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RUSH: We’re gonna start on the phones in Cincinnati. This is Ron. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush, and mega prayers and mega dittos from the Heartland.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very, very much.

CALLER: You bet. Hey, in the last couple of weeks you have implored us, your faithful audience, to make a difference here and reach out to everybody that we know and tell ’em how important this is, and I took you up on that. I have 14 nieces and nephews ages maybe 40 down to 25. I’ve got seven siblings. So I figured that was the best place to start.

I started at the top of the list and worked down the list and made an effort to talk to every last one of them and have an open political discussion, and that’s often taboo in a family. It can ruin relationships or, you know, you’re preaching to the choir in some cases. But I took it on through your encouragement actually, your help in having me understand the issues at hand and what we’re facing.

RUSH: Well, actually, my suggestion was to try to convince four or five other people to vote. If you’re gonna vote for Trump, try to get four or five others to vote with you. That was the suggestion. If you wanted to go reach out and talk to them, if that’s how you heard me suggesting you do it, then that’s fine. What…? We got one minute here. Tell me what they said to you. You said it worked out great. What’d they say to you? How did it end up being?

CALLER: It started the dialoguing, Rush. I maybe convinced one or two, and I’m still working. I’m gonna work the parents today. But for the others that are kind of disconnected or believe “the Orange Man Bad,” at least they heard a reasonable other side to it. I wasn’t trying to convince them that “Orange Man Good.”

But rather that the other side is going to wreck the foundations and institutions that our founders gave us and that if we can survive four more years of Donald Trump, from their perspective, we can live to have another great presidency somewhere in the future. But if we give it to the left this time, it’s done. They’re gonna tear down the institutions. And I was giving out pocket Constitutions (crosstalk).

RUSH: Wait, wait. When you told them that, how did they react?

CALLER: They got into the Fox News conspiracy part, but it was just a good discussion. It led to mutual respect. I listened as much as I talked, and them wanting to have somebody to listen was as important as, you know, then hearing a reasoned argument on the other side.

RUSH: All right. Okay. Well, I’ll have to live with that. Ron, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.


RUSH: So Ron from Cincinnati took my lead. He went out there, started talking to people to persuade ’em and he persuaded two. You see, my friends, it can be done. He persuaded two people to vote for Bad Orange Man, and he’s still working on some others. It can happen. Try it.

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