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RUSH: We go to Dave in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, and mega prayer dittos to you and Kathryn. I wanted to let you know that I saw you on Fox this morning and I had to say that you looked very mosaic and wise, and I know that up in heaven there’s a throne with your name on it right next to Solomon, but we want to keep you around for a long time, brother.

RUSH: Very mosaic and what — thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate it.

CALLER: And wise, yes. I appreciate your insight. My question to you is, Rush, is back in the nineties when Clinton was running for election or even reelection, you would tell us that, even if he was elected, the sun would rise, we would go on with our lives and everything would be fine. Do you still feel that way today if Joe Biden —

RUSH: See, this is such a great question. It has nothing to do with Joe Biden. This is a point that I have — don’t misunderstand the tone of my voice. Biden is a nonentity. Biden is a generic duffer with a (D) next to his name. Nobody cares about Joe Biden. He does not have a bond with any Democrat voter. There’s nobody out there personally invested in Joe Biden’s succeeding, in Joe Biden winning. They are interested in Donald Trump suffering. There are people on the Democrat side who want Donald Trump to hurt. They want him harmed. They want him to lose. They don’t care a thing about Biden.

I know that’s not your question. I just had to say this. The reason why this is such a great question is ’cause I remember in the Clinton years being as concerned for the future of the country as I am now. And this, the prospect we face, not with Biden winning, but with Trump losing, if Trump loses, folks, we’re in a mess. We’re in a lot of trouble. We’re still the United States of America, but we’re gonna be in a lot of trouble.

I’m looking at 20 seconds left here for the segment so I don’t want to get started on the answer to this and just have to stop myself. But there’s a point that I have to make and I want to make about this, because Clinton — that’s 1992, 1993. That’s 30 years ago, close to it. That’s a long time. So hang on.


RUSH: By the way, I want to give a shout-out to Mr. Snerdley today. Mr. Snerdley is finding those of you on the phones who have great questions, but they are not brief answers. I mean, if I am to respect your question and answer it truthful, honestly, it’s gonna take me some time, like this last caller’s question about my warnings in 1992 and ’93 with Bill Clinton.

I did tell everybody, “The sun’s gonna come up. It’s gonna be a great day.” I was not as fearful then about the American left as I am today with the current Democrat Party. I was, and always have been, scared to death of liberalism — and I have opposed it, and I have despised it. I always thought liberalism destroyed people’s lives. It took away their initiative.

It takes away their identities.

It turned people into victims, which meant that they were not responsible for what happened to them. It was the fastest way… Liberalism was the fastest way to destroy people’s lives. I don’t mean kill them, just take away any opportunity that people had to make something of themselves. It made them comfortable with the fact that they couldn’t because the deck was so stacked against them because of unfairness and inequality and these inherently horrible American things.

That was my fear back then. This? This is a whole different thing we face today. This is an entire… All of that still exists, but now we’ve got Black Lives Matter masquerading as a civil rights organization when it is a pure, self-confessed Marxist organization. Now we’ve got people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Crazy Bernie.

And this Green New Deal? Folks, it will destroy the U.S. economy. We have become energy independent. Do you know what this means? Do you remember how many years we all had to put up with, “No blood for oil”? We had to go to war to ensure the free flow of oil at market prices ’cause we couldn’t provide enough of it ourselves. We needed Saudi Arabia. We needed the Middle East.

We needed to kowtow. If Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, we had to go liberate Kuwait and kick Hussein out because we couldn’t let one allied oil state fall. We had to protect the free flow of oil at market prices. And here came the Democrat Party accusing George H. W. Bush of simply “going to war for oil,” and their anti-policy chant was, “No blood for oil!”

So now under Donald Trump and a lot of great work by other people before Trump, we have become energy independent. We are a net exporter of oil. This is unheard of! It was unprecedented! Years ago, this was never considered possible, but because of fracking… All fracking is is an affordable way of getting to tons and tons of oil that we’ve known is there for years that we could never get economically.

We couldn’t get it at a profit price. So it had to sit there predominantly in shale. Fracking allows us to drill sideways, essentially, and it allows to us extract oil from places that we’ve known it exists for decades, but we couldn’t get it because it was too expensive to do so. Now we can do it. And it has made us energy independent.

We don’t have to depend on the Saudis. We didn’t have to depend on Kuwait or any other oil-cartel nation because we can provide it for ourselves. This is such an amazing achievement! It’s an amazing achievement for our country. It’s an amazing achievement for our energy industry. And yet here comes today’s Democrat Party, and they want to eliminate fracking.

They want to eliminate fossil fuels. They want to eliminate everything that has made energy one of the most affordable commodities in our culture today. It’s $2-a-gallon gasoline versus $10-a-gallon gasoline. The Democrats are for $10-a-gallon gasoline ’cause they don’t want you using it, and they’re being very open about this. Biden is dead set against fracking, and so is Kamala Harris.

And they’re doing all kinds of odd, weird dances of denial, trying to convince people that they never said they’re opposed to fracking. But they are. And, frankly, folks, Biden said it in Pennsylvania, and if the people of Pennsylvania were listening, it should have ended any hope that he’s got of winning Pennsylvania. That shuts down so many jobs.

If we end fracking, it shuts down so many jobs in the oil industry in Pennsylvania, and it destroys so much of the Pennsylvania state economy. And the only reason Biden is for it… I’ll bet she doesn’t know what fracking is. If he did know, he’s forgotten. He’s against it because he’s been told he has to be against it, that the position of the Democrat Party is to be against it.

It’s one of the reasons he’s back and forth on so many of these things. But in addition to the things like energy independence, what is propelling today’s liberal left — and when I say “propelling,” it’s energizing them. What is it that’s animating them, that energizes them, is they literally do not like America.

Bill Clinton never got to that point, and I knew that Bill Clinton never would get to that point. Bill Clinton didn’t frighten me for that reason. These people do. These people despise this country. They literally have talked themselves into hating this country. That’s not, A, healthy. B, it isn’t good. C, it is dangerous. There’s a lot of countries that are worth investing your dislike or your hate. Not this one.

This is the greatest country ever for the greatest number of people ever. This country is the solution to the problems of the world, but not to these people. The United States of America is the problem. And I love America like I love anything else in life. And I’m grateful that I was born an American. And I have no guilt about it. I don’t run around worrying that life has been unfair for me because I was born where I was born.

What I’m interested in is spreading the concept of America as far and wide as I can. I think the problem in the world can be traced to one simple thing: the lack of mass distribution of capitalism. But capitalism’s a dirty word. It’s like showing Dracula the cross to a bunch of these Nimrod leftists that don’t even know what it actually is.

But I just can’t peacefully sit around and joke about people who have now acquired political power on the basis of hatred for America. It’s unhealthy. It’s unnatural. It’s unjustified. It is unwarranted. It is senseless. America has done nothing that would engender hatred. My God, this nation is a miracle. This nation is a blessed miracle. Our founders, part of a blessed miracle.

We don’t even teach the truth about them anymore. If we did, if there had never been an interruption in the proper education of the founding of this country, then today’s Democrat Party wouldn’t exist as it does. It would have never had a chance. It wouldn’t have had enough people’s minds waiting to be poisoned or propagandized.

Something else about fracking, by the way, and this is another one of these added benefits. It’s called natural gas, which is about as clean a fuel as there is. This isn’t about the environment. They just tell you that it is. They just tell you that they want to clean the environment. They don’t want to pollute. It’s not about that. It’s about controlling your life. It’s about eliminating your freedom.

You gotta go vote today, folks. You have got to go vote. And once you get in line, you do not leave that line. Your vote counts. The only way your vote doesn’t count is if you don’t do it. You gotta get out there and vote. That’s how you stand up for your country. That is how you stand up to these people that are trying to take your country away from you.

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