these people have to fix, to redeem, to correct, to perfect. Their objective is to tear it down. And I’m not exaggerating.

And so Biden, “Yeah, we need a president that can unify.” Well, people don’t want to be unified. The fact of the matter is they want to wipe us out. They’re not interested in debate. They’re not interested in winning hearts and minds in order to have their majority. They are totally interested in eliminating opposition. That’s how they do it. They don’t want to have to compete for hearts and minds. They don’t even like competing for votes. They think that’s beneath them. If they could ever get to the day where they could get rid of elections, they would do it.

So Joe Biden can’t unify anybody. Joe Biden represents the problem. Joe Biden represents the people who want to tear down America and destroy it and rebuild it into something it was never intended to be. That’s what the stakes are. That’s what the stakes are in this election. I’m not exaggerating. By the way, grab sound bite number 28. Here is Biden in Warm Springs, Georgia, this afternoon. Listen to this.

BIDEN: The tragic truth of our time is that COVID has left a deep and lasting wound in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and we see the empty storefronts and the shuttered businesses, the visible signs of lost hopes and broken dreams.

RUSH: Yeah, and Joe, how did that happen? How did this all happen? It happened because a bunch of people wanted the American economy shut down. And the COVID-19 virus gave them the excuse to do it. So we shut down the economy for about six to eight weeks, and that’s all it took to destroy it, Joe. And now who’s advocating we shut down again? Why, none other than Joe Biden.

So while he sits out there and rubs his hands together and laments all of the lost jobs and the empty storefronts and the shuttered businesses, I was doing that back in March, folks, I was doing it back in April. I cringed. It broke my heart. I remember coming to this program every day telling you this had to end. We had to end this lockdown. We had to end the shutdown. It was not going to solve anything. It was only going to delay and prolong the impact of COVID.-19 It was not gonna get rid of it. It was not gonna stop it. It was not gonna stop the spread. It was not gonna limit the number of people that got it. We were just delaying the inevitable.

There was never any reason to shut down this country. We’ve never done it before. We’ve never shut down for any virus, for any illness. We’ve never shut down for a pandemic, and it was not necessary this time. They scared Trump into doing it with that figure that 2.2 million people would die. Remember, they ran those computer models, the estimates. If we do nothing, 2.2 million people would die. If we do nothing? They were never not gonna do nothing. But 2.2 million people, you can’t tell a president that. So he shut it down, but it wasn’t long everybody realized that we had to get it back open.

So Biden can sit out there and he can lament all this, but it is his very policies that he supports that lead to this. Lamenting closed stores, the results of the lockdowns that the Democrats demanded. Dr. Fauci demanded, all these health experts were demanding. They couldn’t have cared less. They were demanding the shutdowns, demanding the lockdowns. And now it gives Biden and people like him an excuse to run around and act like they’ve got compassion. Act like they’ve got all this concern.

Well, how about all the vandalized businesses, Joe, from all the riots that happened? Remember the looting and the riots when we shut down? And nobody was willing to stop them? Now you’ve got in New York Broadway not gonna open until the middle of next summer. It’s still nine months away. It’s not the answer. It certainly isn’t the solution.

But for Democrats who want doom and gloom, who want pessimism, who want you to think that there is no solution without them, oh, they’re eating this up. They’re loving every moment of the. Biden loves to run around and talk about the dark winter. He loves running around talking about we gotta get used to dying with COVID. Oh, they love this negative stuff. They love it because it creates panic and fear and helplessness on the part of the public, and that’s where the Democrats make their hay, with American helplessness, the American people afraid to do anything for themselves, the American people thinking they can’t do anything for themselves. That’s where the Democrat Party prospers, that’s what they’re aiming at and looking for, and that’s why this is unacceptable.

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