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RUSH: The authoritarian Democrat governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, just issued an executive order that puts more burdens on Michigan businesses which are struggling to keep the doors open. Almost every business that interacts with the public is affected.

Restaurants, barber shops, hair salons, movie theaters, and so on. They now are required keep a detailed log of every single person that enters their doors. They have to record the customer’s contact information and time of arrival. This is supposedly for “contact tracing.”

Now, if the business neglects their duties to act as an enforcement agent of the state, there will be harsh consequences. Supreme Commander Gretchen Whitmer can punish offending businesses with six months in prison! She can impose fines of $1,000.

As you’ve seen whenever it’s suggested that local police should ask suspects if they’re in America legally, the left has a fit. They say illegal immigrants should never be asked to “show their papers” to law enforcement.

But in Michigan, customers of legitimate businesses are now being required to “show their papers” to the business owners, who have been deputized against their will to act as law enforcement agents of the state — and not a peep of objection from liberals or their Drive-By Media accomplices.

The only thing that Governor Whitmer deserves to be shown is the door as soon as she’s up for reelection.

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