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Nov 3, 2020

  • FOX & Friends: Rush Limbaugh: Left Doesn’t Like This Country, Would Rip Constitution To Shreds
  • Breitbart: ‘The Steal Is On’ in Pennsylvania: Poll Watchers Denied Access, Illegal Campaigning at Polling Locations
  • Reuters: Election Day ‘Trump Train’ Caravans May Be A Security Concern, Experts Say
  • National Review: The Board-It-Up Election
  • PJ Media: Kamala Harris Lets the Mask Slip: Touts Video Promoting Marxist ‘Equality of Outcomes’
  • JustTheNews: Will the 2020 presidential race ever end? What to expect on Election Night
  • Federalist: The GOP Is Now The Party Of Working Families Screwed Over By The Left
  • Federalist: By Their Own Criteria, Democrats Are The Ones Undermining American Democracy
  • Gateway Pundit: President Trump Had Largest Crowds at His Rallies in US History – Biden Had Some of the Smallest
  • Gateway Pundit: Joe Biden’s Final “Rally” in Scranton, PA on Tuesday Morning Is as Awkward and Empty as His Entire Campaign
  • Breitbart: Florida Republicans Reduce Democrats’ Overall Ballot Lead to 6k in Less Than 3 Hours
  • American Greatness: Report: Joe Biden Plans to Assume Role of President-Elect if Media Declares Him Winner-Even Amid Trump’s Legal Challenges
  • WTSP: Florida Reaches 100% of 2016 Voter Turnout, Poll Finds
  • FOXNews: Trump Warns Biden’s ‘Far-Left Supporters’ May ‘Loot And Rob’ If They Don’t Like Election Outcomes
  • Breibart: Trump Delivers on His Promise, Posts Video of Biden Criticizing Fracking: ‘Here You Go,’ Joe
  • JustTheNews: Despite Polls Favoring Biden, Most Voters Believe Trump Will Win Election

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