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RUSH: There’s one thing I want to mention before we go to the break here. I watched Missouri Senator Josh Hawley on TV last night. He was describing the modern-day aristocracy that is suppressing free speech. He’s talking about Facebook and Jack Dorsey and Twitter, and he’s basically describing this modern-day aristocracy.

He says, “If you want to know what it’s like to live in an aristocracy, just open your eyes. This is it. Where one tiny group of, in Jack Dorsey’s case, really weird people control what we’re allowed to say, what we’re allowed to share, who’s allowed to report on what. It’s just absolutely ludicrous.” Senator Hawley calls it a “modern-day aristocracy” that will continue “until Congress stops it.”

But there’s something I saw last night — actually, yesterday afternoon during the program and I commented on it but I didn’t spend enough time on it, and it was this. The subject is the New York Post. The New York Post has the details on everything involving the Joe Biden financial scandal involving his son. Tony Bobulinski. It is dead to rights because they have the source material. They have the Hunter laptop.

None of it is written by anybody but the principals in the story. Jim Biden, the brother of Joe Biden; Hunter Biden, the son, Bobulinski, and others. So what does Jack Dorsey say? Jack Dorsey says, well, we’re not gonna let any of that laptop be seen on Twitter because we’re not gonna allow the New York Post to be seen on Twitter because the New York Post obviously hacked the material in order to get it. So whether the terrible that they have is true or not doesn’t matter. Jack Dorsey said the New York Post hacked the computer.

But they didn’t. There was no hack. But even if there was, who is Jack Dorsey, as senator Ted Cruz said yesterday, who the hell elected Jack Dorsey to determine who gets to see what in America? Who elected Jack Dorsey to determine whether something is hacked or not? Who elected Jack Dorsey to decide if something is hacked, nobody gets to see it? Who elected him to make this decision?

“Well, Rush, it’s his company, he can determine what he wants on his company and not.” Yeah, but not when he portrays it to be something else, not when he promotes Twitter to be something that it obviously isn’t. But it’s a dangerous thing. It is a truly dangerous thing. A misrepresentation. There is no hack here. The New York Post didn’t hack anybody. They got hold of the laptop. The laptop is Hunter Biden’s. The information on the laptop is provably, demonstrably, provably true.

Jack Dorsey is declining to let any of it be seen on Twitter because he claims the New York Post has direct materials. That’s his term, direct materials, meaning they hacked the computer. It’s all bogus. But Josh Hawley says modern-day aristocracy, it’s gonna go on until Congress stops it. Folks, I really need to apologize. I’ve been in a foul mood all day long for a host of reasons, but this is just one of those reasons. It’s gonna go ’til somebody stops it.

We’ve been saying that for 25 years. It’s gonna go on ’til somebody stops it. We’re gonna let the left destroy American history. We’re gonna let the left destroy American culture. We’re gonna let the left destroy everything that has been built up with great American values and traditions until somebody stops ’em. They’re gonna get away with it, Rush, until somebody stops ’em. Who stops them? Nobody stops them. The Republicans don’t try to stop ’em in Congress, House and Senate. The only guy that’s trying to do anything to slow these people down is Donald Trump. And we might not elect him ’cause of his eyebrows, for all I know.

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