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RUSH: Last Thursday, the last economic growth number before Election Day was released. President Trump had hinted it would be good, but it was stupendous. Our economy grew by 33.1% in the third quarter. That’s massive! It’s off the charts. It’s the best in history. It’s the “V-shaped” recovery the President predicted.

Now, of course, the Drive-By Media downplayed it. Get this AP headline: “U.S. Economy Grew at 33% Rate in Q3, But Recovery Is Incomplete.”

The AP is blaming Covid-19. But there’s only one reason the recovery could be “incomplete.” That’s a bunch of Democrat governors refuse to open their states, refuse to allow businesses to get back to normal, and refuse to let citizens be free again — on purpose! No, it isn’t about the coronavirus. Because we know — and these Democrats know –how to treat it, and how to protect the vulnerable.

Tomorrow, YOU get to decide what happens to the American recovery. With Joe Biden, you can forget any growth. He’s promising to raise taxes on businesses that are struggling to survive. He’ll tax the hell out of everyone and everything to pay for the left’s radical agenda, including the Green New Deal.

With President Trump, we’re gonna get robust economic growth that builds on our success before the virus struck. It’s up to you, folks. Vote as if your country depends on it. Because it does!

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