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RUSH: We start with Dave in Chicago. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Of course, I live in Illinois, a Democratic-run state. Once again, King Pritzker, you know, he’s imposing new restrictions on restaurants. Chicago actually starts today.

RUSH: Okay, hang on. Hang on. J. B. Pritzker is the governor of the state. That’s who you’re talking about?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: And what did he do?

CALLER: He’s imposing new restrictions on the state. Actually Chicago County starts tonight. But Kankakee County and Iroquois and two or three others in the area started two weeks ago. And I’m encouraged finally to see these restaurants defying him and staying open. And it’s an amazing thing. It lets me know that finally people are saying, “Enough is enough, you can’t do this to us. It won’t work.”

RUSH: So Governor Pritzker has started shutting down restaurants again, that’s your point?

CALLER: Yes, sir. And they’re defying him. They’re staying open.

RUSH: Right. Because they’re not gonna willingly put themselves out of business anymore.

CALLER: They can’t. And right now, I guess this morning on the news, Pritzker said that he’s gonna start getting the Illinois state police to start endorsing this, and yet the restaurants said that they’re gonna sue Pritzker and said, “You can’t do this to us. We’re hanging on by a thread.” And it’s really happening. They are staying open, and finally some encouraging things happen in the state to see people say enough’s enough. You can’t do this to us.

RUSH: Well, we’ll see how it pans out. You know, people like J. B. Pritzker, these are liberal Democrats who have no compunction whatsoever, lowering the hammer. Grab sound bite number 25. You gotta hear this. This is Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, he was on The View today, and he’s talking with Whoopi Goldberg. And she said, “Now, I’m gonna ask you, you know, you’re holding you-know-who responsible for every death in New York from COVID. Why?”

CUOMO: I’m holding you-know-who responsible for every death in this country. First will be because he lied about it. He lied about it. They knew that millions were going to get infected and that hundreds of thousands were going to die. He keeps talking about the China virus, China virus, China virus and trying to demonize China. The virus did not come here from China. The virus came here from Europe. This is all on his doorstep.

RUSH: You believe this? This is Andrew Cuomo blaming Donald Trump for every COVID death in the country. He is responsible for tens of thousands of COVID deaths with his nursing home policy in New York state, and he’s using his friendly media to brush that aside and try to blame it all on Trump. Trump did everything he could to try to help Andrew Cuomo, including sending the hospital ship in that wasn’t used and turning the Javits Center into an emergency hospital facility that Cuomo didn’t use.

And now he’s even disputing the fact the virus came from China. This virus came from Wuhan. It came from China. Parts of it, yeah, ended up in Europe. Parts of it came straight from China. Trump shut down travel from China early on. This is how drastic these people are getting. You got the governor in Illinois now demanding that restaurants shut down again, and the restaurants apparently, according to our caller, are bucking it and saying hell, no. We’re not going to ruin ourselves.

I got a bad feeling about this because Democrat politicians, governors do not react well to insolence from citizens. They just don’t react well to it. So we’re gonna see if some heads get cracked here.

Phil in Cincinnati. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Really mega dittos, and you are a tonic to millions of us here and around the world so you just keep getting better; you keep giving it out. Hey, I wanted to rewind back to Fauci and Shep Smith and Australia. I looked it up. Australia has a population of 25 million, about. California has a population of about 29. Why don’t Fauci get together with Gavin Newsom, shut down California, give it a test and see if it really works?

RUSH: You know, you’ve reminded me of something. I like the idea. Let’s turn California into a petri dish, ’cause they’re already starting to do that, and you got a governor out there who apparently is open to that kind of thinking. Our Morning Update today is a report, if you will, on the king of California, Gavin Newsom, and the demands and the requirements and the limitations that he’s placed on the citizens of California for Thanksgiving.

We did the Morning Update, I recorded it after yesterday’s program and I had people send me this story overnight, and I had to say, “It’s the morning update tomorrow. Make sure you hear it.” We’re gonna review it for you as the program unfolds today. I don’t have enough time to get to it right now ’cause got a break coming up. But such things as maximum three households can get together for Thanksgiving. You in your own home, you must wear a mask at all times except for when you are eating or drinking.

Before you sit down, everybody in the house has to have a mask on. After you eat Thanksgiving dinner, you gotta put the mask back on. And those are just two things. There is a long list of requirements. So I like the idea, if Dr. Fauci thinks they’re doing it great in Australia, let’s have a little test-market test here in California. Let’s basically shut down California. I think they’ve pretty much been doing that anyway, haven’t they?


RUSH: Now, I had a call last hour. J. B. Pritzker, governor, Illinois, telling restaurants, gotta shut down. Restaurants are resisting. You know what Governor Pritzker has that they don’t have? He has control over their liquor licenses. If you tell a restaurant that you are absconding their liquor license, that you are taking the liquor license away, you’re basically shutting them down. You’ll find that a lot of restaurant owners will do whatever they’ve gotta do to maintain the liquor license. It’s major profit center.

Governor Pritzker, if he wants, with these insolent restaurant owners refusing his demand that they shut down and ruin their livelihoods again, if they’re gonna stay open, he can just come in and close ’em down via their liquor license. You can’t serve booze in here anymore. Now go try to make a profit. And he would do it. Any number of Democrats would do it. They are vindictive and mean. They’re not the interested in working with people. They’re interested in issuing orders and having people follow them.


RUSH: All right. Thanksgiving is going to be here before you know it. The only question is, are you gonna feel like giving thanks for anything? Time will tell. Now, if California King Gavin Newsom gets his way, it’s gonna be a Thanksgiving that you and your family and some of your friends will never forget. Governor Newsom and the California Department of Public Health have issued new regulations that will determine how citizens are permitted to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

Every single Thanksgiving gathering held in California must include “no more than three households.” Now, I don’t know how many people that is. I’ve got people emailing me, saying, “Rush, the maximum number of people you can have at Thanksgiving in California is six.” Six people? I guess they would know. Let me check one thing. I’ve got a little sheet.

“No more than three households including your own may…” I can’t find the number. (muttering) “You’re allowed to gather in open…” Well, I can’t find anything about numbers. All I can find here is “no more than three households.” I guess if your household has 10 people, and another household has 10, and another household has 10, you can have 30 people? Is that right?

It doesn’t make sense. It’s unclear how many people we’re talking about, but I’ll guarantee you it isn’t many. The reason for this is that Governor Newsom has determined that if people from more than three different households gather, the increased chances of transmitting COVID are just too high to risk. California residents must also hear, learn, and obey the following:

Governor Newsom says that the people of the state “must wear masks in the house before and after they eat. Residents are to avoid singing and chanting and shouting,” because that projects the virus into the air at even greater distances. So you have to show up with a mask, you have to leave it on until you eat; then after you eat, you have to put the mask back on.

You have to shut your mouth until the Thanksgiving celebration is over. Now, these are California’s “mandatory Thanksgiving & Christmas guidelines,” the official guideline checklist. “No more than three households (including your own) can gather. The host must collect the names and addresses of all attendees. All gatherings must be held outside.”

You can go to the bathroom inside if the bathroom is “frequently sanitized. … You are allowed to gather in an open park (the [three] households only), but no concurrent gatherings like with people you know in the same park. All seating must be socially distanced. All food must be served in disposable dishes. You must wear a mask at all times unless you are eating. You can only gather for two hours maximum.

“Singing is discouraged, but if you must sing, you need to wear a mask and sing below a normal speaking voice.” Those are California’s “mandatory Thanksgiving & Christmas guidelines.” That’s just a taste of what’s coming if Joe Biden and the Democrats win this election. It’s just a taste of what’s coming. Pretty soon, guidelines like that are gonna have no limitations. Not just Thanksgiving and not just Christmas, but whenever they think it’s necessary to limit your freedom.

If you think after we get past the pandemic — whenever that is. If you think they’re gonna give up the kind of control that they are exerting over people during the pandemic, you got another thing to think about because they’re gonna create new reasons to not lose control over you the way they’re exerting it here and now.

Let me grab a quick call before we run out of time. Ray in Mayville, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m praying for you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Say, the progressives — Biden, Kamala — their rhetoric is, “We must move forward. We’ve gotta change just for the sake of change. We can’t go back,” and I agree wholeheartedly. We can’t go back. We can’t go back to a president that runs around the world apologizing for America. We can’t go back to a president that says America is no longer a Christian country.

We can’t go back to a president that says, “The big jobs, the good jobs are gone. They’re lost forever. Get used to the new normal. Get used to higher taxes and regulations on businesses that just chase them away.” We can’t go back — and Biden was part of that team. If we vote Joe Biden in, we’re gonna go back. The very government that these socialists want to install — socialism — individuals are fleeing to America from all over the world to get rid of it.

RUSH: To get away from it, yes.

CALLER: To get away from it, to get away from it. And everywhere that it’s been tried, it’s failed.

RUSH: Yes, but that’s only because we haven’t had the right people trying it. We haven’t had the right amount of money spent on it. That’s what they tell you. Anyway, I’m glad you called out there, Ray.


RUSH: Ron in Modesto, California. I’m glad that you waited. I appreciate your patience, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Mega dittos, Rush. A daily listener, first-time caller, frustrated Californian. (chuckle) Listening to your show, you know, I have a clarification, comment and opinion. The clarification is that California is divided. Take I-5 that runs from LA all the way up to Washington. The west side of I-5 is the communist California.

The east side of I-5 is the Republican California. We have to deal with those people from LA and San Francisco dictating everything. So I just wanted to clarify that ’cause California, it’s gonna go blue. It always does. There’s nothing us Republicans can do about it. In regards to Gavin and his illegal mandates, in the Republic of California, we don’t listen to him.

We don’t care. Every time he talks, another family moves out of California. So it’s not gonna have any impact on our Halloween, our Thanksgiving, or our Christmas. My opinion is: If you’re that scared, stay home. The virus is not the pandemic. The fear that they’re producing from this is the pandemic. That’s what I have to say. (chuckles)

RUSH: All right. Well, I’m glad you called. Thank you, Ron.

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