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RUSH: Here’s a question for you. Where are all the Biden surrogates on the campaign trail? Where, for example, is Bill Clinton? Where, for example, is Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is absent from the trail. Biden is using Obama, but not the Clintons. Where’s Pocahontas? Where is Elizabeth Warren? Where’s Amy Klobuchar? In Minnesota. Where’s AOC?

All of these people are MIA. They’re missing in action. There’s nobody out there campaigning for Biden other than Obama. Where’s Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama — am I right? — she continuously polls as the most wonderful, the best-dressed woman in the entire world. Why is she not out there for Plugs? Where is this gigantic, big women’s march? Where are all the get-out-the-vote rallies by women for Biden? Where is all of this?

Biden is showing up with Lady Gaga. Now, do you know what Lady Gaga is known for besides music? She’s anti-fracking. She’s big. She’s political anti-fracking, and he’s dragging her out having her do a concert in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t make any sense. Meanwhile, we just talked to Eric Trump. The entire Trump family is out everywhere. And they’re speaking to crowds of 2,500, 1,500, 7,000. They’re working it, folks. They’re working it hard. They’re taking nothing for granted.

Where is Hunter Biden? Where is Jill Biden? Where are any of these surrogates? They’re not there. I just look at this, and I marvel at how little retail politicking is going on for Biden. And I ask myself, okay, what does it mean? Does it mean that they think they’ve got this in the bag and that they don’t need to send people out? Does it mean that they know those people are negatives? Does it mean they don’t have it in the bag but they know that people who might be voting for Trump do not like Fauxcahontas, do not like Crazy Bernie, do not like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, do not like any of these potential Biden surrogates, so they’re hiding them?

I’m gonna remind you of something about Barack Obama. Everybody has forgotten this because there is this aura, there is this image that surrounds and envelopes Barack Obama. It is totally wrong. And that image of Barack Obama is that he is universally loved, adored, and popular. He was the first African-American president. And people loved the guy, and people respect him. He’s the smartest guy in the Democrat Party. You know, all of this stuff.

People have forgotten — let me remind you, because, my friends, I know when I get into this you’re gonna say, “Yeah, I remember you telling us this all the time.” From 2009 after Obama — well, 2008 he was elected. That election. The 2008 election going and starting in 2009 and the next eight years, do you remember me telling you how many total seats the Democrat Party lost all across the country? Governorships, state legislatures, mayors. I mean, going all the way down to local level political office, the Democrat Party — remember James Carville? James Carville saying (imitating Carville), “The Democrat Party had never been, had never been this powerless in my entire life eating gumbo.”

That was after Trump was elected. That was in 2016 after Trump was elected, James Carville was panicked. The Democrat Party had not seen that degree of loss of power in his lifetime. And it was all chalked up to Barack Obama. He was the change agent. So let’s move forward to today. Here’s Obama opening for Biden wherever they were — I couldn’t believe what I saw yesterday, by the way. So we never see the crowd. We never see a camera focused on who Obama’s looking at. And it’s because it’s about 25 cars and people inside those cars and trucks, and they applaud by honking the horns.

So Obama introduces — it’s time to introduce Biden, and in fact we’ve got this. I tell you what I’m gonna do. Rather than hunt for it and waste time, I’m gonna take a break, and on the other side of the break we’ll play for you what happened. Biden introduced by Obama but missing his cue, and I’m gonna throw in these numbers on how very poor an endorser Obama is.


RUSH: Okay. Here we go. This is Barack Hussein Obama. This was in Flint, Michigan. Biden campaign rally on Saturday afternoon.

OBAMA: The next president of the United States of America, Joe Biden! Joe Biden! Joe Biden! Honk if you’re fired up! Honk if you are ready to go!

RUSH: Joe Biden!

OBAMA: Joe Biden!

RUSH: Okay. Then Joe Biden got to the stage. Here is a portion of what Joe Biden, after missing his cue. And, by the way, the building that he came out of looked like a green brick warehouse. I’m saying, “What, where, how, what is this?” I mean, it was the most nondescript. You wouldn’t have stopped there if you were in your own car on a dare, and this is where Biden is entering and joining some nonexistent stage and when he got to the stage, he said…

BIDEN: Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege. Barack and I think it’s a right for people to have badakacare.

RUSH: Wait. What? Wait, wait, wait, wait. “Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege. Barack and I think it’s a right for people who have badakacare.” What? Play it again. This is Joe Biden on Saturday, play it again.

BIDEN: Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege. Barack and I think it’s a right for people to have badakacare.

RUSH: Okay. Badakacare. Here is another one, Saturday, Dallas, Pennsylvania, this is Joe Biden.

BIDEN: Look. I’ll do what he’s unable to do. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize true international (unintelligible) pressure.

RUSH: What? Joe Biden said look, I’ll do what he’s unable to do. I’ll lead an effective strategy mobilize true international (unintelligible) pressure. You know, this reminds me of something. Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Mr. Snerdley? Well, let’s go back October 20th, 1994.

KENNEDY: Is this Clinton country? And after we all do what needs to be done for the next two and a half weeks and we elect Mark Roosevelt as our governor and you reele — and you reelect old Kennedy in the United States Senate, we’re gonna start on the ’96 campaign to elect Bill Clinton, and to reelect (unintelligible).

RUSH: “We’re gonna start on the ’96 campaign and elect Bill Clinton and reelect him in (unintelligible).” You don’t remember hearing that, Dawn? Yeah. So Biden has Kennedy-itis or maybe it’s something else. That is incredible. Well, no, it’s not. We’ve been predicting it.

Now some numbers, folks. During Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office, the Democrats lost the Senate, they lost 62 House seats, they lost 12 governorships, and 958 seats in state legislatures. The problem with the Democrats is they don’t have anybody to send out to campaign for Joe.

His vice president can barely campaign for him. She’s just off the charts with a really evil cackle and giggle. But all of those seats — Barack Obama does not endorse well. He loses seats for the Democrat Party. And they’ve got him out of there, and I think he’s not helping Joe Biden, and I don’t know who can.

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