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RUSH: Which takes me to the latest thread of tweets from Bill Stepien. Bill Stepien is the campaign manager for President Trump, and I just want to share with you some of the tweet that he’s put together in his thread here, because Eric Trump, understandably, didn’t want to share with us whatever their internal polling data is showing — which, by the way, I totally understand.

But Stepien, I just saw — I just got this moments ago — has put it out. So he says, “So there has been a lot of bluster, from pollsters and pundits, about what we should expect tomorrow. President Trump has the momentum in this race and the math available to him to win on Election Day. President Trump is ahead of where he was in 2016, by a very key measure.”

Now, the reason this is good is this will give you an idea of how the professionals see this, the people whose job it is to win this election. You know, they look at things differently than you and I. You know, we’re consumers, and we look for signs based on information available to us that make us feel good. We’re looking for anything that will make us feel confident.

These people have to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then they have to put it all together, and they have to come up with some kind of analysis so that if they find themselves losing, they can figure out what to do to reverse that. So whereas we can hunt and peck and look for stuff to make us feel good, they can’t do it.

So Stepien says, “President Trump is ahead of where he was in 2016, by a very key measure. It’s the measure that actually matters. Votes cast, and votes left to be cast. You’ve been seeing reports of Democrats being nervous, and well, they should be. Let’s start in Ohio, where Joe Biden is wasting a few hours today. Weeks ago the partisan makeup of the electorate was D[emocrats] +10, today it’s D +0.6.”

That’s in the polling data.

They have reduced the Democrat margin in Ohio by practically 10 points.

“Going into E[lection] Day in 2016, the gap was D +2.5. Pres. Trump has a projected Election Day votes cast margin of over 400k net votes. Pres. Trump rallied in North Carolina this morning.” He was at Fayetteville. “Democrats jumped out to a D +32 advantage during AB-only voting. Today it’s D +5.8.” So, once again, the Democrats are fading, from +32 to +5.8.

“Going into Election Day in 2016, the gap was D +9.7.” So you can see that it’s much better now than it was even four years ago when the president won. “Pres. Trump has a projected Election Day votes-cast margin of over 400k net votes. Pres. Trump and Biden are then heading to Pennsylvania. Dems have banked A TON of high-propensity voters [in Pennsylvania].

“We have millions of voters left. Pres. Trump’s E Day margin needs to be significant and we project an Election Day votes-cast margin of over a million for Pres. Trump.” So they’re expecting big numbers out of Pennsylvania. But for those numbers to materialize, you gotta make ’em happen. You in Pennsylvania — everywhere — you’ve got to show up and vote.

All of this is academic if there’s no action behind it, and I’m gonna tell you again: The effort to get you to stay home tomorrow is going to be massive and it’s going to be intense. They are going to try to scare you like you haven’t been scared — about COVID; about getting caught up in violence, civil disobedience, unrest.

Every conceivable thing that might befall you, they’re going to tell you might happen. They’re gonna do whatever they can, folks, including show you pictures of unrest, pictures of people that have been injured. Who knows when the pictures will have been taken. They’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you don’t show up. “But, Rush! But, Rush! Don’t they have to show up?”

No, folks. That’s the point. In their world, this election’s all about making sure you don’t show up. It’s all about making sure Trump voters don’t show up. That’s the margin of victory. That’s what Stepien’s talking about here. “What about Florida? Democrats jumped out to a D +18.8 advantage during AB-only voting. Today it’s D +1. Going into Election Day in 2016, the gap was D +1.4.”

So all of the trend lines are in the direction of President Trump, and there is no reason to hide these numbers. There’s no reason to not let you know what they are. Here’s some more numbers from Michigan. This is Robert Cahaly, this is the Trafalgar Group, and this is from November 1st. “Michigan Poll: Trafalgar Shows a Consistent Trump Lead.” He’s at 48.3, Biden at 45.8.

That’s Michigan. In Ohio, it is Trump 49.2, Biden 44.4. This also is the Trafalgar Group and this polling period is October 30th through the 31st. “Trump Grabs Lead in Pennsylvania,” according to the center for American Greatness-Insider Advantage poll. So it all looks like the trend is in the positive direction. Don’t forget the Iowa poll, the Des Moines Register poll which shows Biden “fading” from where he was.

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