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RUSH: Before Election Day, the Illinois National Guard was called up in Chicago. Fox News reported Massachusetts had also activated their Guard. In Oregon – where riots never stop – their National Guard was activated as well.

In Washington DC, Black Lives Matter and “Shutdown DC” activists have been planning what they call “the next phase of the election cycle” – which happens in the streets. A planning session video mapped out police stations, government buildings, media outlets, and buildings supposedly occupied by “Trump boosters.” The session leader warned of war, and people being killed.

In blue cities across the country, business owners boarded up their establishments, afraid of Democrat violence if the election doesn’t go the way local activists want.

Against that backdrop came an odd story. Reuters warned that Election Day “Trump Train caravans” could be a big “security concern” according to “experts.”

Reuters checked Facebook and found a dozen or so Trump caravans planned for today, Election Day, well yesterday. That was the big concern. A Trump caravan was even scheduled to drive past a Maryland voting center.

Antifa, BLM, Shutdown DC, and other leftist groups have already shown us how violent they are. We know where the threat of violence is coming from, and why. And we don’t need media “experts” to tell us! It’s coming from the left, it’s not coming from the Trump right!

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