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RUSH: So, my friends, this is it. This is Election Day. And I am telling you again that live Election Day turnout — I don’t care what you’ve heard about all of the early voting and mail-in voting, and there appears to be already attempts at cheating in Pennsylvania, which was forecast, it was predicted. Details on that coming up here in mere moments. I know there’s gonna be anecdotal stories all day.

I’m already starting to get anecdotal stories from emails and people, “Hey, Rush, I just saw a bunch of ballots thrown in the trash can in Pittsburgh.” We’re gonna get those all day long, and there’s really no way to track those and make anything of it. So we’ll deal with official stories on that as they unfold and come in.

I did appear on Fox & Friends this morning, folks. And if you watched it, you might have seen Steve Doocy tell the world how it happened. He said he was minding his own business last night and about 6:30 he gets an instant message from me asking if I can be on today.

Now, they had offered me a chance to appear on their show about three weeks ago, and everything’s day to day with me, and at the time I wasn’t feeling up to it. I politely declined and so forth. But last night a bunch of things happened at home, and Kathryn said, “You gotta do it. You gotta do it. I mean, this is why you’re here. You’ve made it to Election Day. You’ve got to do it.”

And Doocy asks me today on the air, “So why did you call us? Why so important to appear today? What do you want to do?” And I said to him, “Steve, I am so proud of President Trump. He has worked tirelessly for us. I myself, speaking just for me, I am so appreciative of the effort, the time –” I know you’re thinking, “But, Rush, he’s president.” Yeah, but I’ve never seen a president devote this much time to his country. I mean, in trying to win reelection so as to continue the program.

All of this effort that the president is expending is for us, the American people. Donald Trump has been fighting to preserve the American way of life ever since he was inaugurated, since his campaign began in 2015. The truth about President Trump is, he wants all Americans to have a great future. He wants every American, no matter where they began in life, no matter what economic point they started out, he wants every American to have a great opportunity, the best future.

And he knows that if the Democrats as currently constituted gain control of the country, that that future becomes murky and cloudy and much more difficult for many more people because of the drastic changes that will be made. You know, there’s all kinds of freedom in America. There’s economic freedom. There is political freedom. There’s different stages of liberty. And we need them all. If economic liberty is taken away from us, then bye-bye economic opportunity.

And how could economic liberty be taken away from us? By taking your money, by raising your taxes, by limiting the amount of disposable income you have, meaning the amount of money after you’ve paid your bills, the amount of money you have to spend on investing in your life, enjoying your life, investing in things that you want for your kids.

The less money you have, the less economic freedom you’re gonna have. The less money you have, the less opportunity you’re going to have for economic success and progress for you and your entire family. Now, Trump has cut everybody’s taxes. Trump has raised everybody’s disposable income. It is why there is such a rapidly growing economy before the coronavirus hit these shores. We were growing at economic rates steadily unprecedented in a recovery from the stagnation that was the economy of Barack Obama and Joe Biden for eight years.

So economic liberty, political liberty. The freedom to say what you think, the freedom to gather where you want to gather. I mean, right now there are limits on this where the Democrats are ruling the roost. In some places they’ve got states shut down, you cannot go to church, for example, but you can join a peaceful protest if you plan to start a fire or loot a business. And I’m not exaggerating here.

Now, you’ve heard Trump say — and this is classic Trump. You’ve heard Trump say at his rallies that they want to eliminate Thanksgiving. They want to eliminate Christmas. Well, they’re not going to eliminate the holidays. That’s not what he means. What he means is, they’re not gonna permit people because of COVID or whatever to gather together as a family.

Take a look at what Gavin Newsom has been trying to do in California, limiting the number of people that you can have in your home on Thanksgiving. It’s none of his business! But all it took was a little virus, the little COVID-19 virus… I don’t mean “little” in terms of insignificant.

But all it took was a virus for Gavin Newsom to think that he’s got the power to tell people in California how many people they could invite over for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Never before in our country has a politician ever attempted such a thing. Thanksgiving is a national holiday unique to America. Christmas is a national holiday unique to our Judeo-Christian principles and past.

And for politicians to come along and say that us, that we as citizens are now gonna have limits on how we celebrate, but if we join the protest march there aren’t any limits on what we can do? Well, that’s a significant loss of political freedom, folks. You might also say there’s some overlap; there’s a significant loss of economic freedom.

So the currently constituted American left, which now has its home in the Democrat Party, is indeed devoted to reducing the overall amount of liberty and freedom that all citizens in this country have. And if you want to see what it looks like, just look at the states that are still locked down, run by Democrats. Take a look at how people are living there.

Take a look at the limitations they have on where they can go, what they can do what they get there, how long they can stay when they get there. I mean, it’s not the America you and I grew up in. It’s not the America you and I want for children, grandchildren, relatives. It’s not even close. So that’s why I wanted to appear on Fox today.

I wanted to thank Donald Trump for working tirelessly to preserve the American way of life, because that’s what he’s been doing. And, by the way, I want to send out a special shout-out and thank-you to all of you who went to one of his rallies. It’s not an easy thing to do. You don’t just drive to the location. You don’t drive to the airport where he’s gonna do the rally and park your car.

Get out, go to the rally. Hour and a half later, go back to your car and go home. It is a full-day commitment. There are metal detectors. There are security things that people have to undergo. It is a full-day commitment — and these things, lately, have been outside. It has been really cold at a number of them, and still people have shown up hours early — 10 hours early, 14 hours early.

Some of them shown up days early just in an attempt to be there, just to attend the actual rally. Fifty-seven thousand people in Butler, Pennsylvania; 35,000 here; 45,000 over there. It has been unprecedented, and it’s been phenomenal, and that kind of turnout has to mean something.

So I want to go the audio sound bites here, relive some of the moments on the Fox & Friends program today. We’ll start with sound bite here at the top. There’s no real question here. We’ll just kick in with the midpoint of the conversation this bite’s from.


RUSH: Look at these rallies. These things are unprecedented. The numbers of people. And, by the way, you don’t just drive up, go to the rally, and leave. This is a full-day commitment that people have to make to go to these, 57,000 people in Butler, Pennsylvania. And Joe Biden’s drawing two to three people in cars honking horns. Obama maybe 20.

EARHARDT: They waited 14 hours, Rush, in Grand Rapids — 14 hours in line in Grand Rapids.

RUSH: I know, and DeSantis was just talking about what happened out in Opa-locka Sunday night in Miami. It’s just amazing. How can somebody drawing crowds like that — even bigger than four years ago! How can this guy lose? It doesn’t compute with me, especially when the other side has no enthusiasm behind them, no excitement, just that (D) next to his name on the ballot.

And, folks, one other thing here. You gotta vote today. I don’t care how long the line is. If you get in line, do not leave the line. Stay there. Do not let them intimidate you. Don’t let them scare you out. Election Day turnout is the best weapon we’ve got against Democrat vote fraud.


RUSH: It’s also the best way to win the election. Election Day turnout. You know, they’re saying that 95 million to 100 million people have voted early. Okay, fine. Do you know that still is a small number than the people who haven’t voted yet? The number of people that haven’t voted is a larger number than the total number of early votes and mail-in votes and absentees, whatever you want to categorize them as.

I’m not exaggerating, I’m not making this up, and I’m not trying to diminish the importance of the early voting. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just telling you that the number of people voting today is larger than whatever the final number of early voters is. I have heard that in Florida… Florida has already, as of noon today, reached 100% of the 2016 turnout.

Florida has now reached 100% of the total turnout in 2016. As I so cagily and artfully and smartly pointed out today on Fox & Friends, I don’t go with conventional wisdom — “the” conventional wisdom, the groupthink — meaning what everybody else thinks in Washington or New York, I don’t go with that. I’m not a conformist, and I don’t like groupthink, and I certainly don’t like being part of the pack.

I don’t like being part of the group that believes these polls that show this or that or the other, ’cause with the way people are voting, I don’t believe it’s possible to get an accurate poll. Do you know I have heard, Mr. Snerdley, there are no exit polls? Because of the early voting! There’s no way. When you have a hundred million people who already voted, you can’t just exit poll the people that voted today and get an indication.

There may not be any exit polls, or there may not and they just… (interruption) There…? (interruption) No exit-pollers there? Well, the thing is the exit polls in recent elections have been used to suppress the turnout and the vote. Remember they called John Kerry the victor at 5 o’clock in 2004. They called him the winner at 5 o’clock in the afternoon after the first wave of exit polls.

You may have forgotten this, or you may not have known it at all. But they called him the winner based on exit polls, and when the real votes started being counted, he was nowhere near winning, and they were profoundly embarrassed on the Democrat side and at the Kerry camp. So the Democrats… Get this.

Democrat voters actually began to think, “Well, then we should count the exit polls. The exit polls are the ones that matter. If that’s where we’re winning, those are the votes that ought to count.” Exit polls! They literally started saying this. Now, here’s what I asked today on Fox & Friends. All of this early voting, the conventional wisdom is (angrily), “It’s made up of people that hate Trump!

“It’s made up of people that just despise Trump. They don’t like Bad Orange Man. They don’t like the tweets. They don’t like his personality.” Well, let me ask you a question: Why couldn’t it just as easily be all these early votes are bunch of people that love Donald Trump and are fed up and have been fed up for four years at the unfair — just at a base level, unfair — efforts to ruin him, the unfair efforts to destroy him?

Do you think people who voted for Trump in 2016 are not gonna get a little ticked off when they watch the media and the Democrats try to take their election victory away from them? Which is what the last four years have been. You vote for Donald Trump, you love Donald Trump, and then the next four years the Democrats and the media are trying to take that election victory away.

You think that’s…? You’re just gonna sit there and go, “Ho-hum,” or laugh at ’em? You think it might make you a little mad? You think it might motivate you a little bit? See, I think that it’s just as logical that early voters are comprised of Trump voters and supporters who are livid at the Russia coup, the impeachment hoax, all of these things that they did to try to reverse the election results of 2016.

But (grumbling) “Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, the early votes, these are the people that hate Trump. These are people who are so inspired.” No, they’re not. I refuse to believe… I look at these rallies; I refuse to believe that Joe Biden or the Democrats are winning the enthusiasm gap. I just can’t believe that.


RUSH: By the way, another question. You know, the Drive-By Media is assuming that all the early votes are anti-Trump because in their world, everybody hates Trump.

“So they just can’t wait to get out there and vote against Trump!” Well, I think that there is more enthusiasm for Trump than there is enthusiasm anti-Trump. I think there are more people pro-Trump than there are anti. But that may be iffy as you have California and New York, you know, skew the popular vote. But still, all of the evidence points to — and common sense!

If I’m a Trump voter (and I am) do you know how livid I have been these past four years?

I don’t mean me personally. Any Trump voter who votes for Trump, it’s one of the greatest things. He actually wins! And from day one, they try to take it away from him, and they don’t stop. And every day, every newspaper, every television network is devoted to taking Trump’s victory away from him, taking your victory away from you, literally trying to reverse the election results.

You showed up, you voted in good faith, your guy wins, and you spend the next four years watching the Washington establishment and deep state try to take your victory away from you. Are you just gonna sit out there and twiddle your thumbs and be ho-hum? I don’t think so. I think you are going to be eager to double down for Trump the next chance you get.

So I think a lot of this early voting is pro-Trump. Now, the Drive-By Media is assuming that all of the early voting is being done by Democrats. But then why do they assume that every Democrat’s voting for Biden? Do you know how many Democrats are showing up at these Trump rallies? It would stun you. They statistically categorize everybody (or as many people as they can) that shows up at these rallies.

You would be amazed at the numbers of people who’ve never voted. These rallies are different than four years ago. There are people that have never voted showing up. In many cases, half the crowd is Democrats, and they are loving it, and they are having a ball. They’re having a great time. So, you know, conventional wisdom? I don’t buy it.

I think there are so many Trump voters who are livid over the efforts that these Washington arrogant, sniveling, condescending, arrogant people looking down their noses at us have been trying to take their election victory away from them. It’s exactly what’s happened the last four years, and they’re not happy about it.

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